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Organize your business contact book the way you want. No ads, no distractions. CRM-view, tags, notes, filters, smart inbox, and more.

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LeadDelta 2.0 - LinkedIn CRM for professionals & teams | Product Hunt

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Managing business networks for over 6,000 professionals
of some of the world's top-performing companies

Grow your business by growing your relationships 🚀

Cut through the noise of overloaded inboxes, feeds, and screaming notifications.
Get proactive. And start building relationships.

Your network your rules. With filters, data, signals, action items & CRM-view.

Table-view (CRM) approach helps you to organize your personal contact book the way you want. No ads, and no distractions.

Sync & update your connections.

Sort & search people and companies.

Customize the table, views, data-sets, date-cohorts.

Filter based on numerous data inputs. Save & reuse filter results.

Follow/unfollow in bulk. Disconnect in bulk but keep contacts inside your LeadDelta for future.

Uncover signals and when you connected & texted last time.

Finally a Smart Inbox where you are in charge.

A Smart Inbox where you are in charge. Use all the tools to save time, and stay on top of your most important conversations. Prevent the spam. Add value.

• More space for writing and less space for nonsense.

• Open LeadDelta Side-panel to find and add notes/tags and valuable information about your connection while chatting.

• Pin & Star your most important conversations and never again miss that important chat.

• Filter/Apply tags to focus on a specific cohort.

• Use Tags/Zapier to set reminders. 

• At last, Sales Navigator and Messages together!

Send personalized messages at scale with useful templates.

With LeadDelta, you can send personalized messages at scale with basic placeholders and templates to up to 25 connections at one time.

Group message is a no-frills, secure way to convey your message to a very targeted group of connections.

Tag, filter, select. Send. That easy.

Save & reuse LeadDelta templates inside and outside of LeadDelta.

Organize your contact book with Tags & Notes.

LeadDelta Tags & Notes help you to streamline your workflows. You can organize and categorize your saved connections, also find the people or groups you are looking for, quickly.

• You can filter & sort your connections based on a Note or/and Tags.

• Apply “And/Or” conditions & so called “Negative Tags.”

Utilize automated Tags such as “NEW Connection” and “Disconnected.”

• Add multiple notes, edit/delete and add up to 400 characters per note.

This is your data! Autoupdate, view, and export via .CSV or Zapier.

Most of your connections have their contact info shared with you. Info such as phone number and email. LeadDelta helps you to bring it all into a single-view table (CRM).

• There’s 16 and counting data points that we show and deliver to you via Table, CSV file.

• We can also send (via Zapier) data into any of your tools of choice.

• We Auto-update data for you, or you can Manually refresh.

Use Zapier and native integrations to build workflows into your existing apps and CRMs

Opportunities are endless with a modern middle-ware platform such as Zapier.

• We are a native partner of Zapier.

• We can ship data from LeadDelta to any CRM of choice or almost any other software product that your team uses.

• Our favorite use-cases include: Creating Reminders inside Google Calendar via Google Tasks. And the connection between LeadDelta x HubSpot via Zapier.

Loved by hundreds of professionals ❤️

Amazing product. It helps me to grow and nurture my business network, daily. Amazing team behind the app.
Quadri Oshibotu
Product Owner
Love LeadDelta! My whole team at Autoklose is using it. Great job building such a useful plug-in. And a great team!
Shawn Finder
Much better overview of my connections. Tags & notes help me to stay on top of my network. Inbox is just awesome!
Alex Fajfric
"80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels by 2025."​

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