How to View Connections on LinkedIn More Efficiently

If you find it challenging to keep track of your network, read this guide to learn how to view connections on LinkedIn more efficiently.

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There are many benefits of having an extensive LinkedIn network. From increasing the reach of your published content to improving LinkedIn search results and boosting profile views, it’s undeniable that having a large number of LinkedIn connections can help you grow your personal brand.

However, while having 500+ connections sure seems fantastic, scrolling through the ever-loading list of names and faces isn’t nearly as appealing.

It can quickly become challenging to keep track of your connections and forget why you added them to your network in the first place.

That’s why it’s essential to know how to view connections on LinkedIn more efficiently and quickly search through your network.

Viewing Connections on LinkedIn

Here’s how to see connections on LinkedIn directly:

  • Select the second icon at the top bar of your LinkedIn homepage to access My Network.
  • On the left rail, click on Connections to see the list of your connections.

Once you access your connections, you can sort them by recently added, first name, or last name. You can also Search with filters such as location, industry, and company.

If you’re looking for a specific person, click on the Search by name field and type the connection’s name into the search bar.

You can also find your connections by performing a general search and selecting the People tab at the top of the search results page, and then selecting 1st within the Connections filter.

Why do I need a better way to view connections?


Although it’s fairly easy to find a specific connection on LinkedIn, the built-in connection view is not without its flaws.

Sure, you can play around with some filters, but that’s pretty much as good as it gets when it comes to exploring and viewing your own LinkedIn network.

What’s more, the information about your connections that LinkedIn offers is quite limited, and you have to visit every profile to see more details. You can’t simply see the contact information at a glance, for example.

Besides the limited information it offers, as we write this, LinkedIn’s connection view manages to look cluttered and is simply too busy and distracting with ads and notifications all over the place.

Unfortunately, LinkedIn also doesn’t offer any type of tagging system, so looking at a long list of 500+ connections can be pretty overwhelming.

If you want to get a better overview of your LinkedIn connections that will allow you to see who they are precisely, why you connected with them, and how to get in touch, LeadDelta can help.

Why LeadDelta?

LeadDelta is a LinkedIn connection manager and a productivity tool that helps you organize your connections and get a better, more straightforward overview of your network without clutter.

Table-view (CRM) approach helps you to organize your personal contact book the way you want. No ads, and no distractions. You can:

• Sync & update your connections.

• Sort & search people and companies.

• Customize the table, views, data-sets, date-cohorts.

• Filter based on numerous data inputs. Save & reuse filter results.

• Follow/unfollow in bulk. Disconnect in bulk but keep contacts inside your LeadDelta for future.

• Uncover signals and when you connected & texted last time.

So, how can you view connections on LinkedIn more efficiently with LeadDelta?

Connections Guide (+ screenshots)

Viewing your connections with LeadDelta is simple. As soon as you open the app, you’ll find a clear overview of your LinkedIn connections. LeadDelta offers a 10,000-foot CRM-like view of all your contacts with multiple filtering options and tagging features.


You get all the relevant information neatly organized in a single table, from company and position to contact information and location. You can even add custom tags that will appear within this view.

Check out this guide to learn how to tag your LinkedIn connections and properly organize your business network.

At the top right corner of the table, there’s a Sort by button marked by two arrows. You can use it to sort your connections alphabetically or by the date connected.

Right next to the Sort by button, there’s a Filter option that allows you to filter your connections based on previously mentioned custom tags, industry, location, company, their position, contact information, and whether or not you already contacted them.

Finally, there’s also a search bar at the top right corner of the table to search your connections by name.

Benefits of LinkedIn CRM list view

With a LinkedIn CRM view of your connections, you’ll be more productive by organizing your network the way it suits your needs the most.

LeadDelta provides basic lead management capabilities and helps target potential prospects based on specific demographic criteria. 

Additionally, you can easily export your LinkedIn connections and their contact information as a .CSV file. or even send personalized messages to up to 25 connections at one time directly from the LeadDelta platform.

With customizable tags, you can easily categorize and organize your connections to easily send personalized messages to a narrowly targeted group of people. You can even use ready-to-go templates with personalization tokens.

It doesn’t only help you reach out to high-value contacts but also declutter your network with bulk disconnect, leaving more space to engage with the connections that truly matter to you.

Whether you’re looking to get in touch and engage with your prospect or simply organize your personal connections, LeadDelta can help you improve your connection overview and make the most out of your network. Download LeadDelta extension and improve your LinkedIn connections game.

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