How To Increase Your LinkedIn Post Engagement Using LeadDelta

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Many creators struggle while creating LinkedIn content because they lack engagement on their posts, but this can be fixed with LeadDelta.

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Many creators struggle while creating LinkedIn content because they lack engagement on their posts.

The backbone of any successful creator is their content strategy, but that’s not enough on LinkedIn with so many creators.

For your content to be successful, you’ll need to build an audience that will engage with your content.

There are three ways LeadDelta can help with increasing your LinkedIn post engagement.

Let’s get started.

What Are LinkedIn Engagement And Engagement Rate?

LinkedIn engagement is any interaction a user has with your content on LinkedIn.

This can include views, likes, shares, clicks, or comments.

But LinkedIn engagement doesn’t give us a clear picture of our post’s success; here’s where we need to understand LinkedIn engagement rate.

It is a technical term for understanding how many people actually interact with your content.

Engagement rate is an important metric as it shows how well your content resonates with your audience and what type of post works.

The higher the engagement rate your posts receive, the more likely they are to be seen by others.

That’s why it’s so important to know what your LinkedIn engagement rate is and see if it’s increasing or decreasing over a period of time and make changes to your strategy.

How To Calculate Your LinkedIn Engagement Rate?

It’s a simple formula:

Engagement Rate = Total Engagement / Number of Impressions X 100%

Where total engagement is equal to the sum of all the comments, likes, shares, and clicks your post received.

Here’s an example:

Here you can see that the number of impressions is 8,840, while the total engagement is 131 (85 likes, 45 comments, and 1 share).

That comes to an engagement rate of 1.48%.

How To Use LeadDelta To Increase LinkedIn Post Engagement

Understand Your Audience

Knowing your audience is the key determinant of whether or not your posts will receive significant engagement.

There are two important questions you need to ask yourself first:

  • What content is my network interested in?
  • When does my network check LinkedIn for new content?

Creating a certain type of content for an audience that doesn’t care about it will lead to low engagement.

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For example, creating content for marketers while your network is full of engineers. Your posts won’t resonate with them.

To get this in check, firstly you will need to take a better overview of your network and make changes toward building an audience that cares about what you create.

Use the LeadDelta Dashboard to get an idea of your network structure.

You can see in exact numbers and percentages which industries and jobs your network is made up of.

When you know this, you can either create content for those groups or work on connecting with your target audience.

PS. Don’t forget to disconnect connections that aren’t your target.


When you post, LinkedIn shows your post to a small group of people in your network, if they engage with it LinkedIn boosts the post to more people.

Having a network of people that aren’t interested in your posts will hinder the algorithm from showing it to more people.

This also ties into the second question.

Knowing when your target audience usually checks LinkedIn for new content and posting at those times will let your post be seen by more eyes.

To figure this out, again, use the LeadDelta Dashboard to check where your connections are from and post at their native times.

Remember that most users check LinkedIn in the 8-11 AM range.

Pick Up Traffic From Other Creators

It’s no secret that the LinkedIn algorithm likes to see you engage before posting yourself; doing it tells the algorithm that you are active and ready to post.

But instead of just commenting for the sake of the algorithm, you can gain more engagement if you pick up traffic from posts you are commenting on.

Commenting with valuable insights will interest post viewers to check your profile, in turn, view your latest post, and follow you.

Comment daily on enough creator’s posts and watch your engagement skyrocket.

You can systemize this process with LeadDelta.

  1. Create a new “Creator” Tag that will be used to identify top creators. 

You can even create multiple Tags for different categories of creators or different times of day they post at.

It’s highly beneficial to be among the first ones to comment on their posts for your comment to gain the most visibility.

  1. Apply the appropriate Tag to the creators of which posts you want to comment on daily.

You can also detect the most popular creators in your network by sorting your network by the number of followers and Tagging the biggest ones.

Now that you are done with the preparation of your creator’s list, you can start using it, but don’t forget to update your list regularly.

  1. Every day Filter your network for the appropriate Tag and visit those creators’ profiles.
  1. Look for their latest post and comment with value. Bonus: Get into conversations with other commenters.

  1. Repeat with every creator from your list.

Promote High-Value Content

If you aim to grow, you should develop a habit of posting daily, although occasionally, you may exert extra effort to produce a high-value piece of content.

Be that a blog post, LinkedIn article, posts, or LinkedIn profile writing with tons of information and tips.

This is the kind of content that needs to be seen by the whole world.

To get this kind of viewership, you will need help from your whole community.

Throughout your content creation journey, you should be using LeadDelta to Tag the most valuable members of your community, the ones who are always there to support you and have regular conversations with you. 

Before posting this high-value piece, create a Template Message that you will share with your community.

Here’s an example:

After posting this piece of content, Filter your network for the “Community” Tag and select all connections.

Click on the message button, select your template, and send it to everyone you selected.

This form of mass messaging will bring tons of engagement from your community and everyone they are connected to, blowing your post up.


Creating content is a vital part of your growth on LinkedIn, and it can impact every aspect of your life.

Becoming big on LinkedIn takes a lot of time and effort in making your posts as engaging as possible.

Besides helping you manage your network, LeadDelta can be used to aid the growth of your post engagement.

Take the first step towards unlocking your network's full potential. Try LeadDelta for free.