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Join LeadDelta Affiliate Program

You can now earn commissions for helping us expand our customer base. Let us grow together!

Step 1 - Apply

Sign up for our Affiliate program and get access to your portal containing personal dashboard, stats, links and marketing materials.

Step 2 - Promote

Use your custom affiliate link to promote LeadDelta to your network.

Step 3 - Get paid

For every customer you bring, you will earn:

  • one-time 30% commission for annual plans
  • 20% recurring commission for monthly plans for the first 12 months, given subscription is not canceled 

More details 👉

You don’t have to be a LeadDelta customer to join this program.

We use 60-day cookies to attribute successful customers.

Each partner will receive a unique affiliate link.

Monthly payouts via PayPal.

You can track your performance via your own personalized dashboard.

Monthly commissions will be paid next month on the 20th.

Minimum payout amount is 100$.