How We Became The #1 Product on Product Hunt Using LeadDelta

How We Became The #1 Product on Product Hunt Using LeadDelta
Learn all about our winning strategy that got us to the top of Product Hunt 4 times in a row. Become the next #1 product on Product Hunt.

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At the beginning of 2023, LeadDelta got voted the #1 SaaS of 2022 on Product Hunt and eight months later we launched once again.

LeadDelta 3.0 launched on Product Hunt on the 13th of November 2023, and you guessed it, we won the #1 Product of The Day title, again.

Every time we launched on Product Hunt we won the #1 spot, four times to be precise.

It isn’t luck, nor can you just have a great product and hope to win, you need a mix between a great product and your launch strategy!

In this article, we’re going over our winning strategy for a successful product launch.

A Bit of Backstory on Great Products

As mentioned, before even launching a product you need a reason for your launch and a great product to back it up.

When we first launched LeadDelta back in 2021 it was a simple table for managing your LinkedIn connections with Tags and Filters.

Over time it grew, with each new feature building it up to be the product it is today.

After LeadDelta 2.0 won the Golden Kitty Award, we released 6 major updates:

  • LeadDelta Workspaces – A single workspace for your company’s relationships.
  • LinkedIn Sidebar – Go beyond your immediate LinkedIn network.
  • Tasks & Reminders – A dedicated to-do list for your networking activities.
  • HubSpot Integrations (BETA) – Enrich HubSpot with your LinkedIn data.
  • CSV Import (BETA) – Centralize your digital network.
  • AI Prospector and Sparkle (BETA) – Empower your prospecting efforts with AI.

Our goal was to implement everything our community asked for and build up LeadDelta 3.0 to be the best network management and collaborative platform before launching again.


Because launching on Product Hunt means high expectations and you need to impress the community with quality. You just can’t win with a bad product.

Now that you understand the product side, what was our secret sauce in this campaign?

The Pre-Campaign

The real race to win Product Hunt starts before you launch, sometimes even a month in advance like in our case.

It gave us time to put our strategy into action and be sure we would win on launch day.

Connect With The Product Hunt Community

Let’s face it, you’re launching a product on an unknown territory where all eyes are on you.

The best way to win is to befriend the community and get to know them.

Months before the launch, we started connecting with Product Hunt members on LinkedIn and leading the conversation.

We engaged with them in discussions, supported their launches, and discussed partnerships, all with the goal of building relationships with them.

While connecting with hundreds of people on LinkedIn we needed a way to track which connection was a Product Hunt member for better network management.

To overcome this problem, we used LeadDelta Tags.

Every time we connected with someone from Product Hunt, we applied the appropriate “Product Hunt” Tag to keep track of them.

In no time, our list of Product Hunt connections started looking something like this:

Now imagine your whole team connecting with the Product Hunt community and engaging with them.

We built a list of hundreds of supporters as Product Hunt members are known for helping out with your launch.

Supporter Lists

While connecting and Taggin Product Hunt members was great, every great marketer knows that you need a way to track how your campaign is going.

After building a list of potential supporters, it was time to build a tracking system.

Again, we used LeadDelta Tags to make our job easier.

Here’s a simple system we built:

  • Product Hunt – Supporter
  • Product Hunt – Message Sent
  • Product Hunt – Upvoted

A simple pipeline that would give us an easy way to track who we messaged about our launch and who supported us.

Crafting The Perfect Message

The last part of our preparation was writing LinkedIn Message Templates for every step of our pipeline.

The goal was to have our messaging ready before launch day instead of writing everything on the spot.

We settled on three templates:

  • Teasing people with our launch.
  • Launch day asking for support message.
  • Post-launch thanking the community message.

Launch Day in Action

Once we had all of the assets, pipelines, and messaging ready it was time to launch LeadDelta 3.0.

The competition was fierce and we were scared for a few moments, but we knew our community and strategy would get us to the #1 spot.

Early Morning Messaging

Right after we checked if the launch went live as it should we started our initial support messaging wave.

Remember the list we built over the past month?

Now was the time to put it into action with a simple process:

  1. Use LeadDelta to Filter our networks for the “Product Hunt – Supporter” Tag.
  2. Select 25 people from the list and mark them.
  3. Click the Message button and select the first Message Template.
  4. Mark the message connections with the “Product Hunt – Messaged Sent” Tag.
  5. Repeat the process, but exclude the already messaged connections.

In no time we have messaged over 500 people about our launch, and guess what, by the fourth hour of the day, we have 500+ upvotes.

But the day still had 20 hours left and the competition wasn’t stopping yet, we had to push till the end.


Even though we sent over 500 messages, it didn’t mean everyone opened them and supported us, so it was time for follow-ups.

But we didn’t want to spam people who already supported us, so every time we noticed one of our connections upvote our launch we assigned them the “Product Hunt – Upvoted” Tag to exclude them from our follow-up messages.

A few more hours into the day we used our second message together with the “Product Hunt – Messaged” Tag to send out bulk follow-up messages.

And guess what, we got even more upvotes by simply reminding people that we’re still live and going strong.

The Aftermath

After a long 24 hours of campaigning and a whole month of preparations we did it, we won the #1 Product of The Day award on Product Hunt.

This campaign brought us many new website visitors, customers, and conversations, but we didn’t stop there.

Just launching and winning wasn’t our game, there was more that we could do by simply thanking people and it was simple.

  1. Open up LeadDelta and Filter our network for the “Product Hunt – Upvoted” Tag.
  2. Select 25 by 25 connections to the message.
  3. Select the final “Thank You” Message Template.
  4. Send it out.

We wanted to thank our community and supporters for helping us get the #1 spot and give them even more of an incentive to try our LeadDelta.


After being on Product Hunt for 3+ years and launching numerous times, we wholeheartedly recommend you try launching your product.

The exposure you can get, a sense of community, and feedback for your product are invaluable.

But if you want to win, you need a strategy in place and the right tools to help you.

We used our own product LeadDelta to win Product Hunt and so can you, it’s easy and the strategy can be repeated for other campaigns.

Good luck with your next launch.

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