How To Add Promotion on LinkedIn and Notify Your Network

How To Add Promotion on LinkedIn and Notify Your Network
Got a job promotion recently? Learn how to add a promotion and notify your LinkedIn network for enhanced profile visibility.

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Whether advancing within your current company or moving to a new one, understanding how to add a promotion on LinkedIn is vital. 

It’s an opportunity to tell the whole world what you learned and where you’re heading.

This article will walk you through each step. 

From leveraging LinkedIn’s promotion feature to maximizing the impact of your announcement, we’ve got you covered. 

What Is The LinkedIn Promotion Feature?

LinkedIn’s promotion feature is a powerful tool that lets you update your profile with new positions and inform your connections about your career growth. 

It allows you to post about a promotion you got at a current job or if you found a new job/position.

If you choose, LinkedIn can notify your network about your achievement. 

This feature serves two main purposes. It ensures your profile stays up-to-date and shares your career progress with your professional circle.

Why is this feature crucial? There are three main reasons:

  • Draws attention from peers, recruiters, and industry leaders.
  • Displays professional development non-intrusively.
  • Keeps your network engaged and builds a supportive community.

With a grasp of the importance of LinkedIn’s promotion feature, let’s delve into how you can add a job promotion to your profile.

How to Add a Job Promotion on LinkedIn – Step-by-Step Guide

Adding a job promotion on LinkedIn is straightforward and doing it correctly ensures your network sees and appreciates your professional growth. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate this update smoothly.

  1. Log into LinkedIn and navigate to your profile.

  1. Edit your experience section by scrolling down to the ‘Experience’ section of your profile. Here, you’ll see a list of your current and past job positions. Find the job you are being promoted to and click on the pencil icon (edit button) next to it.

  1. Update your position with the editing mode that will allow you to update your job title, employment period, and job description. If your promotion involves staying within the same company, LinkedIn allows you to add a new position within the same company entry. 

  1. Fill in the details by making sure to update the start and end dates for your new position. This will automatically update your experience timeline. Add a detailed description of your new role and responsibilities. Highlight any new skills or areas of expertise you will be taking on.

  1. Announce your promotion throughout your network. Before saving your changes, you’ll be asked if you want to share this update with your network. If you choose to announce your promotion, LinkedIn will create a post informing your connections of your new role.

  1. Save your changes after reviewing all the information and making sure everything is accurate.

  1. Engage with your network by taking the time to reply to any congratulations or comments from your network. 

Keep in mind that your job promotion might not happen immediately, but stay assured, your network will be informed.

Now that we know how to add a job promotion on LinkedIn, let’s explore how to make your promotion stand out and give you a visibility boost.

Tips To Get The Most Out of Your Job Promotion

The idea behind LinkedIn job promotions is to get visibility to your profile and make an impact.

Here are some tips to amplify your announcement and get the most out of your job promotion on LinkedIn:

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

First things first, make sure your LinkedIn profile is completely up to date. 

Beyond just adding your new job title, take a moment to review your profile summary, featured section, skills, and photo to ensure they reflect your current professional status. 

An updated profile is more attractive to viewers and can lead to more engagement with your promotion announcement.

This is a great opportunity for people to get to know you better so act upon it.

Optimize Your Promotion With Relevant Keywords

When updating your job title and description, incorporate relevant keywords that are specific to your industry and role. 

This not only helps your profile get discovered in LinkedIn searches but also makes your promotion more understandable and impactful to your network. 

Think about the terms that recruiters or industry peers would use to find someone with your skills and expertise, and weave these into your update.

You can also utilize LinkedIn hashtags to boost your visibility for people following specific industry hashtags.

Tag Relevant Connections

If your promotion was influenced by mentors, colleagues, or other professional connections, consider tagging them in your promotion announcement as a way to acknowledge their support. 

This not only strengthens your relationship with these individuals but also increases the reach of your post, as it will appear in their network’s feed as well.

Engage With Your Network

Engagement breeds engagement. When people congratulate you on your promotion, take the time to reply to their comments. 

This not only shows your appreciation but also keeps the conversation going and increases the visibility of your announcement. 

Furthermore, continue to engage with other posts in your feed. The more active you are on LinkedIn, the more likely others are to engage with your content.

Choose the Best Time to Post

The timing of your LinkedIn post can significantly influence its visibility and engagement. 

While the optimal posting time can vary depending on your specific audience and their habits, several studies identified general patterns that serve as a useful starting point:

  • Weekdays during business hours are typically the most effective times to post on LinkedIn, with Tuesday through Thursday being the prime days.
  • Morning hours, between 8 AM and 10 AM, tend to see higher engagement, as professionals start their day by catching up on news and updates.
  • Lunch breaks, around 12 PM to 1 PM, can also be a strategic time to post, as people check their LinkedIn during their break.
  • Late afternoons, from 5 PM to 6 PM, as people wind down their workday, especially for catching the attention of those who prefer checking updates after they complete their tasks.

Still, a great factor to keep in mind is the particular time zone your network is in. You can utilize the LeadDelta Dashboard to find this data.

leaddelta dashboard country view

Now let’s move on to look at some examples of how to craft impactful LinkedIn job promotion announcements.

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3 Examples of LinkedIn Job Promotions

These examples are designed to offer inspiration and guidance for crafting a compelling and engaging announcement of your own.

Let’s take a look at three ready-to-use templates with examples.

Example 1: The Grateful Achiever

“I’m honored to take on the role of Head of Product Development at [Company Name]. 

It’s been a journey of hard work, resilience, and constant learning. I owe a big thank you to @Ved, @Mark, and @Stefanie who supported me along the way. 

I’m eager to tackle this new responsibility and contribute to our company’s success in meaningful ways. 

Here’s to creating products that make a difference. #ProductInnovation #Thankful”

Example 2: The Visionary

“Today marks the beginning of a new chapter as I step into the role of Chief Operating Officer at [Company Name]. 

In this role, I’m looking forward to 

  • Driving innovation
  • Enhancing our operational efficiencies
  • Leading our talented team toward a future of unparalleled success. 

I’m committed to not just meeting but exceeding our goals and expectations. 

Let’s make an impact! #Innovation #FutureReady”

Example 3: Reflective Storytelling

“As I embrace my new role as Director of Engineering, I can’t help but reflect on the path that led me here. 

From late-night coding sessions to leading my first project team, it’s been a journey of persistence, growth, and countless lessons. 

I’m excited to take on this new challenge and continue to learn and contribute to our field. 

A huge thank you to everyone who’s been a part of my story. #EngineeringExcellence #CareerGrowth”


In conclusion, effectively announcing your job promotion on LinkedIn can enhance your professional visibility and spark new opportunities. 

By following the steps and tips outlined in this article, you can ensure your achievements are showcased in a way that resonates with your network and opens doors to future growth. 

Let your promotion announcement be a beacon that highlights your career progress and invites meaningful engagement from your professional community.

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