Effortless Messaging With Sparkle AI – Your Writing Companion

Effortless Messaging With Sparkle AI Your Writing Companion
Effortlessly write perfect LinkedIn messages with your new AI writing assistant. Discover Sparkle AI and how it helps you write better.

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Communication is a daily part of our lives, especially if your networking or your job requires you to talk to people daily.

But let’s face it, writing the perfect message isn’t easy. 

You can get writer’s block, you need to think about grammar if you’re going to be professional, and what if you’re talking to a non-English speaker?

Yes, you could spend time refining your message, but that isn’t efficient to do on the fly.

Everyone needs their own personal writing companion. 

Let’s take a look at how LeadDelta’s Sparkle AI will become your new best friend.

What Is Sparkle AI?

LeadDelta AI Sparkle or just Sparkle is your personal AI writing assistant that allows you to write compelling messages that perfectly convey your thoughts in seconds.

It utilizes AI prompts, instructions that you give to the AI engine to generate a desired output, but it takes it a step further.

leaddelta sparkle ai

Unlike ChatGPT, Sparkle gives you more control over your messages in an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

Sparkle is located in your LinkedIn inbox as well as your LeadDelta inbox giving you access wherever you converse the most.

How To Use AI Sparkle?

The easiest way to access Sparkle is within your LinkedIn inbox, so first things first, open up any conversation on LinkedIn.

Look for the Sparkle icon in the conversation itself and open the Sparkle interface.

accessing sparkle ai in the linkedin inbox

Here’s where all the magic happens.

Sparkle takes your currently written messages as prompts it’s going to be working with.

This means that you can first draft your message in the conversation itself, there’s no need for it to be perfect, just an idea of what you would want to say to the person.

writing ai prompt for sparkle ai

Now let’s go over every Sparkle option at your disposal.

  • Set a tone – Set a tone for your message whether you want it to be casual, formal, professional, friendly, or funny…  Sparkle will rewrite your draft message into a completely new one in the style that suits your needs.
  • Translate – Choose a language you would like your message to be translated into and Sparkle will translate it in a second.
  • Fix spelling – Once you’re happy with your message or you need a checkup, Sparkle will go through your message fix any spelling and grammatical, and add appropriate punctuation.
  • Make punchier –  When you want your message to be more impactful/punchier this option modifies your message to grab attention and engage your recipient.
  • Condense message – Not all messages are supposed to be long, the shorter the better. This option allows you to trim down your messages to the most important point and convey your message concisely.
  • Revert – Don’t like the direction Sparkle is taking the message in? Quickly reset your message to its initial state and start over.
sparkle ai message options

These options give you complete control over your messages. You give Sparkle the idea of what you want to say and work together to craft the perfect message.

But this is just Sparkle in your LinkedIn inbox, head over to the LeadDelta Smart Inbox and it gets even more powerful.

Writing Companion For Your Sales Outreach

Besides being your writing companion, Sparkle was designed to help you open up new conversations and sales opportunities.

And we all know that sales start with the initial message (usually an InMail) – It can make or break your efforts.

While in the LeadDelta inbox head over to the prospect or lead you want to engage with and click on the Sparkle icon.

Now click on the “Generate Message” button and new options will be available to you.

generate new messages with sparkle ai

Now you can start crafting your perfect message with these four options:

  • Tone – Specify the tone of your message. Will it be professional, casual, confident…
  • Outreach Reasons – Let Sparkle know why you’re reaching out to this person for it to craft an appropriate message. Are you reaching out to a new lead, inviting them to an event, or following up… 
  • Company Info – Write a short description of the company they are working for and let Sparkle include elements of their business in the message.
  • Additional Info – What do you want to convey with the message? The more detailed the better the outcome.
message generator options in sparkle ai

Give Sparkle a few seconds and let it write a message for you that you can copy or insert into the current conversation.

And if you aren’t happy with it, just generate a new message with subtle changes to the details and choose from the best one.

list of generated messages in sparkle ai

It has never been easier to engage connections on LinkedIn.

5 Tips for Writing Effective AI Prompts in Sparkle AI

1. It’s All In The Details

AI can’t read your mind and it needs context for every message you want it to write.

The more information and details you give to Sparkle the more of it can be used in crafting your messages.

This means that you need to be more descriptive when writing your messages, add details about the person you’re writing to, their company, why you are writing, and the tone you want to get out of the message.

2. Focus on Your Prompt Not Your Message

Your job is to write the prompt for the AI and its job is to write you a message, not the other way around.

Don’t focus too much on the wording, grammar, or flow of your initial message prompt, focus on conveying the context to Sparkle and let it take care of the rest.

Even a message like “Hello, {firstName}, let’s talk sales deal” can produce great results if Sparkle knows you want to close a sales deal.

3. Refine, Refine, Refine

The first message Sparkle produces might not be the perfect message, but this is ok, both you and it are practicing.

Take the produced message and give it more detail, maybe make it punchier, condense it, or go a completely different route with it.

Especially if it’s an important message be sure to try at least three different versions.

The great thing about LeadDelta inbox Sparkle is that all previously generated messages are saved if you want to go back to them.

4. Fact-Check

Remember that AI is there to help you, not replace you and it uses its own algorithms to create messages.

But these messages aren’t always 100% correct in their details because AI isn’t all-knowing.

Take time to go through each generated message and check what was written, rewrite important details, and add your thoughts.

Especially if it’s an important message, you wouldn’t want to get things wrong about the person or their company by letting AI do the guesswork.

5. Experiment

If you think there’s only one way of writing your message, you might be surprised by Sparkle’s ability to convert them into completely new ways of communicating.

Your serious message might sound much better if it was set in a casual tone, or maybe it looks better when it’s condensed.

What if your message needs just a bit more detail to be perfect?

Don’t get stuck on one strategy for writing the message, try something completely different and see the results, you might be surprised.


We have hundreds of conversations daily and coming up with clever ways of engaging with people is very draining on us.

But with the rise of AI writing software, it has become much easier for you to convey your message in just a few words of your own.

LeadDelta’s Sparkle AI is the best AI writing companion for your LinkedIn messaging that will make you the Shakespeare of DMs.

Take the first step towards unlocking your network's full potential. Try LeadDelta for free.