LinkedIn Networking Simplified – 16 Tips That Experts Use Daily

We saw experts use these LinkedIn networking tips daily so we engraved them into our culture and product, giving us great results.

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LinkedIn has become an essential part of today’s market, and it has emerged as a go-to platform for online lead generation, sales activities, and job seekers. 

On LinkedIn, everything starts with networking.

But many people are not getting the most out of its potential. 

They have no idea how to effectively use this platform. 

To help you improve your LinkedIn networking strategy, we’ve put together some of our favorite tips and tricks on using LinkedIn for those purposes.

So if you’re ready, let’s begin!

LinkedIn Networking – 16 Tips That Experts Use Daily

We saw experts use these LinkedIn networking tips daily so we engraved them into our culture and product, giving us great results.:

1. Make your profile stand out

This is not even the first step. It should be the core zero step. Nothing should be started before it happens.

In order to create the perfect base for LinkedIn networking and increase LinkedIn engagement, it’s of huge importance for you to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

You just can’t do LinkedIn networking if you don’t have a profile photo, description, skills imported, because no one will take you seriously.

Even some of the recently created LinkedIn profiles usually have a profile photo, maybe not great, but they do have it.

2. Give before you attempt to get something

Giving so much value to others and expecting nothing in return for that is a real game-changer on LinkedIn. 

It’s the thing that brings great results, especially if you share your own experience, actions, and the results it brought to you.

Creating helpful content on LinkedIn with practical advice that others can implement in their own lives is a goldmine.

And many people can share a lot of valuable experience, but only a few do it.

So in case you intend to get something from LinkedIn, even though it’s a customer or a lead, we advise you to provide some value to them before asking them to do something for you.

3. Personalize connection messages

Sending a personalized connection message that explains why you want to connect is something that can get you a great outcome if you do it properly.

It is a great way to stand out on LinkedIn in a sea of other generic messages and show your new connection that you really spent time finding out about them and that you care.

We guess you received a generic message “Hey, I would love to connect with you.”

Not only it’s automated, but it’s also not showing any interest in why someone wants to connect with you.

When sending connection requests as a part of your LinkedIn networking strategy, make sure to focus on quality and personalization.

Not sure how to write personalized connection request messages?

Luckily, we created 50 Proven LinkedIn Messages To Use In 2022 that will help you connect with almost anyone using personalization when networking.

50 LinkedIn Message Templates

And you can also do it easier and from one place using LeadDelta.

4. Think mutual benefit. Think win-win-win.

When connecting with someone, or speaking, don’t speak about yourself.

They don’t care about you. What they care about is what they can get from you.

So even though you want to get something, think about what they can have from it, and then speak about that.

Present it like you’re doing them a favor.

5. Be resourceful and informed.

A great tip we suggest is you make a sheet and store everything you find interesting that is or could be valuable for you or someone in the future.

You can use that sheet to store valuable statistics, materials, information, and everything you find valuable and rare so you can access everything in one place.

Yeah, bookmarks are great, but you usually get lost there or sometimes delete them accidentally.

This way, you can create a database that you can access anytime and find the information you need to provide extra value to your connections.

You being resourceful, informed, and always having valuable info at your hand that you can provide your connections with is something they will find amazing.

Maybe someone on LinkedIn will post about some resource you have stored, so you can help them.

Who knows, maybe someday they’ll do a favor to you.

But even they don’t, other people will find you informed and they’ll gladly have someone you for connection.

6. Engage with your current connections

Once you connect with someone, many stop there and move on.

But if you really want to create meaningful connections, relationships or partnerships, make sure you engage with your connections.

That’s the point of LinkedIn networking, right?

Wondering how to do that?

Let us show you. Go through your LinkedIn connections profile until you find something interesting or something you have in common, and then start talking about that. 

It will show them that you’re interested in talking with them, and trust me, everyone loves when someone is interested in what they have to say.

Note: Remember the golden rule. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

7. Do outreach

LinkedIn networking is not rocket science, but there are some strategies you should follow in order to get better results.

One of those is doing outreach and leveraging strategies that bring you the best results.

But before starting with it, make sure to define the ideal persona you want to reach.

Who they are, what are their pain points, how can you help them?

After you answer those questions, start generating demand by identifying those problems and sharing value for solving them.

You’ll probably have to test different tactics until you find the ones that work best for you.

You can check 8 powerful methods on how to increase LinkedIn engagement that will definitely help you with your LinkedIn networking efforts.

8. Post engaging content consistently

Posting valuable content is something that you should do on a daily level.

You can test different formats of content that will show your expertise and position you as an expert in your niche.

Use content to:

  • Increase your visibility and reach so you can attract more people to connect with you
  • Identify and follow up your prospects
  • Promote your services, and build your personal and business brand.

What’s great is to share learnings based on your experience and ask your LinkedIn network for an opinion. This can start a conversation in the comments section of your post, which can attract many of them to comment. 

What’s also great is to run a Poll to get insights and perspectives about the specific subject from your network, so you can later use those responses to start up a conversation. 

Additional advice

9. Saying NO is all right. Saying YES and not doing is not.

10. Underpromise but overdeliver. Go above & beyond.

11. Almost nobody wakes up with you on their mind. Follow-up.

12. Gift feedback. Be kind, considerate, and brave. Don’t be an a-hole.

13. Don’t be needy. Reputation takes time.

14. Speak the truth, or at least don’t lie.

What to avoid in LinkedIn networking

15. Don’t spam people

There are various ways that you can use when sending LinkedIn messages, so you don’t seem boring or being a spammer. 

Here’s what you should avoid as part of your messages:

  • Subscription requests to your newsletter. 
  • Sending random connection requests to people you have nothing in common with and you don’t know. 
  • Sending generic messages to all of your connections. 

16. Don’t write generic messages

Many LinkedIn users think that personalization is just putting the receiver’s name as part of your message.


Doing it without any sense and not giving any reason why you’re writing to someone is what will make your message seem generic.

Check it on these examples:

❌ Incorrect:

“Hey Mark, I saw your LinkedIn profile, and I thought we should connect.”

✔️  Correct:

“Hey Mark, I saw you’re passionate about AI tools and developing your own – so am I! Let’s connect and discuss it. I hope we can share some valuable ideas regarding that.”

Don’t be self-promotive.

If you start a discussion on LinkedIn or post something, make sure to give value to your connections. 

Obvious self-promotion impresses no one and won’t bring you anywhere.


We hope these LinkedIn networking tips have been helpful for you and that they will be an excellent investment of your time and energy.

Keep sharing, learning, and make sure you are active in your industry!

Also, don’t forget to engage with your audience and meet them better.

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