LinkedIn Invite Limit – Everything You Need To Know

Find out information about LinkedIn invite limitations and show you how to increase the number of people you can contact daily.

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You may have noticed that your invites are no longer working as they used to before. 

If you’ve been in the LinkedIn sphere long, you’ve heard people whispering about a mystical magic LinkedIn invite limit.

The fear of crossing this number – whatever it happens to be this week – has left some without a handful of new connections. 

Will I reach my limit? And what does it mean? Is it even real?

It’s quite possible that not all of the contacts in your account are real people! 

Even worse, the invitations you send or receive might not be 100% legitimate when it comes to Business or Premium accounts.

Did you know that you could be missing out on countless opportunities? 

But no worries, we got you covered.

We created this article to help you find out information about LinkedIn invite limitations and show you how to increase the number of people you can contact daily.

So keep with us.

What is the LinkedIn Invitation limit?

LinkedIn invitation limit is the maximum number of people that a single user can invite in a day. 

This limit exists to avoid spamming and protect users against malicious activities.

If you exceed this limit, you will get an error message saying that you have reached your monthly invitation quota.

So what is this limit?

There’s no official source on how many invites you can send daily or monthly, but according to reports, this number varies between 20-100 depending on your account type and how long you’ve been using it.

Here’s what LinkedIn says about it:

For your privacy, Linkedin Support cannot disclose any additional information regarding the Number limit or reason for the invitation restriction on your account.

A few LinkedIn representatives stated this:

We do not have an exact number associated with this restriction.

However, they suggest not sending more than 15-20 connection requests daily, which is around 100 invites per week.

Before this change, the LinkedIn weekly invite limit was around 700 invites per week which were 100 invites per day.

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This change obviously had a huge impact on the way that people prospect.

However, there are some hacks you can use to go around this limit and contact between 300-500 people on LinkedIn each week.

So let’s get to it right now.

Top 3 Alternatives For inviting someone to connect

1. Overcome Linkedin Invitation Limit with Email Invites

The first alternative you can use to overcome the LinkedIn invitation limit is by sending connection requests using email.

Since email invitations are not taken into account for weekly invitation limits, you can use them to send invitations whenever you want.

To do that, navigate to My Network and click on More options.

Here, you can sync your email contacts easily.

Linkedin will match your email with profiles and offer them to you. 

Just tick the ones you want to connect with and hit “Add Connections.”

2. Overcome LinkedIn Invitation Limits with Groups

Another place that the LinkedIn invitation limit doesn’t affect are LinkedIn groups.

Being part of a LinkedIn group enables you to send direct messages to each member in it without even being connected on LinkedIn.

This means that you can contact 2nd and 3rd-degree connections easily.

Once you enter the group, click “See all” to get an overview of the LinkedIn group members.

Here, you’ll see a list of LinkedIn group members, so you can message them directly by clicking on the “Message” button next to their names.

3. Overcome LinkedIn Invitation Limits with Events

You can also do it with LinkedIn events.

Once you sign up for a specific event, you can access the list of all the event attendees that you can use to contact them.

To access them, just click the Networking Tab.

Here you will be able to send a message to any of the event attendees you want.

If you’re looking for LinkedIn outreach tips or just need effective LinkedIn messages, we’ve created “50 Proven LinkedIn Messages To Use In 2022” to help you engage your potential connections.

What Happens If You Hit The Limit Or Try To Go Over It?

If you see the “You’ve reached the weekly invitation limit,” you won’t be able to send connection requests for 2-3 days, or sometimes a week. 

But if you try sending more than 500 invites in one month, then LinkedIn will probably block your account and prevent you from sending any further invites until next month, when the limit resets.

So to not make it happen, make sure to do this:

  • Stop your invite activities – In case LinkedIn prevents you from invitations, make sure to stop all activities for that week, and try sending the next one as the limitation expires.
  • Withdraw pending invites – We suggest using this time to withdraw invites from people who do not want to connect with you. It will help you comply with the weekly invite limit, which can result in faster restrictions expiring.

To Wrap Up

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