Elevate Your Workflows With LeadDelta and Zapier Integrations

Zapier Integration
Time is the most valuable asset we have and the best way to regain some time is to automate your workflows.

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This is where automation tools come in handy, connecting your daily workflow apps together.

And one of the best automation tools on the market today is Zapier with its plenty number of integrations.

In this blog, we will cover the best ways you can use Zapier and LeadDelta to improve your workflows.

What are Zaps?

Simply put, a Zap is an automated workflow that connects your apps together and it can be customized to your liking.

A great thing about Zaps is that they can easily be created and deployed without needing to code anything on your own.

Zaps consist of a trigger and one or more actions. When a Zapier integration is turned on, every time a trigger occurs, Zapier will run the action steps you set up.

You can create a simple one-action zap or complex zaps that run multiple actions at once, or link actions together so that one comes after another.

After creating your Zap all of these actions will be automated within seconds without you having to do anything manually.

The great thing about Zapier is that it gives you the ability to create 5 free Zaps on your account.

Now let’s take a look at Zaps that will improve your workflow.

LeadDelta Zaps To Improve Your Workflow

As we mentioned, every Zapier integration (Zap) works on the basis of triggers and actions. Every App has its own and LeadDelta is no different.

LeadDelta Triggers: 

  • New Message – Triggers when a new message is sent to a connection.
  • New Note – Triggers when a new note is added to a connection.
  • New Follow – Triggers when a connection is followed.
  • New Unfollow – Triggers when a connection is unfollowed.
  • New Disconnect – Triggers when a connection is disconnected.
  • New Profile Visit – Triggers when a new profile visit is done via LeadDelta.
  • Applied Tag – Triggers when a tag is applied to a connection.
  • New Connection – Triggers when a new connection is added.

LeadDelta Actions:

  • Create Tag – Creates a new tag.
  • Add Note – Adds a note to a connection.
  • Apply Tag – Applies a tag to a connection

Here are some creative ways you can use these triggers and actions in your workflows.

Create Follow-Up Reminders With Tags (LeadDelta + Google Tasks)

The big problem we are all facing when talking to someone is we forget to follow up with them because we have many conversations every day.

Well, with this handy Zapier Integration you will never forget to follow up on a conversation.

  • Create a new Tag in LeadDelta, for example, “FollowUp in 3 days”
  • Connect LeadDelta and set the trigger to Applied Tag 
  • Link your Google Tasks and set the due date to “+3d” (in 3 days)

Now every time you tag a connection in LeadDelta with that specific tag Zapier will create a Google Task that will notify you to follow up on that connection.

You can create multiple instances of this Zapier integration, 5 days, 1 month… and by adding notes to that connection you will know what the follow-up should be about.

You can set up this template here.

Build Your Email Campaign With LinkedIn (LeadDelta + Autoklose)

Your LinkedIn network is filled with potential leads for your email campaigns, but manually looking for their email addresses and importing them is tedious.

While LeadDelta helps you find their emails with ease you can take it a step further and connect LeadDelta with Autoklose.

  • Create a new Tag in LeadDelta, for example, “New Lead”
  • Connect LeadDelta and set the trigger to Applied Tag
  • Link your Autoklose profile
  • Select the campaign you want the connection to be added to

Now you can tag your connections in LeadDelta and they will automatically be added to your Autoklose email campaigns, after that you just have to launch the campaign.

The best practice is to create multiple tags for every campaign, for example, “sales campaign”, “event campaign”, and “discount campaign”…

Try this template here.

Know Who You Are Meeting With (LeadDelta + Calendly)

Most of us use Calendly to easily schedule meetings with our colleagues and prospects, but wouldn’t you want to keep those connections close?

Here LeadDelta tags can help you know who you are meeting with and later on help you keep tabs on that connection.

  • Connect Calendly to Zapier
  • Select the event you want to trigger the Zap
  • Link your LeadDelta profile
  • Select the Tag you want to add to the connection that invited you

Now every time someone schedules a meeting with you, LeadDelta will automatically tag that connection letting you use other features such as filters to keep track of them.

Try this template here.

Build Sales Pipelines With LinkedIn (LeadDelta + HubSpot)

LinkedIn is great for finding new leads and starting conversations with them, you can even create sales pipelines through LeadDelta, but what if you want to go a step further?

You can transport your LeadDelta sales pipelines into HubSpot just by adding tags to your connections.

  • Create a tag in LeadDelta, for example, “Prospect”
  • Connect LeadDelta and set the trigger to Applied Tag
  • Link your HubSpot account and select a pipeline to add the connection to
  • Select the deal stage the Tag is referring to
  • Add all other information available

Do the same process for every stage of your sales pipeline. Now you can add your connections to the respective part of the pipeline without having to leave LinkedIn.

If you are using another CRM like Salesflare or Pipedrive, you could set up a similar workflow, like with HubSpot.

Try out these templates for HubSpot, Salesflare, and Pipedrive.

Increase Your Response Rate (LeadDelta + Email)

Starting a new conversation on LinkedIn isn’t easy as a lot of the time we don’t get a response, usually because people’s inboxes get filled and they don’t check them.

With this Zap, you will double your response rate as people are more likely to notice your emails.

  • Connect LeadDelta and set a new message for the trigger
  • Link it to your email account
  • Select the person’s LinkedIn email as the recipient address
  • Fill out your subject line and body

Now, every time you send a LinkedIn message you will automatically send an email to the person a set amount of time later increasing the chances of you getting a response.

Try out this template.

Keep Notes About Your Connections In Your CRM (LeadDelta + Pipedrive)

If most of the communication with your prospects is happening on LinkedIn you might be taking notes in a separate app like LeadDelta.

Why not take those notes and import them into your CRM like Pipedrive?

  • Connect LeadDelta and set the trigger to New Note
  • Link your Pipedrive account and select find lead
  • Set the action to Create Note

Every time you add a new note to a LinkedIn connection with LeadDelta the same note will be added to Pipedrive, so you don’t have to leave LinkedIn or the Smart Inbox.

Give it a try here.

Why Should You Automate Workflows?

Setting up workflows is the best way to get more results in less time with less work as you don’t have to think about how you will do something, you just do it because it’s already set for you.

Now imagine if those workflows you set up were automated. You would get even more benefits as a result.

Here are some of the benefits of automating your workflows:

  1. Workflow automation saves you time – Most of us work on the same low-priority tasks that just have to be done, taking up time for high-priority and creative tasks. The fact is, most of those tasks can be done automatically freeing you up to do more important tasks.
  2. Workflow automation reduces errors – We are all human and we make mistakes, especially when it comes to manual inputs and repetitive tasks. Here’s where automation can reduce the margin of error to almost 0. If set up properly you shouldn’t have to worry about any errors, in turn having to spend less time on repairs.
  3. Workflow automation is scalable – Setting up one automated workflow makes a huge impact, now add another, and another… Automating task by task lets you scale faster as you can do whole teams worth of tasks with software.
  4. Workflow automation lets you multitask – Instead of you having to juggle important tasks with time-consuming ones and then adding unpredictable tasks one person can do multiple tasks by delegating them to automation. In this way, you can do the important stuff with low-priority tasks still being done in the background.

With every new Zapier integration, you add to your workflow you are exponentially reducing time spent and increasing your productivity.


In today’s business environment we have to juggle multiple tasks at once and most of those tasks are repetitive, but they take a lot of time to do.

This is where workflow automation tools like Zapier help us save time and grow our businesses, especially if LinkedIn is a part of your business strategy.

With so many ways to use LinkedIn in conjunction with other apps to grow your business, creating automated workflows through Zapier integration is a no-brainer.

We hope this guide will help you grow through the power of workflows.

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