LinkedIn Inbox Management: How to Better Organize Your Messages

LinkedIn inbox management isn’t always smooth sailing. With LeadDelta, you can better organize your LinkedIn inbox and stay on top of your network.

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Although LinkedIn stops showing the number of connections after you hit 500, growing the network well above that number is pretty standard among avid networkers.

Our recent LinkedIn poll shows that 65% of our followers have more than 1,000 connections, with 13% of them having more than 10,000. These numbers certainly allow you to do some serious networking magic.

But before you start expanding your LinkedIn network, keep in mind that as the number of connections grows, so does the amount of messages.

At first glance, getting a lot of messages might seem like a great thing (and it can be). We all love the thrill of seeing a new message notification. However, once the number of messages becomes too high, it’s easy to miss the important ones.

Do you ever get overwhelmed by the number of unread messages and simply want to mark them all as read? 

Do you neglect important conversations because they keep getting pushed down by a constant flow of new messages?

Then you need to better organize your LinkedIn inbox. Luckily, we have some tips and tricks that can help.

Benefits of Organizing Your LinkedIn inbox

Ideally, you want to be left with zero unread messages once you’re done for the day with LinkedIn. This goal is not realistic for everyone, especially heavily active users who receive 20+ messages daily.

However, at least trying to reach this goal can help you become more organized and keep your inbox more manageable.

Once you have your LinkedIn inbox organization under control you can:

  • prioritize important messages,
  • timely read the messages and respond to them more quickly, rather than miss them or forget about them,
  • spend less time sorting through messages and more time doing valuable networking or other tasks,
  • build stronger relationships and more engagement,
  • maintain a positive, professional reputation.

The Problem With LinkedIn Inbox

Although LinkedIn offers amazing networking opportunities, it’s not without its flaws.

First of all, the LinkedIn interface is known to be cluttered. From new messages to new connection requests, notifications can easily overwhelm even the most organized users. With red alerts all around, everything seems urgent — and when everything seems urgent, it’s difficult to establish what really is.

Additionally, someone can pay to message you to your main inbox, pushing the messages you really care about out of sight (although some EU users won’t have to worry about this anymore as LinkedIn is stopping the display of Message and Conversations Ads to EU members to limit the use of third-party personal data).

To understand the problem with LinkedIn even better, let’s see how many messages users get and how that affects their inbox management.

We obviously love LinkedIn polls and we always like to hear from our followers, so we asked them how many messages they receive daily. Most responders (71%) stated they receive up to 10 messages a day. 

For active users who get 5-10 messages a day, it can be challenging to keep a well-organized inbox. On top of that, LinkedIn will send you nudges for the messages you didn’t manage to read in a while.

Our poll also shows that 9% of our responders receive between 11 and 20 messages daily, making it even more difficult to stay on top of their inbox.

Not to mention that highly active users who receive over 20 messages a day will not only struggle with the above-mentioned issues on a larger scale but will also receive a lot more spam, making it almost impossible to distinguish what’s important and what’s not.

Although only 7% of our poll respondents stated they receive 21+ messages, those (un)lucky few need some serious LinkedIn inbox management tricks up their sleeves in order to stay organized.

How to Better Organize Your LinkedIn Inbox

Now, you might be wondering what those tricks are. Here are some of the things you can do to better organize your LinkedIn inbox:

  • Delete or archive messages — You probably won’t need to go back to most of the conversations from your LinkedIn inbox ever again. Especially if you receive a lot of messages daily, chances are many of them are irrelevant or spam, so don’t be afraid to delete them. However, if you think you might need them in the future, you can archive messages instead. That way, you’ll make way for the important stuff in your inbox and still be able to find archived messages if needed.
  • Use message filters — Linkedin message filters can help you find messages much quicker. Simply open your LinkedIn inbox and click on the icon on the right of the search bar. You will be able to select archived messages, messages from your connections, unread messages, InMail, and messages marked as spam.
  • Manage your notifications settings — It’s great to have multiple options, but you probably don’t need to be notified of every single thing that happens on LinkedIn. If you prefer to deal with your messages on your computer, turn off message notifications on your phone. If you know you have a lot of unread messages, turn off the message nudges. That way, you’ll be able to deal with your inbox at your own pace without notification pressure.
  • Use productivity tools — If all of these options still don’t cut it for you, fear not. Productivity tools like LeadDelta can help. Keep reading to find out how.

How LeadDelta Can Help With LinkedIn Inbox Management

LeadDelta is a LinkedIn connections manager that enables you to organize your network by offering a more efficient view of your connections, allowing you to add custom tags and notes, filter, sort, and search connections, remove connections in bulk, and export your connections.

LeadDelta also offers a simplified version of LinkedIn inbox for your first-degree connections, without ads and distracting notifications, with more space to write.

This means that you can both organize your network and access your LinkedIn inbox all in one place, within your LeadDelta CRM.

To access your LinkedIn inbox within LeadDelta, simply open the LeadDelta extension in your browser (if you want to learn how to access LeadDelta even faster, read this article!), then click on the Inbox option in the top menu bar. This will open your Inbox where you can do the following:

  • List your conversations — Load all your past conversations and scroll through them without distractions.
  • Access single or group conversation — Find and read your messages exchanged within one single or group conversation.
  • Send a new Text Message — Interact with your connections and reply back to a single or a group message.
  • Improved search — You can now search through your conversations, not only by the participant’s name but also by the content.
  • Mark single or multiple conversations as read or unread — Helps you mark messages that you want to get back to as unread, or mark one or multiple messages as read.
  • Pin or unpin single or multiple conversations —  You can pin important conversations to make them easy to find and access.
  • Archive conversations – they will not be presented in the conversation list anymore, but you could filter all these archived conversations and then either delete or restore them.
  • Delete conversations — just be careful; once you delete a conversation, it vanishes for good!
  • Tag your conversations – Tag the connection while reading the conversation or filter by existing tags.
  • View contact data on the right side-panel — No more ads to distract you. Look at useful information such as notes and tags you left for that contact, their job title, and contact information.
  • Have a separate tab for LinkedIn Sales Navigator — to make the inbox even more organized and allow for even greater focus.

Overall, LeadDelta provides all the essential LinkedIn inbox features with fewer distractions. It allows you to focus on what really matters and quickly find important conversations.

LinkedIn Pinned and Tagged Messages 


For anyone who actively uses LinkedIn and has over 2,000 connections, features such as pinning the most accessed messages can significantly boost productivity.

The ability to pin the messages completely changes the way you use your inbox. For all those important conversations that keep getting pushed down by tens of new messages you get in the meantime, having an easier way to find them is essential.

With LeadDelta, you can easily pin top-priority conversations or those that you frequently get back to so they’re always at the top of your list.

To pin a conversation within LeadDelta Inbox, simply go to your Inbox, select the conversations you want to pin using the checkboxes on the left, and click the Pin button at the top of your conversation list. To unpin, open the conversation and click on the Unpin button in the upper right corner of the conversation window, right next to Delete.

But that’s not it! We’ve also prepared a super easy way of tagging your inbox conversations so that you actually tag the connection that is a part of the conversation + you can filter them out by using our well-known filters. This way you can easily decide which ones you want to prioritize.

Over to you

LinkedIn inbox management isn’t always smooth sailing. With a growing network, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose track of the important messages. 

However, staying on top of your inbox is not only vital for staying organized but also for keeping your professional reputation positive. 

By using LeadDelta, you can better organize your LinkedIn inbox and stay on top of your networking.

Stay tuned for more updates and new Inbox features!

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