A single workspace for your company's relationships. 

As B2B pros whether you are fundraising • selling
• marketing • hiring your chances of success grow exponentially when you do it collaboratively across the team.

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“Modern sales app I’ve been waiting for my entire sales career!”

My teams have been using LeadDelta for +1yr to get a foot in the door. With workspaces, we can utilize low-hanging fruits and build a far more powerful internal network of supporters than competitors.

Shane Starr

Head of Revenue

One integrated, cross-referenced professional network

CRM list-view of your team’s business connections

Pool all your company’s connections together and view mutual connections.

Filter, Sort & Search connections and companies

Filter your team’s network by 10+ different data points (current company, job title, country, etc).

Use Tags to organize your team contacts

Tagging allows you better structure your team network.

Leave quick Notes 

View and add notes based on the information & context you want to share with your team members.

Mentions & Notifications

Share information with your team members by mentioning them in Notes.

Tasks & Reminders

Create your team’s unique workflow and collaborate more efficiently.


Go beyond your network. Unlock contact details and supercharge LeadDelta with new connections.

Boost team productivity with Dashboard data

View key team connection data such as job titles, industries, most popular countries, and more.

NEW: CSV Import (Limited BETA)

Centralize your network no matter the platform & enhance your contacts with custom data.

Coming Soon 👇

Data Enrichment

Your connection data is often missing key information or is outdated.

LeadDelta will keep your connections up-to-date with reliable info, allowing you to fill in the gaps and better act upon your network.

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