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Smarter way to manage your LinkedIn connections

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Your Professional Network

We ❤️ Linkedin. We believe that Linkedin is the most important social platform on a pace to become a digital representation of the global economy. LeadDelta is supporting that path by creating intelligent tools to foster opportunities on the platform. Learn more.

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Why LeadDelta?

Intelligence & Convenience

Cut through the noise, unlock insights, and create new opportunities in your network.

What to Expect?

Set of tools that will help you to grow, manage, and engage your connections.

Table View

Have a detailed overview of contacts in a single table with a multitude of options at your disposal.

Manage Contacts

Add notes, apply tags, filter, sort, search, export, and much more, all inside a single table.

Engage Contacts

Make announcements, re-visit profiles and send messages to selected groups of connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

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