How to View Connections on LinkedIn More Efficiently

how to view connections on linkedin
If you find it challenging to keep track of your network, read this guide to learn how to view connections on LinkedIn more efficiently.

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If you find it challenging to keep track of your network, read this guide and learn how to view connections on LinkedIn more efficiently.

There are many benefits to having an extensive LinkedIn network. 

From increasing the reach of your content to improving LinkedIn search results and boosting profile views.

However, while having 500+ connections seems fantastic, scrolling through the ever-loading list of names and faces isn’t nearly as appealing.

That’s why it’s essential to know how to view connections on LinkedIn more efficiently and quickly search through your network.

Viewing Connections on LinkedIn

Here’s how to view your connections on LinkedIn directly:

  • Click on the “My Network” tab on the LinkedIn navigation bar.
  • On the left rail, click on “Connections” to see the list of your connections.
  • Click on the “Search with filets” button

Once you access your connections, you can utilize LinkedIn’s filters to search for connections in specific locations, industries, and companies.

To access LinkedIn’s advanced filters click on the “All filters” button which will give you more options for searching for specific connections.

You can filter connections by Job Title, Language, Pas Company, and services they provide, or search for a specific person by Name and Last Name.

This is as far as LinkedIn allows you to view LinkedIn connections, and you would be right if you said that this isn’t enough.

Why do I Need a Better Way to View Connections?

There are several reasons you need a better and more efficient way to view your connections:

  • Access to more information about your connections.
  • Efficient connection search to save time.
  • Team networking collaboration features.
  • A better way of organizing connections.
  • Quick access to all relevant information.

Having a better view of your connections is the first step to extracting value and utilizing them to grow. 

That’s where LeadDelta comes in to solve the problem.

Why LeadDelta?

LeadDelta is a LinkedIn connection manager that helps individuals and teams organize their connections.

It provides users with a clearer view of their LinkedIn networks, presented in a CRM-like table without clutter letting them easily find anyone they need.

It offers a plethora of features:

  • Syncing all individual and team connections into one view
  • Custom connection organization
  • Bulk unfollow actions and mass messaging with templates
  • Reliable network data analysis
  • Better messaging experience with the smart inbox 

And many more.

But how does LeadDelta provide you with a better way to view your LinkedIn connections?

With its connection view table.

How to View Individual Connections on LinkedIn?

To get started with LeadDelta’s connection view simply log in and sync your LinkedIn connections.

After syncing, all of your connections will be presented in a simple CRM-like table view.

LeadDelta pulls 15+ data points about your connections that LinkedIn doesn’t provide you with and allows you to customize which information you want to see. 

As you can see all important information about your connections is easily viewable without you needing to check their profiles manually.

But the customization doesn’t end there. You can organize your connections in any way you want by utilizing LeadDelta Tags.

Just like LinkedIn, LeadDelta lets you filter your network and find who you need but on a much higher level.

Right next to the “Sort by” button, you can find the Filter option that allows you to filter your connections based on any one of the previously mentioned data points.

Industry, location, company, name, date of birth, job title, headline, when you connected, and even some special filters like if you had a conversation with them, how many followers they have, or Tags you applied to connections.

Combine these filters to find the exact connections you are looking for. Once filtered you can export these connections.

If you are using the same filters often, LeadDelta gives you the option to Save Filters and reuse them.

A bonus to using the connection view is that all the information about your connections will be available to see when on a connection’s profile with the LeadDelta Sidebar.

How to See Mutual Connections on LinkedIn?

While having a better view of your own LinkedIn connections is great, you might also want to see the mutual LinkedIn connections you share with your team.

With LeadDelta Workspaces you can merge your network with the network of your colleagues into one combined view.

With the combined view you can see both your connections and the connections of anyone in your Workspace with all the information about them included.

This allows you to use Filter as you would with your individual view and organize them with Workspace Tags and Notes.

As you scroll through the Workspaces connection table, you will be able to see which of your colleagues has specific connections in their network.

This will help you see shared connections on LinkedIn in your team.

And if you want to see exactly who your colleagues are connected to or see combinations of mutual connections you can use Workspace Filters.

With a simple drop-down, you can filter the combined network only for the connections one of your colleagues is connected to, or two, or connections your whole team shares.

With a better network view provided by Workspaces, your team will be ready to take on any challenge with the power of networking.

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Having a huge network is great for finding new opportunities, but without an efficient way to traverse it, it’s of no benefit.

With LeadDelta’s numerous features, you will have an organized network, a better inbox experience, and an efficient way to collaborate with your team.

Download the LeadDelta extension and improve your LinkedIn networking game today.

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