How CRM for LinkedIn Improves Your Performance

Check out the benefits that CRM for LinkedIn can bring to your business and how LeadDelta can help you on that journey.

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Investing in LinkedIn as your business network is a great opportunity that cannot be ignored nowadays.

Leaving all that potential on the table would be a real miss.

Not only is it a goldmine of information, but using it as part of a marketing mix is what can undoubtedly make your sales activities much more effective.

Especially using a proper CRM for LinkedIn can help you use that potential to its fullest.

It can easily make LinkedIn your most valuable business asset in the future.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss that opportunity.

In this article, we’ll get through the benefits that LinkedIn CRMs can bring to your business and how LeadDelta can help you on that journey.

So if you’re ready, let’s begin!

What Is a CRM for LinkedIn?

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems for LinkedIn are the software that integrates with LinkedIn and gives users the ability to use this social media platform for different purposes.

These CRMs for LinkedIn pull all the useful data such as job titles, company names, websites, etc., and send them directly to your CRM system database.

The best CRMs for LinkedIn are the ones that are automatically syncing data collected from LinkedIn saving users a lot of time. 

So, what are their benefits?

Benefits of Having a CRM for LinkedIn 

Different LinkedIn CRMs do pretty similar things in slightly different ways, but the benefits of CRMs can bring you a lot of value and save you a lot of time.

So here are the main ones:

1. Organize your contacts information

2. Manage all your communication

3. Segment contacts

4. Make strategic decisions by receiving real-time updates on contacts

5. Ensure useful team communication and build marketing funnel on LinkedIn

6. Automate and scale processes by simplifying them

To help you understand how LeadDelta provides you with these benefits, we’ve created an explanation so you can understand them better.

How Can LeadDelta Help You Improve Your LinkedIn Activities

Before we explain the benefits that LeadDelta can bring you, let us present what LeadDelta is.

LeadDelta is a tool for anyone with a LinkedIn profile that wants to get more out of their social network.

Many CEOs, entrepreneurs, and creators we talked to wanted a different experience avoiding spam, chaos, and they wanted to utilize their ever-growing network.

So our team created LeadDelta – a beautifully designed Social Capital manager that helps you build better relationships – without spam, ads, distractions.

The objective of LeadDelta is to help you build meaningful relationships and engage your LinkedIn network rather than just grow it without any goal.

So, let’s see how LeadDelta can help you with that.

1. LinkedIn Inbox Management

Having your inbox organized is vital for keeping your professional reputation positive. 

By using LeadDelta, you can better organize your LinkedIn inbox and stay on top of your networking.

Once you have your LinkedIn inbox organization under control you can:

  • prioritize important messages,
  • timely read the messages and respond to them more quickly, rather than miss them or forget about them,
  • spend less time sorting through messages and more time doing valuable networking or other tasks,
  • build stronger relationships and more engagement,
  • maintain a positive, professional reputation.

Overall, LeadDelta provides you great inbox features – the ability to create a new message, search, pin and unpin , mark as read/unread and delete a conversation.

As a result, it allows you to focus on what really matters and quickly find important conversations.

2. Remove LinkedIn Connections In Bulk

Note that LinkedIn recommends connecting with individuals you only know and trust. 

Having a huge LinkedIn network doesn’t mean anything if your connection list is full of random people that don’t bring any value or people who are not even active on LinkedIn.

On the other hand, LinkedIn has a “Remove Connections” option. 

However, removing your LinkedIn connections one by one can be a really time-consuming task. 

Luckily, LeadDelta makes this process easier by helping you remove multiple LinkedIn connections from your network in a single click.

You can also choose the right option for you:

  • Disconnect on LinkedIn — with this option, your connections will stay in your LeadDelta database, but you will no longer be connected on LinkedIn with them.
  • Remove from LeadDelta — this option will only remove connections from your LeadDelta database, but you will still be connected on LinkedIn.

You can also turn on both switches if you want selected connections to be disconnected on LinkedIn and also removed from the LeadDelta contact list.

Note: We advise you to keep connections in your LeadDelta database for future reference or if you want to reconnect with them in the future.

Also, make sure to update your connections before you remove them within LeadDelta. 

3. View Connections On LinkedIn More Efficiently

LeadDelta Web

The information about your connections that LinkedIn offers is quite limited, and you have to visit every profile to see more details. 

You can’t simply see the contact information at a glance, for example.

If you want to get a better overview of your LinkedIn connections that will allow you to see who they are precisely, LeadDelta can help with that.

As soon as you open the app, you’ll find a clear overview of your LinkedIn connections, including multiple filtering options and tagging features.

You’ll get all the relevant information neatly organized in a single table, from company and position to contact information and location. 

You can even add custom tags, or you can filter your connections based on industry, location, company, position, contact information, that will appear within this view.

There’s also a search bar at the top right corner of the table to search your connections by name.

So, whether you’re looking to get in touch and engage with your prospects or you simply want to organize your LinkedIn connections, LeadDelta can help you improve your overview and make the most out of your network.

4. Export Your LinkedIn Connections

Trying to export your LinkedIn connections directly from the platform in order to contact them, won’t go that smoothly.

In 2018, LinkedIn introduced some new privacy settings that made email address exports much more difficult.

This means that when you export LinkedIn connections directly from LinkedIn, you will only get contact information for a fraction of your contacts.

If you want to access more contact information, relying solely on LinkedIn isn’t enough. 

However, LeadDelta can help you make it up easily.

Not only does LeadDelta allow you to export your connections without fiddling with LinkedIn privacy settings, but it also allows you to unlock, view, and export more contact information.

Also, what LeadDelta solves is filtering the connections you want to export.

With LeadDelta you can organize your connections with tags and notes that can help you extract only the contact information you really need.

Exporting contacts with LeadDelta offers more flexibility, boosts productivity and helps you build more meaningful relationships with your connections.

5. Manage Tags and Notes for Your LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn tagging refers to adding custom tags and notes to different profiles. 

It allows you to sift through LinkedIn connections beyond existing LinkedIn filters and helps you quickly find accounts based on the assigned category.

In addition to helping you keep your network tidy and easily searchable, tags can also help you build more meaningful relationships and increase engagement with your connections.

It can also help you personalize and automate how you approach people on LinkedIn by enabling you to send bulk messages with content customized for a particular group you’re trying to reach.

With LeadDelta Tags and notes you can:

  • Add tags and notes to conversations — it helps you filter your conversations and prioritize them.
  • View contact data on the right panel — notes and tags you left for specific contacts, their job title, and contact information, can give you a lot of useful information when you intend to contact them.
  • Have a separate tab for LinkedIn Sales Navigator — make the inbox even more organized and allow for even greater focus.

Tagging and filtering your connections will help you deliver personalized content to those interested in it. 

It will also help you scale down your network, eliminate spam and make your LinkedIn networking efforts much more productive.

With and Without LeadDelta CRM for LinkedIn

With LeadDelta Without LeadDelta
Create LinkedIn CRMs in a single clickWasted time for CRM data entry
Update contact info in a single clickCRM updates take forever
Easy LinkedIn interactions sync Difficult LinkedIn activity tracking
All contact information in one placeNo contact information in one place
Every tag and note are stored within the CRMNotes are everywhere
Contact data easy to export Contact data hard to export
Easy to remove contacts in bulkCan’t remove contacts in bulk

To Sum Up

With a LeadDelta CRM for LinkedIn, you’ll be more productive by viewing and organizing your network the way it suits your needs the most.

LeadDelta’s CRM view is fully customizable and allows you to tag your connections, hide and unhide them, apply filters, and sort your connections to find the contacts you need easily.

Whether you’re looking to get in touch and engage with your prospect or simply organize your personal connections, LeadDelta can help you improve your connection overview and make the most out of your network. 

Download LeadDelta extension and improve your LinkedIn connections game.

Take the first step towards unlocking your network's full potential. Try LeadDelta for free.