How To Tag Your LinkedIn Connections

Do you need a simple and easy way to tag your LinkedIn contacts? Check out this article and start organizing your network today!

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As a specialized social media platform, LinkedIn is a densely connected network. Although it has a smaller user base than Facebook the average number of connections per LinkedIn member is higher than the number of friends an average Facebook user has.

In such a close-knit network, every profile is just a few connections away, making it a perfect ground for finding and connecting with prospects.

However, while it’s almost too easy to make new connections and build a huge LinkedIn network, navigating those connections is not always so simple.

Navigating LinkedIn Contacts

As you’re racing to pass that golden number of 500+ connections, it’ll become more and more challenging to manage those contacts, engage with your connections, and establish meaningful relationships.

High numbers of connections can make sorting through your LinkedIn network an absolute nightmare. It’s easy to forget why you connected with someone in the first place, and a valuable prospect might slip through the cracks.

The fact that LinkedIn has always been infamous for its pretty bad UX design doesn’t help either. From professional UX designers to frustrated forum users, many have wondered why Linkedin’s UI is so bad and criticized the platform for too much noise, visual clutter, and the inability to prevent spam.

Even with numerous redesigns, LinkedIn hasn’t managed to solve these problems.

One thing that did change with one of the redesigns is how you can organize your connection — unfortunately, it was a change for the worse.

Many LinkedIn users relied on the Relationship Tab to add notes and tags that helped them optimize connection management. Unfortunately, creating custom tags and adding notes on LinkedIn is no longer possible. In 2016, LinkedIn made some changes and decided to deactivate the Relationship Section, leaving everyone wondering how to tag people on LinkedIn and keep their networks organized.

What is LinkedIn Tagging?

Although LinkedIn still lets you search through the network based on filters such as location, company, and industry, these filters are rarely enough for someone who needs to perform advanced network searches daily.

LinkedIn tagging refers to adding custom tags and notes to different profiles. It allows you to sift through LinkedIn connections beyond existing LinkedIn filters and helps you quickly find accounts based on the assigned category.

Why Should You Use LinkedIn Tags?

In addition to helping you keep your network tidy and easily searchable, tags can also help you build more meaningful relationships and increase engagement with your connections.

Not every member of your network is interested in the same information. Tagging allows you to share only the relevant information with specific groups or individuals.

It can also help you personalize and automate how you approach people on LinkedIn by enabling you to send bulk messages with content customized for a particular group you’re trying to reach.

How to Tag Someone on LinkedIn

When LinkedIn decided to shut down the Relationship Tab, the idea was to nudge users to switch to premium accounts and start using their Sales Navigator and Recruiter Lite to manage their connections.

However, not everyone who wants to use tags to organize their network is a sales representative or a recruiter.

An average CEO has 930 connections on LinkedIn. Users with such large networks also need an easier way to navigate their connections, and Sales Navigator or Recruiter Lite is simply not going to cut it for them.

If you need a simple productivity tool to organize your connections by adding tags and notes, LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator and Recruiter Lite are probably not for you.

Luckily, there are other, more affordable, user-friendly ways to tag someone on LinkedIn and sort out your network.

How to Tag LinkedIn Connections with LeadDelta

LeadDelta is a valuable productivity tool that can help you to declutter your LinkedIn connections. By simply installing the LeadDelta extension to your browser, you will attain a 10,000-foot view of your entire LinkedIn network.

LeadDelta allows you to sort your connections and create a customized contact book without any ads or distractions you would usually encounter on LinkedIn.

It doesn’t only solve the problem of visual clutter that LinkedIn struggles with but also offers additional features such as adding custom tags and notes, utilizing filters, unlocking contact data, removing connections, sending up to 25 personalized messages, and more.

Building relationships with your LinkedIn connections can seem daunting. But LeadDelta will allow you to make your network more manageable and boost engagement with your community and followers you already have.

Tagging and filtering your connections will help you deliver personalized content to those interested in it. It will also help you scale down your network, eliminate spam and make your LinkedIn networking efforts much more productive.

Step-by-step Guide (+ screenshots)

To tag people on LinkedIn using LeadDelta, simply click on the Manage Connections section within the LeadDelta extension.

Once you have the full view of your network, you first need to find the specific connection (or group of connections) you want to tag.

You can use the search bar to find a specific user, use sorting to find the latest connections, or use filters to find groups of connections based on previous tags and notes, industry, company, and more.

When you find a connection, you want to tag, click on the ellipsis (⋯) at the end of the connection row, then select the Apply Tag option.

Once you click the Apply Tag button, you’ll be presented with a popup. From there, you have two options.

If you want to add a new tag, enter the desired tag into the field and select Create [tag name] Tag.

In case you want to use one of the existing tags, you can select it by clicking on it in the dropdown menu or searching for it by entering the tag name in the search field.

Once the tag is applied, the success toast notification will appear, confirming the successful action.

All the tags that you successfully apply will appear in your Connection list in the Tags column.

It’s also possible to tag multiple connections at once. Just tick the checkboxes on the left-hand side for the connections you wish to apply the tag to and click on the Apply Tag button above the spreadsheet.

Once you click the Apply Tag button, the popup will appear, and you can follow the same steps mentioned above.

If you feel like your LinkedIn network is getting out of hand, adding custom tags and notes is crucial for getting more organized and productive. LeadDelta provides LinkedIn users with a simple and easy way to tag LinkedIn contacts without distractions and maintain meaningful relationships with their connections.

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