How to Add Notes to Your LinkedIn Connections

linkedin notes
Learn how to keep track of important details, stay organized, and communicate with your team by adding notes to your LinkedIn connections.

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The old saying goes “Write what should not be forgotten.” 

It has never been more true than in the digital world where we can connect to 10,000+ people.

While getting to know these people, we can get lost in the sea of information and forget important details or why we even connected with someone.

The best way to keep up with the abundance of information is to write it down.

In this guide, we will go over how you can effectively take notes about your LinkedIn connections with LeadDelta.

Let’s get into it.

How To Add Notes To Your LinkedIn Contacts

There are two ways you can add notes to your LinkedIn connections in LeadDelta.

The first one is through the connections tab which gives you an overview of all of your connections in one table.

You can find the connections you want to write a note for by searching for them by their name or with the help of filters.

Once you find the connection, look left for the “Note” icon.

Click it and the Note window will open where you can write a note on that specific connection.

LeadDlta Notes allow for typographical emphasis:

  • Bold (Ctrl/Cmd + B)
  • Italic (Ctrl/Cmd + I)
  • Underline (Ctrl/Cmd + U)

This gives you options to emphasize important information and quotes or stylize the note the way you see fit.

Once you are done writing your note, just click the “Save Changes” button and you are done.

The notes you write are tied to specific connections, so there’s no mess, everything is well organized and easy to find and notes are sorted by their creation date.

In the case you want to update the content of the note you can easily edit notes or add new ones to the connection.

The second way of creating LinkedIn notes is through the Sidebar.

Sidebar allows for note creation in the smart inbox or the connection’s LinkedIn profile.

How To Mention Your Teammates In Notes

It’s well known that team communication is key to making things happen and everyone on your team needs to be on the same page.

This is where Note Mentions come in – making it easy for the right person on the team to get the right information.

While browsing your team’s Workspaces you can click on the “Note” on any connection whether you are personally connected to them or not.

In the Note window mention one or more of your teammates using the @ operator.

Write down the note and save it.

Here’s where the magic happens.

Your teammates will get notified in which workspace they were mentioned, who mentioned them, and the note they were mentioned in.

Now they can read the content of the note, add their thoughts, and take appropriate action based on the given information.

This gives your whole team the means of communicating about all the connections you have in your workspace.

How To Search Through Your Notes

If you are regularly writing notes, you may have accumulated a considerable amount of them which comes with a challenge.

Fortunately, LeadDelta allows you to search and filter through your notes quickly and find the right ones.

Searching For Personal Notes

Use LeadDelta Filters to view all connections with or without notes.

Or search through all of your notes by the specific keywords.

Searching For Team Notes

Your team’s workspace requires more ways to filter.

View a database of notes your whole team wrote by clicking on the “Notes” tab.

Here you can find the right notes by filtering them by:

  • Note creation date
  • Content of the note (keywords)
  • Specific connections
  • People mentioned in the note

+ You can combine these filters with specific teammate views.

Why Should You Write Notes on LinkedIn Connections?

Imagine having to remember what you talked about in a meeting with one of your connections.

What you found interesting about someone and what were your plans when you connected?

How can your team keep track of everything that transpired in your combined network?

Writing notes is THE best way to:

  • Keep your thoughts about connections organized
  • Remember small details about your connections
  • Prepare for future interactions with your connections
  • Add new information you gather about connections
  • Keep your team informed about all interactions
  • Keep track of your networking progress and goals

Note-writing is essential for your success in networking, sales, and hiring because you interact with people and information.

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But keeping notes scattered in team chats, notebooks, sheets, and CRMs isn’t the way to go, that’s why you need a tool like LeadDelta to keep them in one place for everyone.

Note Examples To Get You Started

Connection Information – Did you find something interesting about your connection that you don’t want to forget or want to use in further conversations?

Future Intentions – Our connections are everchanging and new opportunities can happen at any time.

Use this note in combination with Zapier integrations to set up automated reminders with details of why you want to reach out to a connection.

Action Items – List all the tasks you need to complete regarding the specific connection and edit the list once you complete each task.

Post Meeting – Keep meeting notes tied to the specific connection you had a meeting with for better organization.

Don’t forget to keep your team in the loop by mentioning them.

Quick Team Update – While working as a team on a common goal regarding a connection keep everyone updated on everything that transpires.

Regular short and direct notes will keep your team updated on what everyone is working on.

Referral Mentions – Did you find a connection in your team’s network that you want to reach?

Use the power of referral networking and ask your team for warm introductions.


Note-taking is important now more than ever with so much information at our fingertips.

It gives you the ability to remember crucial information and share it with your team which drives action.

LeadDelta gives you a convenient way to incorporate note-taking into your networking workflow and reap its benefits.

Try out LeadDelta and improve your networking efforts today.

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