How LeadDelta Helps You Engage Sales Prospects

How LeadDelta Helps You Engage Sales Prospects
Discover how LeadDelta helps Craig Cant a seasoned sales professional engage his sales prospects and saves him hours of work every week.

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Craig Cant is a seasoned veteran of the sales industry and a Business Development Manager at BCI Central.

His team helps sales professionals succeed by providing them with construction project leads and information so that they can get in front of their ideal customers.

With Craig leading the way for so many customers, he says LinkedIn is an invaluable tool in his sales success.

Before coming to LeadDelta, Craig used LinkedIn Sales Navigator as his primary tool for lead generation, but he ran into huge setbacks.

So much so, that he wanted to share them with everyone and shed some light on how he uses LeadDelta in his daily workflow.

The Problem With Sales Navigator

Although Craig used Sales Navigator as his main tool for prospect research and outreach, he noticed that he was using his time inefficiently.

Instead of using it daily, he used Sales Navigator for about half an hour weekly looking for new hires and keeping an eye on his contacts.

In his own words “My sales navigator discipline was never great, and no matter how hard I tried, I always seemed to lose track of the people I needed to keep track of.

When asked why, he told us about his challenges:

  • It was very hard managing people in Sales Navigator.
  • There was friction when it came to engaging with contacts.
  • The transition from LinkedIn to Sales Navigator wasn’t seamless.
  • Creating lists of people wasn’t intuitive and took too much time.

With all of these challenges, he noticed the number of opportunities lost and that he needed a solution.

He needed something that would help him focus on engaging with people on LinkedIn and use his time more effectively.

How LeadDelta Solves The Problem

While browsing LinkedIn he noticed one of his connections posting about LeadDelta, and as an avid new technology enthusiast he gave it a shot.

With how simple LeadDeta was to use, it quickly eliminated the need for him to use Sales Navigator as his core LinkedIn tool.

With Craig’s main goal being to manage, engage, and converse with connections, let’s look at how LeadDelta solved all the friction he had with Sales Navigator.

Contact Management

Because of his specific job, Craig needed to separate his connections into multiple different categories.

He is always in communication with different consultants, builders, engineers, project leads…

To solve this problem, Craig started creating different Tags in LeadDelta for each group of people he is in contact with.

This allowed him to have a better view of his network and which category everyone falls into making it easy to engage and track different groups of people.

Currently, this is his Tag window with new Tags being added every day:

leaddelta tags window

It’s a simple system where he groups decision-makers and influencers from different industries with a focus on those who have the authority to prospect.

This is Crag’s way of keeping track of people important to his work.

Engaging With Contacts

While building lists of people and managing them is only one part of Craig’s system, the other is definitely engagement.

By keeping an eye on his lists, he can easily engage with people from specific organizations he is trying to sell to.

Craig does this by sharing useful content with relevant people in the organizations he is targeting.

He gets to know them and develops trust with them leading to those people influencing decision-makers to work with Craig.

This is where Tags are so useful when combined with the Smart Inbox.

leaddelta smart inbox

Craig always knows who he is talking to, from which organization, and how much of an influence they have.

Even if the conversation is from Sales Navigator, LeadDelta’s inbox combines both inboxes into one window without the need to switch different tabs.


Besides engagement, Craig also connects with tons of new prospects he is looking to work with.

He usually does this through the LinkedIn search or Sales Navigator lead lists.

After connecting with them, he will usually send them a simple introduction message like:

“Hey {{firstName}} it’s nice connecting with you on here.”

After this, he will lead the conversation and get to know people.

Because of his job, he is conversing with many different industries and all of them need different messaging and content.

Craig solved this by creating different Message Templates for every single group he is targeting.

Here’s one example he uses for engineering consultants:

leaddelta message template

While getting to know people, Craig will always properly Tag the person and put them into an appropriate list for better management.


As you can see, Craig’s whole workflow is connected:

Connect -> Message -> Connect to List -> Engage -> Sell.

Everything works together to create a well-oiled machine that brings results.

Unlike in the past when he spent his valuable time looking at endless lists in Sales Navigator and trying to manage them.

Now, with LeadDelta he has all the tools to easily manage his connections and messaging, and most importantly focus on engaging people.

Craig’s whole sales process is built on engaging the right people, that’s why he spends at least half an hour a day on LeadDelta, he even told us it has become a habit of his.

Note that this is just the beginning of Craig’s LeadDelta journey and he is creating even more systems that will increase his results as you are reading this.

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