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Organize your LinkedIn connections the way you want. No ads, no distractions.


LeadDelta 2.0 - LinkedIn CRM for professionals & teams | Product Hunt

Managing business networks for over 6,000 professionals
of some of the world's top-performing companies

Grow your business by growing your relationships πŸš€

Cut through the noise of overloaded inboxes, feeds, and screaming notifications.
Get proactive. And start building relationships.

Network Manager

Organize your LinkedIn contacts in one place. A single table, no clutter.

Smart Inbox

A smart LinkedIn inbox with you in charge. Save time and never miss a crucial conversation

Data Integration

Take advantage of your contacts’ LinkedIn data. Enrich your CRM.

Monetize LinkedIn Network

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How To Monetize
Your LinkedIn Network

Loved by many professionals 😍

Amazing product. It helps me to grow and nurture my business network, daily. Amazing team behind the app.
Quadri Oshibotu
Product Owner
Love LeadDelta! My whole team at Autoklose is using it. Great job building such a useful plug-in. And a great team!
Shawn Finder
Much better overview of my connections. Tags & notes help me to stay on top of my network. Inbox is just awesome!
Alex Fajfric

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