6 Advanced B2B LinkedIn Marketing Strategies To Level Up Your Game

6 Advanced B2B LinkedIn Marketing Strategies To Level Up Your Game
Check out these advanced B2B LinkedIn marketing strategies that can help you get more leads, customers, and sales for your business.

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For B2B businesses and marketers, LinkedIn is the “holy grail” of social media platforms. 

It’s a great place to find new customers, recruit talent and build your brand.

In fact, studies show that Linkedin is 3x more effective than other top social media channels for generating qualified leads.

Yet many businesses fail to use it to their benefit.

You know that B2B sales involve more than creating a large follower base on LinkedIn. 

And just like traditional marketing, establishing an effective B2B LinkedIn strategy takes time and thought. 

But don’t worry, we got you covered.

In this article, we’ll look at some advanced B2B LinkedIn marketing strategies that can help you get more leads, customers, and sales for your business.

So let’s dive into it.

Why Should You Use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing?

Here are some reasons why should you consider using LinkedIn for B2B marketing:

1. Find and contact professionals easily – target people easier, based on their interest and company name, so you can reach out to people interested in your offer more easily.

2. Helps you build your brand – With LinkedIn, you can easily connect with people in your industry by sharing content and building relationships on one of the most popular social media channels used by professionals.

3. Improve lead generation – It helps you generate leads using LinkedIn and its robust search functionality to find potential customers and contact them more easily than anywhere.

So now that we have seen the benefits of using LinkedIn for your B2B marketing, let’s show you how to maintain these advanced strategies.

1. Create LinkedIn Articles Written by Thought Leaders

LinkedIn has been a great place for professionals to share their knowledge with others and build their personal brands. 

However, the introduction of LinkedIn Articles has become even more powerful as a content marketing tool.

LinkedIn Articles allow business owners and executives to write articles that not only showcase their expertise but also help them connect with potential customers. 

You can also use an AI writer to create tailored, powerful articles according to your audience base. If you’re wondering how to use AI to write articles, you simply have to input the article topic, tone, and word count into the tool, and it will automatically generate the content in just minutes!

LinkedIn Articles are easy for readers to discover because they’re categorized under relevant topics in the Newsfeed. 


They’re also easy for writers because they don’t require special formatting or tags to rank well in search results like WordPress blogs. 

They just need an author bio, image thumbnail, and title tag at the top of each article so readers know who wrote it before clicking to read more.

If you want your company to be seen as an authority on a particular topic, writing articles that are published on LinkedIn’s platform is a great way to do so.

Not only can it help you increase your visibility on LinkedIn, reach, and even organic traffic, but it can possibly be a great generation of leads for your business if written for the right audience.

These articles can be shared across all social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn itself, for better results.

2. Create Industry-Specific LinkedIn Events

A LinkedIn company page is one of the best ways to reach potential customers, but you can also use it to promote events relevant to your industry.

LinkedIn Events can be used to:

  • Launch a new product or service
  • Connect with other professionals in your industry
  • Build awareness around an industry event (like an annual conference)
  • Increase engagement with your existing customers

The big question here is how can you use LinkedIn Events to market your business? 

Here are some ideas:

1. Create Industry-specific Events

If your niche is specific, it’s a great approach to create a LinkedIn event that will appeal to them. 

For example, if you’re creating an event focused on SEO techniques for eCommerce businesses, try covering some specific parts that will provide concrete value to the attendees. 

This will help you connect with other professionals in this space and build relationships with them.

When creating an event, think about what information attendees will need to decide whether they want to attend. 

Include dates, times, locations, and any registration fees or ticket costs.

You’ll also want to include any specific instructions for getting there if there’s no public transportation available.

2. Promote Your Events

You can promote events through emails and social media posts and directly within LinkedIn itself (which we warmly recommend).

These invitations should include all of the relevant information needed for your potential attendees.

Pro tip: Using LeadDelta, you can easily invite your connections from specific industries to an event. 

For example, you can easily find a target niche within a search and use some of the proven message templates to make this process easier.

If you’re creating an SEO-related event and want to invite SEO professionals, just navigate to LeadDelta’s “Filters”, and write “SEO” in the headline filter section.

By selecting all or some of them, you can tag them and do a targeted outreach regarding your event.

All you have to do is select those connections and hit “Apply Tag.”

Enter the name of the Tag – for example, you can enter the name of the event, choose the color and then hit “Apply Tag.”

To easily contact them, navigate to the “Tags” segment, choose the tag that you’re looking for, select all those connections, and hit “Message

You can use some of our predefined templates or some of the Proven LinkedIn messages that fit you best.

Create a message and then hit “Send.

Note: Even though these are B2B tactics, you as a marketing team member or founder can activate your 1st-degree connections using LeadDelta and help promote marketing activities.

If you’re hosting an event that focuses on specific topics or trends in your industry, it’s likely that attendees will be looking for more information about those topics after the event is over. 

This gives you an opportunity to share helpful content and grow leads through social media after the event has ended.

The best plan is to connect with all your attendees before the event, so you can easily reach out to them after it ends.

And using LeadDelta, you can smoothly get back to them after the event, ask for feedback, or even invite them for a call and potential collaboration.

3. Encourage Colleagues to Share Their Expertise

You’ve probably noticed that LinkedIn is great for B2B marketers to showcase their company’s expertise and thought leadership. 

One of the easiest ways to build your presence on LinkedIn is by encouraging your colleagues to share their expertise on the platform. 

They should write blog posts, contribute articles and join LinkedIn groups where they can exchange ideas with other like-minded professionals.

But how can you encourage your employees to share their knowledge on LinkedIn?

If you’re thinking about implementing an employer branding program in your company, take a look at these steps that will help you build it more successfully:

1. Make them feel important by telling them how much their contributions mean to you and your company.

2. Incentivize employees by giving them free access to LinkedIn Ads or other paid tools.

3. Encourage employees to write thought leadership articles on topics related to your industry or company. 

4. Offer them rewards such as gift cards or free lunches if they write the piece for you.

5. Give employees the time and resources needed to promote their articles on various channels such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

6. Ask employees who have strong social media skills if they’d like to take over your social media accounts when you’re out of town or busy with other projects. 

Just before they start creating, let them know this:

When creating content for your website or blog, consider using relevant tags and keywords so that people searching for those topics will be able to find what they’re looking for on LinkedIn. 

This also helps others discover your content when searching for these terms within LinkedIn.

4. Be a Part of the Conversation

People will want to learn more about your company and what you do when you’re active on LinkedIn. 

They’ll want to know how they can connect with you and how they can get in touch with you.

If you don’t have a presence, then they won’t know who you are or what you do. 

They won’t know how they can connect with you or how they can reach out to ask questions, share ideas, and more.

Engage with your target audience by leaving thoughtful comments on their posts in groups or on their profiles.

You can also follow them on Twitter or Facebook and engage from there as well!

This will help you create meaningful relationships and conversations, so you can later pitch those connections if you see them as fit potential clients.

5. Use Advanced Search To Identify People You Should Connect With

LinkedIn has an awesome search function that allows you to narrow down your results by industry, job title, location, and many other factors. 

It’s called LinkedIn Boolean search, and you can use it to refine your search further.

For example, if you want to find marketing professionals in the software industry who have more than 5 years of experience working in B2B companies, you should enter this query into the search bar: 

Marketing AND (Software OR B2B OR Enterprise OR B2C) AND 5 years.

This will give you a list of people who fit these criteria and allows you to add them to your connections list if they’re open.

Using this feature can help you precisely target some of your potential leads.

6. Make Strategic Connections

Making strategic connections is key to effective B2B marketing on LinkedIn

Connecting with someone on LinkedIn helps them feel like they’re part of your network and can be useful for both of you in the future. 

Framework for growing LinkedIn network and opportunities eBook

Here are some of our favorite ways to build trust between your brand and prospects:

1. Connect With People Who Work at Companies That You Would Like To Do Business With

Connecting with employees inside these companies will allow you to build relationships outside social media channels that could lead to more meaningful business opportunities. 

For example, if you are looking for new customers for your business, you might want to connect with salespeople at big companies who could potentially refer your business or even become customers themselves.

And to find them effortlessly, you can use the boolean search that we showed a few moments ago.

2. Follow Influencers & Companies in Your Industry

On the other hand, you can follow the top influencers in your industry and read their articles, learn from them and comment on their posts. 

This will help them recognize you as an active member of their community, and they will be more likely to follow back.

Pro tip: Use tools such as SparkToro, BuzzSumo, or Social Mention to find influencers in your industry who are talking about your products or services, then reach out directly to them via private message or email. (Use LeadDelta if you’re connected through LinkedIn)

To Wrap Up

These B2B LinkedIn marketing strategies above work best once you implement them packed together.

With the right LinkedIn tools, engaging with your audience is no longer a problem, so choosing the one that best fits your needs is important to leverage your actions.

With a LeadDelta capital manager, you’ll be more productive by viewing and organizing your network in the best way it suits your needs.

LeadDelta’s CRM view is fully customizable and allows you to tag your connections, hide and unhide them, apply filters, and sort your connections to easily find the contacts you need.

Whether you’re looking to get in touch and engage with your prospect or simply organize your personal connections, LeadDelta can help you improve your connection overview and make the most out of your network. 

Download LeadDelta extension and improve your B2B LinkedIn marketing game.


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