How To Tag Your LinkedIn Connections

How To Tag Your LinkedIn Connections
Do you need a simple and easy way to tag your LinkedIn contacts? Check out this article and start organizing your network today!

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With almost one billion users, LinkedIn is the biggest professional networking platform in the world letting you easily connect with people from all walks of life.

With the ease of connecting with new people, it’s easy to get to 500+ or even thousands of connections in a short period.

But building a huge network of people brings with it a huge problem of needing help to navigate your connections.

In this article, we’re analyzing one of the biggest problems of modern LinkedIn and solving the question of how you can organize your network.

Let’s get right into it.

The Problem of Navigating Your LinkedIn Network

When you first start networking on LinkedIn, you are prompted to get to the 500+ connection mark and go way beyond that.

It’s all well and good while you connect with people, but the real problem starts when you want to find people in your network.

Take a second and think about your connections. 

How many marketers do you have in your network? What industry does John work in? Which creator’s content do I like to engage with?

While you’re trying to distinguish different groups of people you are missing out on networking opportunities and are unable to develop relationships.

You get the idea, with 500+ connections it’s impossible to find your way around your network as it becomes challenging to manage your contacts.

Even with numerous redesigns, LinkedIn still hasn’t managed to solve the problem of managing your network.

That’s where LeadDelta steps in to help with its Tagging feature!

What Is LinkedIn Tagging In LeadDelta?

LeadDelta Tags allow you to put custom Tags (Labels) on any one of your LinkedIn connections for better contact management.

Basically, they act like labels.

You can assign them to contacts based on their industry, position in your sales pipeline, if they are friends, colleagues, employees… anything you want.

leaddelta personal tags

With Tags, you can easily distinguish different groups of people and utilize other LeadDelta features that work together with Tags.

Different Types of Tags in LeadDelta

When first starting to utilize LeadDelta Tags you will notice a couple of different types with you can utilize.

Let’s go over them briefly.

  1. Auto-Tags 
examples of auto-tags in leaddelta

Auto-Tags are a special category of Tags that you can’t apply or remove from connections and are applied automatically based on certain conditions.

  • New Connection – Applied to every new LinkedIn connection and is automatically removed after two weeks. They give you insight into everyone you recently connected with.
  • LinkedIn – Applied to every LeadDelta contact that originated from LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn 1st – Applied to every one of your LinkedIn 1st-degree connections.
  • Imported – Applied to every contact you import into LeadDelta through the LeadDelta Sidebar. Usually reserved for your 2nd, 3rd-degree connections.
  • Disconnected – Applied to every contact in LeadDelta that disconnected you on LinkedIn or you disconnected from them but you want to keep their data.
  • CSV – Applied to every contact you import through the LeadDelta CSV Import.

These Tags help you distinguish which channels your contacts came from and give you more insights into what is your relationship with them connection-wise.

  1. Custom Tags
examples of personal and workspace tags

Custom Tags as they sound are completely customizable to your liking and use.

You can have as many of them as you want, name them however you want, apply them to any connection…

They can also be separated into two categories:

  • Personal Tags – Your own custom Tags that you utilize in your personal LeadDelta account.
  • Workspace Tags – Custom Tags shared across your team with LeadDelta Workspace. Represented by the building icon on the left.

Both of these Tags give you the power to manage your network in any way you want.

  1. Trigger Tags

Trigger Tags act as a connection between LeadDelta and other software you are using.

They are also custom Tags in nature meaning that you can name them however you want but applying them to a connection triggers an action.

For instance, LeadDelta has a native HubSpot integration and Zapier integrations that allow you to connect LeadDelta with various workflows.

Example: Applying the “HubSpot Sales Workflow” Tag to a connection instantly imports the contact information into HubSpot and begins the assigned workflow.

Now that you understand the three different types of Tags, let’s get into creating your first set of Tags.

How To Create LeadDelta Tags

Creating your own custom Tags is a very simple process.

  1. Click on the “Tags” tab on the top bar.
tags tab in leaddelta
  1. Click the “Add New Tag” button.
personal tags overview tab in leaddelta
  1. Input the name of the Tag and select its collor.
  1. Hit the “Save Changes” button and you’re done.
creating new leaddelta tags

All of your Tags will be saved in the Tags tab giving you a clear overview of them and how many people are assigned the associated Tag.

If there are any changes you want to make to already existing Tags you can always edit or delete Tags by clicking on the three dots option.

If you are more spontaneous and think of a Tag on the fly while browsing your connections, you can always create it from the “Apply Tag” window which we will cover next.

How to Tag LinkedIn Connections With LeadDelta

Once you have your Tags set you can begin applying them to your connections for better network management.

LeadDelta gives you three ways to Tag your LinkedIn connections.

  1. Connection Tab

While in the connection tab, you can click on the three dots beside any connection and click “Apply Tag” and the Apply Tag window will appear.

Select the appropriate Tag or multiple Tags from the drop-down list and click “Apply Tag”.

applying tags in leaddelta

While this is ok if you want to apply a Tag to one connection it’s tedious to go 1-by-1 and apply them to individual connections.

LeadDelta allows you to select multiple connections by clicking on the checkmark box and applying Tags to multiple connections.

marking multiple connections in leaddelta
  1. Smart Inbox

While conversing with connections in the LeadDelta Smart Inbox you can apply Tags without having to leave the conversation.

Click the Apply Tag icon right on the conversation and go through the same process as above to apply a Tag to the person.

applying tags in the leaddelta smart inbox
  1. Sidebar

While applying Tags inside LeadDelta is easy, you still need to be inside LeadDelta to do so, but what if you want to do it directly from LinkedIn?

The LeadDelta Sidebar allows you to apply Tags while on a connections profile on LinkedIn.

While on someone’s profile, the Sidebar will open on the right side of your window giving you more information about the contact.

If you aren’t connected with them, you can always import them into LeadDelta.

On the bottom of the Sidebar, you can click the “Edit Tags” button and apply a new Tag or any Tags you already have assigned to them.

applying leaddelta tags with the sidebar

How LeadDelta Tags Improve Your Network Management

The obvious benefit of having your connections labeled is that you can easily see who is who while browsing your network.

But Tags allow you to do much more when it comes to network management.

Let’s take a look at two key uses.

Find Who You Are Looking For

LeadDelta already has very advanced filters allowing you to filter your network by 15+ data points and Tags contribute to this greatly.

Let’s say you are looking to contact your sales leads.

Instead of filtering your network by industry, when you connect with leads, and their company, filter them by its Tags.

Open up LeadDelta filters, click on “Tags” and select the “Sales Lead” Tag you already created, and a list of everyone you Tagged with “Sales Lead” will show up.

filtering connections by their leaddelta tags

Now you can get even more creative, combine the “Sales Lead” Tag with the “Marketer” Tag, and pull up a list of all of your leads working in marketing.

Add the “Imported” Auto-Tag and see all of your marketing leads you still haven’t connected with.

The combinations become endless the more Tags you create and your filtering process becomes infinitely more efficient.

Collaborating With Your Team

LeadDelta Workspace Tags help you easily collaborate on various workflows with your whole team’s network combined.

leaddelta workspaces connection overview

Imagine you’re in the prospecting process with your team and you’re using LinkedIn as your primary source of prospects.

In this process, it’s crucial for your whole team to be on the same page so creating a Workspace Tag like “Prospect” would be essential.

Now you can browse LinkedIn and every time you see an interesting person, just import them into LeadDelta with the Sidebar and apply the “Prospect” Tag.

importing linkedin contacts into leaddelta

Another one of your teammates tasked with contacting prospects can see the person you just imported and the “Prospect” Tag.

This gives them the signal to contact exactly that person and after contacting them they can apply the “Contacted” workspace Tag to communicate to the team that they reached out.

The more people you have on your team, the more organization you will need, and Tags are a great solution for all the chaos of business processes.


Having a huge LinkedIn network is great, but if you aren’t able to manage it well it won’t do you any good.

One of the easiest ways to keep everything organized is by labeling your connections with a tool like LeadDelta.

It makes it easy for you and your team to distinguish different connections and keep your networks organized.

Take the first step towards unlocking your network's full potential. Try LeadDelta for free.