5 Effective LinkedIn InMail Templates + Best Practices

5 Effective LinkedIn InMail Templates + Best Practices
Ready to increase your response rate? Check out the 5 best LinkedIn InMail templates and dos and don'ts of writing them.

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If you’re not actively using LinkedIn to connect with other experts or make sales, you’re at a huge loss.

According to the fact that LinkedIn InMail has a three times higher response rate than a regular email, it has the potential to become one of your most powerful sales channels.

But many struggle to manage it properly, so they fail.

On the other side, when trying to connect with someone over LinkedIn InMail, you usually have only one chance, right?

So it’s better to use it well, even though many of those messages turn out to be spammy and boring at the end of the day.

But don’t worry, since you’re here, you want to avoid that. And we’re here to help you.

To make it easier for you, in this article, we’ll cover the 5 best LinkedIn InMail templates that can be helpful as well as dos and don’ts of writing them.

So if you’re ready to increase your responses today, let’s begin!

How To Write Attractive LinkedIn InMail – Best Practices

Different practices can help you spark interest in your LinkedIn InMail readers and increase your chances of getting a response.

Note: You probably know this but have in mind that only LinkedIn Premium and Sales Navigator users can send and receive free InMail messages. Standard LinkedIn accounts can only receive paid InMails.

So, here’re the best practices that you should follow when creating your InMails:

1. Choose Prospects Wisely

Keep in mind that you only get a limited number of LinkedIn InMails, so reach out to only prospects you consider adequate. 

You can segment your prospects by ICPs or industries. Depending on these factors, your open rates might differ. For example, some industries have higher InMail open rates that others. 


2. Have an Optimized Profile

After reading your InMail, prospects will jump to your LinkedIn profile. To build trust and credibility, make sure to present yourself and your company in the finest light.

3. Create Compelling and Attention-grabbing Subject Lines

Some words are more effective than others when it’s up to subject lines. So here are a few bits of advice that you can have in mind when creating subject lines:

  • Subject lines that indicate quick action receive about a 93% open rate.
  • Grab your prospects’ attention immediately by including a personal touch or business topic in the subject line.
  • If you have similar skills, hobbies, or expertise, show prospects that you did your research and mention it in the subject line.
  • Mention their first name – this is a great way to catch your prospect’s attention by directly addressing them.

4. Personalize, Personalize, Personalize

Did you know that personalized InMails perform 15% better than the generic ones?

To make your LinkedIn InMail more personalized, research your prospect’s profile, and look for pain points or common interests, connections, work experiences, etc.

You can use all these insights to make your message about the recipient and directly address how you can benefit them. 

5. Start a Conversation

Starting a conversation instead of simply trying to get straight to the point and sell something can be a great way to create a relationship with your prospects. 

This may bring you benefits in the long term. For example, after you create a relationship with them, it will be easier to explain your solution afterward in a meeting.

6. Be Concise

More than 50% of InMails are read on a mobile phone. 

A good way to increase responses is to keep your personalized message concise with 400 characters or less because shorter InMails perform better than the longer ones.

7. Include Call to Action

You should use InMail to start the conversation, not to close the deal. 

Use InMail to spark interest in hearing more from you and include a specific call to action.

For example: “Are you free for a 10-minute call on Wednesday at 11 AM?”

What To Avoid When Writing LinkedIn InMails

1. Avoid Making It All About You

Instead, focus on prospects, how you may help them, and the benefits you have to offer.

2. Overwhelming Prospects

If you overwhelm your prospect with multiple questions or too-long messages, they will likely leave you without a response.

Did you know that 90% of all InMails are longer than 400 characters, according to LinkedIn?

On the other side, shorter InMails(400 characters or fewer) have a 22% higher response rate than the average response rate for all InMails. 

This puts you in a position to be in that 10% and increase your InMails performance.

3. Being Generic

Avoid sending the same generic message over and over again. Or, in case you use templates and leave some fields unchanged, it can harm your trust and drive away your prospect.

4. Avoid Weekends for Sending InMails

Avoid weekends for sending InMails, and instead, send them from Monday to Thursday to get the best response rates.

5 Best LinkedIn InMail Templates

Now that you’ve found out the best practices you should follow in your outreach campaigns, here are the 5 Best LinkedIn InMail templates that may help you increase your response rate. 

Here are the templates that performed best for us and can drive you to success in each of these scenarios.

1. Sales & Cold Outreach InMail

Subject: {{first name}}, here’s how to boost your revenue

Hi {{first name}},

Your company’s new strategic initiative puts it at the forefront of innovation in the

{{industry}. Hats off!

You could greatly benefit from understanding how similar companies seamlessly executed the same initiative.

{{company names}} used our solution to increase their revenues by {{x}}%. Neat, right?

If you’d like more details, I can send you their case studies.


{{your name}}

2. Sales & Cold Outreach: Pain Point

Subject: {{pain point}}

Hey {{first name}},

I spotted your comments in {{Linkedin or Facebook group}} and decided to check out your


Amazing design and user experience!

However, there are some great opportunities to increase conversion rate. You could

double your leads easily on the same budget. It’s low-hanging fruit.

I can send you a free report on how to tweak your website and amplify your traffic. I did

something similar for {{company name}}.

Are you interested?


{{your name}}

3. Collaboration Proposal

Subject: 1+1 = 3

Hi {{first name}},

I saw your recent post about {{topic/issue}} and ended up browsing your website. I love your

blog, particularly how you approach {{topic/issue}}.

Since I specialize in this field, it would be my pleasure to cover a relevant topic for your blog.

You can check out my work at {{link to your blog}}.


{{your name}}

4. Influencer and Partnership Outreach

Subject: {{first name}} + {{your name or brand}}

Hey {{first name}},

I work with {{host name}} on the {{podcast/show}} name.

We’re big fans of your content!

So,{{host name}} would like to have you on the show and talk about {{topics}}. Is this

something you’d be interested in? The show will also be shared on our YouTube and other

platforms and channels {{mention the audience size}}.

{{host name}} is available {{date/time frame}} for a quick chat. Let me know if that works for


P.S. We have a couple of tricks for {{mention something that the influencer could benefit


5. Follow-up After Inactivity

Subject: Re:

I know you’re super busy, so just wanted to make sure your inbox didn’t get flooded with

messages covering our conversation. The thing is I really think our companies are a great fit

and I was wondering if there’s a way for us to collaborate.

Just drop me a line if you’re in, and we can set up a call when you’re available.

Have an awesome and productive day.

{{your name}}

To Sum Up

We hope these LinkedIn InMail templates and best practices will help you create compelling InMails in the future and improve your LinkedIn success in all aspects. 

To help you make astonishing results, we created an eBook “50 Proven LinkedIn Messages To Use In 2022” that can help you increase your response rate and your sales performance.

We also categorized these messages based on different occasions and purposes.

So download the eBook and get started today!

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