Founder’s Letter – LeadDelta 2023 In Review

Founder’s Letter – LeadDelta 2023 In Review
As we bid farewell to 2023 and prepare to make 2024 the best year yet, let’s take a moment and reflect on everything we’ve achieved.

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To start, I’m incredibly grateful for the hard work my team has put into making LeadDelta what it is today.

It extends to all the support our wonderful community has given us in each step of the way and continues to support us for 3+ years.

This one’s for you, let’s go on a trip down 2023 memory lane.

2023 In Review

Voted #1 SaaS of the Year

It didn’t take too long to start the year off with a BANG and a huge win for our whole community of Deltas.

It’s no secret that early adopters and the tech community find LeadDelta at the top of the class. We won the #1 Product of The Day three years in a row, but this year was special.

A month-long competition between hundreds of products marked the beginning of 2023.

So, in March 2023, LeadDelta triumphed! Winning the #1 SaaS of 2022 Product Hunt Award. We found ourselves in the Hall of Fame with some of the biggest products in the world.

leaddelta golden kitty award

The amount of support we got was incredible from our communities, partners, investors, and the whole of Product Hunt.

This award speaks to the relevance of the problem LeadDelta is trying to solve, a cry out for a new breed of decentralized CRMs focused on professional relationships and collaboration.

Winning the Product Hunt annual award gave us the momentum to move fast and accomplish many great things this year.

We started 2023 with:

  • A bit over 10,000 Users
  • And around 500 five-star reviews

We are going into 2024 with:

  • Over 20,000 Users
  • Over 800 five-star reviews

Even ChatGPT (OpenAI) is happy with how we fared this year…

Something New Every Week

Ever since we started LeadDelta, we have committed to constantly improving it through weekly or bi-weekly releases, and I’m proud to say that we stuck to our promise and even surpassed it.

Let’s look at the 2023 product numbers:

  • We managed to ship 36 store releases in 2023!
  • 20 NEW feature releases.
  • Improved LeadDelta’s speed tenfold.
  • 15 new entries on our public roadmap.
  • 2 successful community BETA feature tests.
  • 6 major feature releases.

6 Major Product Releases

After our promise that we’d continue listening to the community and building LeadDelta in the direction you want it to go, we released six of the most voted-for features:

  • LeadDelta Workspaces – A single workspace to centralize all of your company’s relationships. Collaborate and grow through a joint space dedicated to your most valuable asset.
  • Sidebar 2.0 – Your professional network companion, allowing you to go beyond your immediate network with the option to unlock contact details all in one place.
  • CSV Import – Centralize all of your contacts no matter the platform and enrich your sales, marketing, and recruiting processes.
  • Tasks & Reminders – A dedicated to-do list for your networking activities with tasks linked to specific connections.
  • Sparkle AI – Your personal writing companion helping you craft compelling messages straight in your LinkedIn and LeadDelta Inbox.
  • Prospector (BETA) –  Expanding your network with the power of AI to generate contact lists made to improve your sales, marketing, and recruiting efforts.

The Year Of Knowledge

I always say, “You’re not living if you’re not learning something new every day!” because learning is the single most important key to growth.

This year, along with our work on improving LeadDelta, we focused on helping our community grow through two e-books.

We also thought, “There are so many smart people out there, how about we get their opinions on important B2B topics.”

Instead of keeping their insights for ourselves, we decided that everyone should get access to their experience and knowledge, and our B2B Webinar Series was born.

With eight episodes and many amazing professionals, there’s so much to learn, and we’re excited to see who we’ll host in Season 2 next year. 

P.S. Please write to us via about who you want to see in Season 2 of our show.

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Your LeadDelta Team Says, “Hi” 👋

As you might already know, we’re a completely remote and diverse team living in five countries.

But this fact never stops us from getting together and planning the future of LeadDelta.

This year, we had the chance to spend four days in the amazing seas and mountains of Montenegro.

This was a great time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished thus far and what we need to do for LeadDelta to deliver on its promise of helping you 

Who knows where we’ll be heading for next year’s gathering?

What’s In Store for 2024?

LeadDelta is profitable and here to stay. 

For 2024, LeadDelta remains committed to its mission of helping companies, teams, and individuals access crucial information and support through their networks, whether for hiring, sales, fundraising, or marketing.

With the ever-increasing scope of LeadDelta, I encourage you to visit our public roadmap and contribute to the future of LeadDelta.

Help Us Improve Collaboration, Networking & Referrals

There are 3 key ways you can help us spread the word:

  1. Try LeadDelta if you still haven’t had the chance: Start your 7-day trial.
  2. Recommend LeadDelta to your team and folks who could benefit from it.
  3. Tell the world about your experience with LeadDelta (send us your review), or better yet, share it online and let your network know about your experience with the Delta team.

Support your home team!

One big thank you!

Thank you:

To our team, families, investors, customers, friends, partners, and the whole community of Deltas for allowing us to do what we do best!

We are fortunate to have you and to work on the product we all care for so much.

We wish you and your loved ones a prosperous 2024 filled with growth and great relationships. Happy New Year from the whole team.

Cheers! 🥂

Vedran Rasic and Team LeadDelta.

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