How To Increase LinkedIn Engagement Today – 8 Powerful Methods

In this article, we'll show you how to increase LinkedIn engagement so you can expand your LinkedIn contacts right away.

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If you seek new ways to grow your network or your business, LinkedIn is the number one platform nowadays.

Many people are unaware of that, and the ones who are, don’t know how to do it right.

With LinkedIn having more than 800 million active users, there are many unused potentials that you may be neglecting.

So if you want to do something about that, let us help you do it properly.

In this article, we’ll show you how to increase LinkedIn engagement so you can expand your LinkedIn contacts right away.

So, let’s begin!

Why should you increase LinkedIn Engagement

Here are 3 reasons that will make you think about increasing your LinkedIn engagement:

  • Helps you reach your audience – The more people interact with you and your posts, the more people can see it. As a result, it helps you increase the number of LinkedIn contacts and connects you with the right audience.
  • Helps you promote the company – When LinkedIn users like or share your content, people pay attention to these recommendations, so it provides a trust signal for other people who are interested in your company.
  • Helps achieve your business goals – Basically, every business wants to generate quality leads. Creating engaging posts is a proven way to increase LinkedIn engagement by initiating a discussion with your target audience. This allows you to spark these people’s interest in your business and turn them into leads. As a result, LinkedIn will serve you to achieve your business goals.

In short, if you are present on LinkedIn, that’s amazing.

But if you want to find new LinkedIn users, grow your network, and attract potential clients, you must go viral on LinkedIn and publish content that drives engagement.

So, here are a few powerful methods.

How To Increase LinkedIn Engagement – 8 Powerful Methods

To help you establish good connections with your LinkedIn network, we’ve explained 8 ways to increase LinkedIn engagement that you can implement right after reading this article.

1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

You can’t start building the house without having the base structure, right?

The same is with almost anything, including growing your LinkedIn network and increasing LinkedIn engagement.

The first thing that people do before they connect with you, contact you, or respond to your message is check your profile.

If your profile is unoptimized, there is a massive chance that they’ll leave without any engagement.

That’s what your LinkedIn profile is, and that is the base for growing your network. 

Here are some actions to optimize your profile and attract others to engage with you:

  • Use professional profile photo – To leave a good first impression, it’s best to use a high-quality and professional photo since it’s the first thing people see when visiting your profile. According to LinkedIn reports, having a profile photo can lead you to 21x more profile views, 9x more connection requests, and 36x more messages.

  • Keep your description updated and optimized – Adding relevant skills and experiences into your descriptions attracts more people to connect with you, especially if you match their needs. So, be specific about your achievements, present yourself, and use descriptive keywords that your potential clients are using in order to attract them.

  • Make your headline attractive – Make your headline specific, including some of your achievements and keywords that your potential clients may search for. The headline will have a lot of influence on LinkedIn users’ decision to visit your profile.

  • Use a quality background image – Use a quality background image that shows your stand within the industry, location, or brand values. This image needs to give visitors information about your business.

2. Highlight Your Skills

There are numerous LinkedIn profiles that are outdated.

To position yourself in search results, attract new visitors and inform your connections, make sure to update your LinkedIn profile for each skill you master or for new accomplishments.

Not only does it attract endorses by your partners and keep them updated, but it shows your expertise and LinkedIn activity.

3. Connect With Others and Interact With Your Contacts

A great way to increase LinkedIn engagement is by interacting with other LinkedIn users and providing value to them. 

By liking and commenting on people’s posts, you make them more likely to do the same on yours. And not only that, but it also shows your expertise and makes them closer to you.


A great way to encourage their engagement is to ask for feedback and respond to users who comment on your posts. 

Look for people’s ideas and be open to having discussions with them. 

50 LinkedIn Message Templates

Everyone loves to be heard and valued, so a great way to do that is to ask others for their opinion about some topic.

4. Join Relevant Groups and Participate

Being part of a LinkedIn group allows you to meet new people from your niche, create quality relationships, build integrity and connections with your audience. 

By sharing valuable advice, experiences, insights, you position yourself as an industry leader.

Not only does joining relevant groups help you connect with other users, but also to monitor your competitors and see what they do and share in those groups.

As part of these groups, you can listen to the problems your target audience faces, better understand them and create better solutions for their needs.

5. Create Quality Content and Post Consistently

When it comes to creating content, the options are limitless.

Creating different types of content will keep your audience more engaged, and it allows you to test what performs best in your case.

When it’s up to creating content, you could try creating different content formats, such as: 

  • Blog articles
  • Videos, Vlogs
  • Industry Infographics and Reports
  • Case studies
  • eBooks
  • Valuable Resources(cheatsheets, lists, etc.)

What’s important is to be consistent. Being inconsistent with creating content is not what will give you real results. LinkedIn supports the ones that post frequently, so use that to your advantage.

But keep in mind not to sacrifice quality for quantity because it can drive away your connections and ruin your engagement.

Also, check your different content format performance to identify what performs best and when is the best to post.

Show them behind the scenes creating LinkedIn stories

Some of the most engaging kinds of content are the ones where we give our audience a sneak peek. And that’s what we can do with the “behind the scenes” type of content. 

The LinkedIn stories are the place where we can connect more in-depth with our audience and where they can learn more about us and our business. 

6. Post Industry Statistics and Reports

People love stats because it’s easy to consume, provides value, and keeps business professionals updated about trends in your niche.

Do you have a list of the statistics blog post or a niche report?

In case you don’t, we advise you to create one, because it’s quite easy and provides a lot of value to your target audience.

Check out how we did it with LinkedIn Statistics for 2022, for example.

Not only will it attract your audience to read it, but since many writers are linking these kinds of statistics articles, you can attract more LinkedIn connections and backlinks too.

7. Optimize Your Posts and Use Hashtags

Just as other social media platforms, LinkedIn also has a hashtag system that helps with categorizing posts. Adding a proper hashtag to your posts will help you get in front of your target audience.

Did you know that hashtags are more nuanced on LinkedIn than on the other platforms? 

We suggest you keep the number of hashtags to 2 or 3 per post. 

8. Respond to Comments

After you post something on LinkedIn, don’t just forget about it and leave it.

If you want to increase LinkedIn engagement, you need to get back and respond to those comments. 

After you reply, people who previously commented on your post will get the notification about the response, and they’ll return more likely to continue the discussion.

Try to make your comment be engaging, so it encourages them to continue the discussion.

And, don’t do this right away. Instead, wait for a couple of hours and then reply to a few comments, but not all of them. After 12–24 hours, get back and do it again. This way, you will get the best results.

When responding to the comment, it’s also a great way to tag people in your comment by typing the “@” symbol before their name to make sure they will get a notification and see your response.


Simply posting on your LinkedIn profile that is unoptimized and incomplete isn’t enough to bring your business to the next level. 

It’s important to optimize your profile first, produce content that drives engagement, and interact with your target audience.

These tactics above work best once you implement them packed together.

With the right LinkedIn tools, engaging with your audience is no longer a problem, so it’s important to choose the one that best fits your needs to increase LinkedIn engagement.

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