LeadDelta VS Google Sheets – The Best CRM Choice

LeadDelta VS Google Sheets – The Best CRM Choice
Explore the differences between LeadDelta and Google Sheets. Make an informed decision about which tool is right for you.

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In today’s fast-paced online landscape, having a CRM in your toolkit is a must when managing your sales deal flow, but what about professional relationships?

Cultivating and nurturing relationships has never been more critical in our digitally connected world. It’s how we get new sales, hire employees, raise investments, and get professional help when needed.

Choosing the right CRM makes all the difference in your effectiveness and productivity while building your network.

If you are using Google Sheets as your CRM of choice, you might be missing out on many benefits you would gain with a specialized CRM like LeadDelta.

Let’s explore if LeadDelta is the Google Sheets alternative you are looking for.

LeadDelta VS Google Sheets at a Glance

As a tool, Google Sheets were designed for versatile data management and collaboration in a classical table-cell view. 

Although very basic, Google Sheets can be used as a CRM, but it wasn’t meant to store massive amounts of data, automatically import and update data, and create complex systems.

Getting Google Sheets to play a role as a CRM is very difficult, requiring tons of technical knowledge, manual work, and time getting you away from what a real CRM is supposed to help you with, build, and manage relationships.

This is where a specialized CRM like LeadDelta takes the cake as the superior relationship management tool.

Let’s compare the two tools side by side.

leaddelta vs google sheets overview

With automated data imports and updates, the ability to create complex systems between different CRM features, and a ready feature set right out of the box, LeadDelta offers a superior CRM experience.

But how do their similarities compare to one another?

Feature Comparison

Certain features make a CRM a CRM, but every tool implements them differently.

Contact Overview

leaddelta vs google contact overview

Both Google Sheets and LeadDelta let you view your contacts in their respective databases, but LeadDelta allows you to:

Contact Filtering

leaddelta vs google filters

While Google Sheets allows you to create your own filters and apply them to any row/column, they require technical knowledge and a manual setup, unlike LeadDelta:

  • Filter contacts by 15+ datapoints
  • Filter contacts by custom properties
  • Save your favorite filters and reuse them
  • Combine filtering options
  • Sort filtered tables
  • Filter your team’s contacts

Exporting Contacts

leaddelta vs google contact export

Most want to export our contact lists and use them in campaigns or import them into other software.

While Google Sheets lets you export your contact list, you usually have to make separate sheets and manually select who to export. On the other hand, LeadDelta export lets you:

  • Filter contacts you want to export
  • Export your whole list of contacts or a selection
  • Export contacts, including their custom properties (Tags and Notes)
  • Export more data than LinkedIn gives you

Must-Have Features Missing From Google Sheets

Contact Labeling and Notes

leaddelta tags and notes

LeadDelta allows you to apply custom labels (Tags) to any of your contacts, helping you manage them however you want.

Filter your network by custom properties using Tags and create custom pipelines, trackers, and categories for your contacts.

Never forget your thoughts about a contact by attaching Notes to them.

Tasks & Reminders

leaddelta tasks and reminders

Stop using external tools to remind yourself to reach out to someone or follow up, and start creating tasks in LeadDelta.

Each task is linked to its respective contact and allows you to write in detail what needs to be done.

Create task lists based on types of tasks and urgency, and set up timely reminders to get back to your contacts.

Boost your team’s productivity and collaboration by managing each other’s tasks.

Team Collaboration

leaddelta workspaces

LeadDelta Workspaces allows you and your whole team to merge your networks into one database and collaborate to extract value from your contacts.

Filter your combined network to find new contacts and see the best person on your team who can make an introduction.

Manage your combined network by utilizing team-wide Tags and creating tasks for your teammates.

Go beyond your 1st-degree connections by importing LinkedIn contacts with the LeadDelta Sidebar and work with your team on scoring new deals.

Is LeadDelta The Google Sheets Alternative You Are Looking For?

While Google Sheets can “act” as a CRM, Google Sheets lacks many indispensable features a modern CRM needs because they weren’t meant to be used this way.

LeadDelta is a much better Google Sheets alternative, as it was specifically designed with contact management in mind.

Say goodbye to manual data inputs and updates, limited filtering options, no team-centric features, and static data.

Take control of your network to sell, hire, and grow!

Take the first step towards unlocking your network's full potential. Try LeadDelta for free.