How To See And Manage LinkedIn Followers For Enhanced Networking

How To See And Manage LinkedIn Followers For Enhanced Networking
Learn how to easily find your and other LinkedIn users' followers and how to manage them for enhanced networking.

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Are you actively creating content on LinkedIn to gain more followers?

Just think about how much value you can extract from your follower base to convert new sales, meet new people, partner up, or improve your content.

The secret to a successful creator career is optimal follower tracking, engagement, and management.

This guide will help you get on top of your LinkedIn followers and manage them effectively.

Let’s start with the basics.

How To See Your Followers On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn gives you a convenient way to see a list of your followers.

  1. Click on your LinkedIn profile.
  1. While on your profile click on your follower count.

finding the followers tab on your linkedin profile

You will be able to see everyone who follows you and everyone you are following.

linkedin followers tab

You can even take it a step further and analyze your follower gain over time, but you will need to have Creator Mode enabled on your profile.

Here’s how:

  1. While on your profile, scroll down and click “Creator Mode” in the resource section.

LinkedIn creator mode
  1. Click on the “Total Followers” tab in the analytics section.

linkedin profile analytics

You will get a timeline of the number of followers you gained each day with the option to filter it from the past 7 days to the past year.

linkedin follower analytics

It also shows you the breakdown of your followers based on multiple data points.

With follower analytics, you get great insight into how your content and profile are converting people into followers, which particular posts gained you the most followers and many more trends.

How To See Someson’s Followers On LinkedIn?

There are many reasons to see someone’s followers. 

They could be a bigger creator in your niche and you want to see who’s following them, or a competitor, or even find people with similar interest in creators like you.

Here’s how to see anyone’s followers:

  1. Click on the search bar and hit enter.

linkedin search bar
  1. Select the “People” filter in the search tab.

filtering people on linkedin
  1. Click on “All Filters” and find the “Followers of” option.
  2. Input the name of the creator whose followers you are looking for and click on “Show Results”.

filtering followers of linkedin users

LinkedIn will give you a list of all of their followers with the option to filter them even more.

You can filter only 2nd or 3rd-degree connections, by their location, industry, or specific keywords on their profile.

The Problem With Managing LinkedIn Followers And How To Solve It

Let’s face it, LinkedIn is great at giving you information about who is following you, but it stops there.

There’s no reliable way to manage your followers, you can only see them and perform basic actions.

But why should you even care about managing followers?

There are many reasons to:

  • Filtering your followers for specific people you can reach out to.
  • Separating your followers into different categories (top fans, ghost followers, potential clients…)
  • Tracking your social selling pipeline.
  • Creating marketing campaigns out of your follower network.
  • Having a better view of your followers.
  • Gaining more personal information.
  • Collaborating with your sales/marketing team.
  • Extracting valuable information from your followers.

And many more based on your specific needs.

While LinkedIn doesn’t give you the option to manage your followers, there is a simple solution.

Enter LeadDelta and its network management features.

How To Import Your Followers Into LeadDelta?

While LeadDelta automatically syncs your LinkedIn connections and gives you a better view of your network, you will need to manually import your followers.

To get started:

  1. While in LinkedIn’s search, filter it by “People”.
  2. Open advanced filters and enter your name in the “Followers of” option.
filtering followers of linkedin users
  1. You will get a list of your followers and the LeadDelta Sidebar will open on the right side.
  2. Scroll through the list and import every follower by clicking on the “+” button.
leaddelta sidebar importing followers

You can get more specific by customizing LinkedIn’s and Sidebar’s filters to hone in on specific followers you are looking for. (example: only followers in Canada).

Categorizing People As Followers In LeadDelta

After you imported your followers they will be stored in LeadDelta’s connections database.

We recommend that you assign them a “Follower” Tag for better differentiation from your regular connections.

  1. To do this click on the checkbox on their left (you can select multiple people).
selecting multiple connections in leaddelta
  1. Click on the “Apply Tag” button and assign them a new Tag.
Applying a Tag in leaddelta

Now your followers will have a “Follower” Tag beside their name making it easier for you to recognize them.

Managing Your LinkedIn Followers In LeadDelta

Once you have imported your followers and Tagged them the fun part can begin.

Besides the “Follower” Tag you assigned them, you can create custom Tags for different uses.

Let’s say you want to further differentiate your biggest fans from all other followers.

Simply create a “Top Fan” Tag and assign it to them.

Or if you are building a sales pipeline, you can create it with Tags and track where your followers are in the pipeline.

custom sales pipeline built with LeadDelta tags

There’s no limit to what you can do with Tags.

But Tagged followers can get lost in your network after some time. That’s where advanced Filters come into play.

You can filter your whole network including your followers for 15+ different datapoint including Tags to find exactly who you need.

LeadDelta advanced filter feature

And if you only want to filter your followers, simply include the “Follower” Tag in the mix.

These are only a few ways you can manage your followers with LeadDelta and there are many more with its features.

And before you ask, yes you can import other people’s followers into LeadDelta.

The LeadDelta Sidebar gives you the power to import anyone on LinkedIn whether or not they are connected with you directly.


Having thousands of LinkedIn followers is great for your personal brand and business, but you can take your success to the next level by managing them.

There are hidden gems like new sales opportunities, partners, and connections following you.

It’s on you to discover these gems and pursue them.

LeadDelta gives you the tools to do just that, import, filter, and manage your LinkedIn followers.

Take the first step towards unlocking your network's full potential. Try LeadDelta for free.