How To Find Out Who Disconnected You On LinkedIn

disconnected on LinkedIn
Your success at networking depends on many factors, and one of them is knowing who and why disconnected from you.

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LinkedIn is a powerful platform for networking and building professional relationships.

This means that our focus is on making new connections.

As we connect with more and more people we forget about the fact that some of those connections might disconnect from us.

We might get curious to check who disconnected from us and why, but LinkedIn doesn’t offer a convenient way to do this (only manually checking every profile).

Luckily there is a way to check who disconnected from you with LeadDelta.

Let’s get right into it.

Using LeadDelta To Check On Who Disconnected From You On LinkedIn

LeadDelta currently has two automated Tags, “New Connection” and “Disconnected”.

Before checking who disconnected from you, you will need to Sync your connections for LeadDelta to get the latest information about your network.

Besides adding any new connections you made, LeadDelta will compare your current network with the last time you synced.

When it detects a connection that is no longer in your network it will automatically assign them with the “Disconnected” Tag.

But you don’t have to scroll through the connections tab to find who disconnected from you.

Open the Filters option and look for the Tags Filter.

Check it to only display connections with the “Disconnected” Tag.

Now you can see all connections you are no longer connected to.

Disclaimer: These are both connections you disconnected and those that disconnected from you, so you will need to have an idea of who you disconnected from on your own.

We recommend keeping track of connections you disconnected from by assigning them a “Manual Disconnect” Tag to keep these two groups separate.

To recap:

  1. Log into LeadDelta
  2. Click on the “Connections” tab
  3. Sync your connections
  4. Open Filters
  5. Filter by the “Disconnected” Tag

What Can You Do With This Information?

Now that you know how to see who disconnected from you on LinkedIn, what should you do with this information? 

Here’s how to interpret disconnecting:

  1. Review the profiles of those who disconnected from you. Was there a reason why they disconnected? Did you have a disagreement, or maybe you haven’t interacted in a while?

  1. Take note of any trends. Are you seeing a lot of disconnections in a short amount of time? This may be a sign that something needs to change.

  1. Reach out to those who disconnected from you if appropriate. If you’re not sure why they disconnected, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

It’s important to keep track of the structure of your network on a daily basis.

By understanding who disconnected from you, you can better manage your network and strengthen the relationships you have, or change your approach with people.

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Keeping track of who disconnected from you is as important as the new connections you make, and is an integral part of building a healthy network.

With LeadDelta, you can easily see who disconnected from you and take steps to strengthen your network. 

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