How to Utilize the LinkedIn Featured Section in Your Sales Strategy

linkedin featured section
Learn how to enhance your sales strategy by effectively utilizing the LinkedIn Featured section with practical examples.

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LinkedIn has become a powerful platform for professionals to connect, network, and grow their businesses.

One way to increase your reach and grow your customer base is to use the LinkedIn Featured section. 

Leveraging it in your LinkedIn sales strategy can help you achieve your goals faster. 

In this article, we’ll explore how to use the LinkedIn Featured section to create an effective and successful sales strategy. 

We’ll also show you the best practices you can utilize to stand out in the competitive landscape of B2B sales and unlock new opportunities.

Let’s dive in!

What is LinkedIn Featured Section?

The LinkedIn Featured section is a part of your personal LinkedIn profile and allows you to highlight the content you want your profile visitors to see and click on. 

This section can be used by businesses and individuals alike to increase brand awareness, build trust with potential customers, and generate qualified leads.

The Featured section on LinkedIn appears at the top of your profile page, just below your profile picture and headline.

It serves as a digital showcase of your expertise, enabling you to demonstrate your value proposition to potential clients and prospects.

The content you choose to feature in this section can include:

  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • YouTube or other videos
  • Case studies
  • Whitepapers
  • Testimonials
  • Signup forms
  • Lead magnets

How to Add a Featured Section On LinkedIn?

To add a featured piece of content to your profile, click on the “Add profile section” within your profile, navigate to the Recommended section, and click on the “Add Featured” button. 

Click “+” on the screen that appears.

Here, you’ll see a list of possibilities from which you can choose to include within your featured section:

1. Post – If you go to the Posts option in the drop-down menu, you’ll get a list of all your recent posts to pick from. You can draw attention to one of your new LinkedIn posts or even better, a post packed with value that shows off your business.

2. Article – You can pick from one of the articles published within your LinkedIn profile. It works similarly to featuring a post, just with articles, but first, you need to ensure you can choose an old article on your profile.

3. Link – Including a link in the Featured part of your website enables you to refer to an external web page quickly. This is helpful when it comes to displaying products and services, portfolios, and elements of content written by someone else about your brand.

4. Media – Display images, PDFs, or any document you want profile viewers to see. It’s the best way to display presentations or other graphical components you worked on, and far more text-heavy documents, e.g., whole articles, that display your writing skills.

In case you want to remove some of your featured sections, you can do it by hitting “Remove from featured.”

The featured section is easily editable and you can replace or edit content as you wish.

How to Use LinkedIn Featured Section For Sales?

Your featured section is one of the first things anyone sees when they visit your profile.

This is the perfect place to show off your business, offers, or skills.

There are four distinct structures you can use in your LinkedIn featured section that will do wonders for your sales and lead generation.

1. Three Featured Structure

This structure focuses on three buying journey segments and helps you segment your LinkedIn connections into leads, low-ticket, and high-ticket customers.

This is something that Matt Barker uses, for example:

You can implement this within your LinkedIn featured section by providing:

  • Free resource – Here, you can include an ebook, free product, or mailing list specifically made for your target audience, so they can easily download it and leave you their email becoming your leads. 
  • Low ticket product/service – Offering a low ticket product or service to break the barrier with customers and get their trust. People that know you will most likely want to get a small taste of what you have to offer before going for high-ticket offers.
  • High-ticket product/service – There will be customers that are ready to buy high-ticket products/services from you, so why not offer them?!

Using this kind of LinkedIn Featured Section gives your audience different ways to interact with your content, which will be visible on your profile.

This structure is great for naturally pushing your audience through your sales pipeline.

If you choose to exceed this number, users might be able to see the rest of the featured content by scrolling through a carousel.

2. Ebook (Free Resource) Lead Generation Structure

This structure isn’t focused on generating sales and customers but instead on generating leads. 

Within this featured section structure you can provide different types of ebooks or resources created for different user personas.

Here’s an example:

Each one of these resources should ask visitors for their email which you can use to send your promotion or utilize cold campaigns.

Use these free resources to get leads familiar with your business and push them down the pipeline with every new email.

What’s great about it is that it can help you segment your leads based on their interest and the ebook they downloaded.

It will help you streamline and personalize your approach and conversation to offer them what they need.

3. Single Offer

Another effective strategy that can help you streamline your sales is using a single product offer.

Displaying just one offer will show profile visitors the thumbnail on the left with more space for the offer description.

This ‘clear structure’ practice used by Justin Welsh can be effective if you have a single product/service offering.

It’s especially great if you are selling a high-value B2B product.

Here’s how it looks:

It’s great because it’s a direct offer that won’t overwhelm and confuse your potential customers once they visit your profile.

Instead, it’s clear and direct, which can increase your success rate.

4. “Book a Call” Featured Section

Just as you can include a single product or service offered within your LinkedIn Featured Sections, sometimes it is more logical to include a “Book a call” type of CTA.

Here’s how Sam Browne uses it on his profile:

If you’re in SaaS, for example, and want to present a demo to potential customers that view your profile, this might be a great solution for you.

LinkedIn Featured Section Best Practices

Here is some advice that you should keep in mind when creating your LinkedIn Featured Section:

1. Use Links Instead of Posts – If you insert a Post in your Featured section, you won’t have any control over how it appears. So it’s better to use the “Add a link” function, which enables you to edit the title, description, and thumbnail freely.

2. Pay attention to link positions – Set your most important links on the left side since people read from left to right.

3. Use a title field like a hook – If you include links within the featured section, you can use the title to create curiosity and attract more clicks.

4. Ensure a proper format – How your featured section will look depends on your titles and descriptions mostly. See if it makes sense to have no description or to have it short, depending on what you want to achieve.

5. Stay within the title limit – If you want your title to be shown in full, ensure a maximum of 50 characters.


Using the LinkedIn featured section in sales strategy can prove to be an effective tool for businesses looking to reach more potential customers. 

Not only does it allow for increased visibility, but it also allows the opportunity to easily share relevant content.

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By creating an engaging and informative featured section that speaks directly to your target audience, you can make a lasting impression and establish yourself as an industry expert.

Ultimately, these selling strategies will increase brand awareness and higher sales revenue.

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