LinkedIn Inbox Management – How To Organize Your LinkedIn Messages

LinkedIn Inbox Management - How To Organize Your Messages
Learn how to manage your LinkedIn inbox and save time in finding the conversations you're looking for by utilizing expert tips.

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With the growing number of new connections in your network, the number of conversations just gets bigger and bigger.

Let’s face it LinkedIn is all about conversations, your inbox is where the magic happens. All the friendships, recruiting, and sales deals are made here.

But if your LinkedIn network is substantial, and you frequently talk to people you’re surely feeling overwhelmed with your LinkedIn inbox.

To solve this you need to understand the problems of an unorganized LinkedIn inbox and the best ways to get it under control.

Let’s get started.

The Problem With an Unorganized LinkedIn Inbox

If you have around 500 LinkedIn connections or you don’t engage with people much, then LinkedIn’s native inbox is completely sufficient.

The problems start piling up the more conversations you have. 

First of all, LinkedIn’s interface is very cluttered and this goes for the inbox as well, it’s too small, and you can’t see a thing nor focus with all the noise from the LinkedIn feed.

Second, just imagine trying to find the conversation you’re looking for among the hundreds in your inbox. The LinkedIn inbox doesn’t have a way for you to filter them.

Some of the most prevalent inbox problems you might encounter on LinkedIn are:

  • Inability to prioritize messages.
  • You can’t filter your conversations.
  • Inbox notifications are unreliable.
  • Limited storage capacity with unreliable archives.
  • No way to remember your notes about the person.
  • Too much outside noise.
  • No help from LinkedIn in your messaging.

All of this kills your productivity and you’re leaving many conversations hanging.

The only way to circumvent this is to manage your inbox.

What Is Inbox Management?

LinkedIn inbox management involves you keeping track of all the messages you send and receive in an orderly manner.

This means properly managing your most important conversations, splitting conversations into groups, keeping track of unread messages, and deleting irrelevant conversations.

Having an organized inbox brings with it many benefits:

  • Better conversation prioritization.
  • Timely read and respond to messages.
  • Spend less time going through your inbox.
  • Build stronger relationships through engagement.
  • Don’t miss key interaction points with connections.

Ideally, a perfectly managed LinkedIn inbox doesn’t have many unanswered messages, top-priority conversations are at the top, and you’re just a click away from anyone you want to talk to.

This isn’t easy to achieve with the number of messages you’re getting, but there are actions and tools you can use to get closer to inbox zero.

How To Effectively Manage Your LinkedIn Inbox

Now that you understand the importance of managing your inbox, there are a few easy tips you can start incorporating into your routine.

Firstly, we suggest that you schedule some time every day to go through your inbox and implement all the tips to keep it in check daily.

Easy fixes you can start utilizing on LinkedIn:

  • Delete irrelevant conversations – There are probably conversations you won’t need to get back to and are just filling up your inbox. LinkedIn allows you to easily delete them.
  • Use built-in filters – LinkedIn message filters give you options to find only unread messages, LinkedIn InMails, or starred messages.
  • Unread messages – If you’ve read the message but can’t answer it now for some reason, easily put it on unread. You can use this as a basic version of reminders.
  • LinkedIn focused inbox – Set up your focused inbox to only display messages from your connections to limit the spam from InMails and groups.
  • Manage your notifications – Go into LinkedIn settings and set up notifications to inform you about certain new messages and LinkedIn messages that you haven’t replied to for some time.

These are just a few ways that you can manage your messages natively on LinkedIn, but it’s very limiting in its approach.

To fully get your LinkedIn inbox in check and take control, we recommend you utilize a third-party tool like the LeadDelta Smart Inbox.

How To Manage Your LinkedIn Inbox With LeadDelta

The LeadDelta Smart Inbox lets you take back control over your inbox and improves your productivity through its features.

It is a simple, but powerful tool that removes all distractions and lets you focus on conversations with your connections.

leaddelta smart inbox

To access your Smart Inbox, click on the Inbox tab in the top menu and open up any conversation.

Let’s go over the most notable features and how they will help you get on top of your inbox.

Connection Pinning

While having hundreds of conversations is great, let’s face it, there are only a handful of contacts that are top priority to you.

The ability to pin these conversations to the top of your inbox changes the way you prioritize conversations.

You can easily pin any contact right from the conversation itself or select multiple contacts and pin them at the same time.

Pinned contacts will always stay on top of your inbox, no matter how many new messages you get, meaning every time you open your inbox, the first thing you see is your priority conversations.

You can have multiple contacts pinned and every time you get a message from them they will go to the top of your pinned conversation list.

Contact Labeling

We’re all talking to several different people (salespeople, friends, potential employees…) and it can get overwhelming keeping track of who is who.

Luckily, the Smart Inbox helps you easily distinguish different groups of people with LeadDelta Tags.

Tags are custom labels that you can apply to your contacts for better network management.

While you’re scrolling through your inbox, you can see Tags beneath each conversation giving you a visual representation of who is who.

Inbox Filters

Now that we’ve covered Tags, let’s get into the real reason you’re applying them to conversations.

Inbox filters help you find the conversation you’re looking for out of every contact in your inbox.

Opening inbox filters gives you many options like filtering for read/unread messages, archived messages, and starred messages.

The real magic happens with the Tag filter.

You can filter your whole inbox for contacts that have specific Tags applied to them making it easy to search for certain groups of contacts in seconds.

Contact Data

Having to switch back and forth between messaging someone and checking their information is daunting and kills productivity.

Thankfully the LeadDelta Sidebar gives you easy access to a contact’s information.

Just click on the Sidebar button and it will open on the right side of the conversation.

Here you’ll find data like their email address, where they work, number of followers, when you connected, and more information.

The Sidebar also gives you two great options for further managing your contacts.

You can easily create Notes about interesting things said during the conversation, or something you want to remember about the contact.

On the other hand, the Tasks & Reminders button allows you to create custom tasks that are tied to that connection. For instance “Remind me to follow up in 10 days.”

Improved Messaging

Writing the same message over and over can drain you. You probably have a predefined set of messages you send to contacts in certain situations.

The LeadDelta Inbox allows you to templatize these messages and access them with one click.

This allows you to pull up a list of pre-written message templates that you can utilize in any conversation.

But what if you’re just stuck and can’t come up with an appropriate message to send?

Easy, just use the LeadDelta Sparkle AI that’s built into both your LinkedIn inbox and the Smart Inbox.

Sparkle AI is your personal message-writing companion capable of crafting the perfect message with just a few prompts from your side.

50 LinkedIn Message Templates

Sales Navigator Inbox

There are many benefits of using LinkedIn Sales Navigator one of which is the Sales Inbox where you can track your InMails and talk with your prospects.

But the Sales Navigator Inbox doesn’t sync with the LinkedIn Inbox, so you are forced to have conversations on 2 separate platforms which can get annoying.

With the LeadDelta Smart Inbox, you can have both Sales Navigator and LinkedIn conversations in one unified inbox.

This will dramatically increase your productivity as you won’t need to switch between two tools and you’ll always know where messages are coming from.

The best part is, that you can use all other LeadDelta Inbox features such as Tags, Pins, Notes… with your Sales Navigator conversations.


LinkedIn inbox management isn’t always smooth sailing. With a growing network, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose track of important messages. 

However, staying on top of your inbox is not only vital for staying organized but also for keeping your professional reputation positive. 

By using LeadDelta, you can better organize your LinkedIn inbox and stay on top of your networking.

Take the first step towards unlocking your network's full potential. Try LeadDelta for free.