Manage and nurture your relationships as a Founder/CEO

Never miss investing in your top founders

Let’s face it! You are in a relationship business. You win when you surround yourself with great founders and great LPs. Use LeadDelta to always follow up in a timely manner with your top founders and LPs

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Use Tags to structure your network

Separate startup prospects, founders and LPs, using LeadDelta Tags. Tagging allows you better structure your network, share only the relevant information with specific groups or individuals as well as personalize your approach.

Find potential founders & LPs quickly

Filter your network by tags or 15+ data points (current company, job title, country, etc).

Leave quick notes fast

Add notes based on the information & context you got from connections.

Pull up contact info when you need it

Get more connection details such as email/phone number/tags or notes you added. The sidebar opens with just one click allowing you to perform quick actions.

Communicate with ease

Your inbox is packed with value. Highlight important chats. Pin, Star, and Tag. Never lose track of your most important conversations, and be proactive.

Push campaigns with bulk messages

Quickly reach out to up to 25 founders at one time. Use templates to customize and personalize your approach.

Create tasks and reminders

Never miss an important follow-up, deadline, or task. Never miss a networking opportunity.

Integrate your data

Using Affinity, Hubspot, or different tools? No problem. Easily export your data, integrate with other apps, and create seamless workflows.

LeadDelta Workspaces

A single workspace for your company’s relationships. Onboard your team today.


Make your network actionable. Help your founders sell, market, and recruit. Guide them to market victory.

  1. Organize your network of experts by creating “lists” or/and “tags”
  2. Create template “intro” message
  3. Make regular introductions between the experts in your network and your founders in need
  4. Set up reminders to follow up to ensure success of your intro (Zapier + LeadDelta “Follow-Up Reminder”)
  1. Once a week filter your network for the Tag (“New Connection”)
  2. Make sure you “Update” for the latest contact information
  3. Assign Tags and make appropriate introductions

Distraction-free networking starts today.

7-day free trial, no credit card required.