Manage and nurture your relationships as a Founder/CEO

A better social selling process

Use LeadDelta to eliminate manual processes and sell better to your network.

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Use Tags to organize your network

Separate your leads, customers, coworkers, and fellow salespeople using LeadDelta Tags. Tagging allows you better structure your network, share only the relevant information with specific groups or individuals as well as personalize your approach.

Find ICPs quickly

Filter your network by tags or 15+ different data points (current company, job title, country, etc)

Leave quick notes fast

Just got off a call with a potential customer? Leave a note on how it went and your thoughts on a person.

Manage a simple pipeline

Use LeadDelta Tags to create a simple pipeline process (e.g. Idea, prospect, meeting, trial project, account won, account lost)

Pull up lead info in one click

Want more details about your connection (email/phone number/tags or notes you added)? The sidebar opens with just one click allowing you to perform quick actions wherever you go.

Communicate with Ease

The salesperson’s inbox is usually full. Highlight important chats with Pin, Star, Tag options. Never lose track of your most important conversations. Be proactive.

Join the two inboxes

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator? Finally, have all of your conversations in one unified Inbox.

Create tasks and reminders

Never miss an important follow-up, deadline, or task. Never miss a networking opportunity.

Integrate your data

Using different tools and CRMs? No problem. Easily export your data, and integrate via Zapier or HubSpot.

Make it Personal

Quickly reach out to up to 25 leads at one time. Use templates to customize and personalize your approach and get better reply rates.

LeadDelta Workspaces

A single workspace for your company’s relationships. Onboard your team today.


You are looking for new clients for your sales consulting service.

  1. Filter your network for your ideal client (filter by job title: “SDR”, “Sales”…)
  2. Create a pipeline with Tags (“Prospect”, “Lead”, “Client”, “Lost”)
  3. Use Inbox Filters to start a conversation with your connections (“Prospect”)
  1. Take Notes about interesting things said
  2. Pin the conversation to the top of the inbox (So you don’t lose it)
  3. Change their Tags depending on where they are in the pipeline (If they are interested “Lead”, if not “Lost”, if they accept the offer “Client”)

Distraction-free networking starts today.

7-day free trial, no credit card required.