LeadDelta VS LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Everything You Need To Know

LeadDelta vs LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Explore the differences between LeadDelta and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Make an informed decision of which tools is right for you.

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In the ever-evolving B2B sales world, professionals are always looking for new tools to make their job more efficient.

Whether you are looking to generate leads, manage, and convert them, there’s no denying that LinkedIn is the place to be.

With that being said, let’s take a look at one of the staple tools of LinkedIn sales, which has been around for years, and see how it handles the modern sales process.

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool designed for sales professionals to help them leverage LinkedIn’s vast network to target and reach their ideal buyers.

It offers advanced features that go beyond the standard LinkedIn platform, providing users with valuable insights, personalized recommendations, and enhanced search capabilities to identify and engage with potential prospects.

sales navigator dashboard

It does this through the use of its core features:

  • Advanced Search – It allows for advanced filtering for both LinkedIn users and companies based on work experience, past actions, and job titles… creating lists of suitable leads.
  • LinkedIn Alerts – Custom notifications about key changes and activities within their network of leads keeping you informed about job changes and company updates…
  • Lead Recommendations – Through LinkedIn’s algorithms it provides you with suggestions of leads you should pursue based on your search and activities.
  • InMail Messaging – Allowing users to send messages to LinkedIn users they aren’t connected with and tracking them through a dedicated Sales Navigator inbox.
  • Account Pages – Comprehensive view of targeted accounts, offering insights into company updates, recent activities, and connections.

All of these features are included in the Sales Navigator Core plan, with there being 3 pricing plans:

  • Sales Navigator Core – $99/month
  • Sales Navigator Advanced – $149/month
  • Sales Navigator Advanced Plus – $1600/year

sales navigator pricing

Note that all of these plans have a discount on an annual subscription.

But even with all of its powerful features, Sales Navigator has many limitations.

The Need For An Alternative To Sales Navigator

While Sales Navigator is great at going deep into LinkedIn’s network and finding new leads, the modern sales landscape is constantly changing.

When Sales Navigator was built the sales world was based on massive lead generation, prospect databases, and cold outreach.

This is no longer the case. 

The world has moved past cold outreach into an era of warm relationships.

In today’s sales environment, the emphasis has shifted toward building trust and cultivating relationships over time.

This shift is driven by the recognition that modern sales success isn’t reliant on the quantity of leads, but rather on the quality of relationships. 

Sales Navigator is great at lead generation, but nurturing, not so much.

Sales professionals now require alternative solutions that prioritize relationship-building and provide features beyond traditional lead generation.

Enter LeadDelta and its emphasis on relationships and warm sales approach.

What is LeadDelta?

LeadDelta is a network management tool built for professionals looking to grow their businesses through relationships.

It is built on top of LinkedIn and offers many features that allow users to search their network for who they are looking for, organize and keep track of connections, and collaborate with their team.

leaddelta connections tab

Its core features include:

  • Tags&Notes – Customizable labels meant to let users easily manage their connections together with written Notes tied to individual connections.
  • Advanced Filters – Allowing users to find the exact connection they are looking for by 15+ data points. Expanding their power with the use of Tag filters.
  • Smart Inbox – One place for all LinkedIn conversations controlled by users with Pins for important conversations, message filters, and custom message templates.
  • Workspaces – Giving teams the ability to combine their LinkedIn networks into one cross-referenced database with mutual connection filters, collaborative Tags, and Note mentions.
  • Sidebar – Easy access to LinkedIn users’ information while on their profile, company pages, or LinkedIn search with the ability to import connections outside of users’ network into LeadDelta’s database.

They are all included under one of two plans:

  • Individual – $34/month
  • Workspaces (for Teams) – $55/month

leaddelta pricing

Note that all of the plans have a discount on an annual subscription.

What’s The Difference Between Sales Navigator And LeadDelta?

Many users can get confused and think that the two tools accomplish the same goal, but this isn’t the case, they are very different from each other.

The main difference between these two tools is their focus and approach.

Sales Navigator focuses on lead generation within LinkedIn and is considered a sales tool.

On the other hand, LeadDelta takes a more comprehensive approach by prioritizing relationship-building and network management. 

Sales Navigator is used for building lead lists, reaching out through cold outreach, and researching prospects.

LeadDelta is used for managing your direct connections, prioritizing conversations, and nurturing relationships.

Let’s take a look at what makes LeadDelta different and how it complements Sales Navigator.

The Benefits Of Using LeadDelta Over Sales Navigator

While Sales Navigator is great, there are uses where LeadDelta takes the cake as the superior tool.

Relationship Management

While Sales Navigator helps you reach more people outside of your network, it doesn’t help you much when you get connected with someone.

Especially if you are looking past the sales perspective, some of your connections are more suited to invest in your business, become employees, and partner up…

LeadDelta allows you to find those people in your network with Filter and later manage them with Tags.

leaddelta filters

Whenever you need an investor, partner, lead… you can find them in 2 clicks and restart the conversation.

This focus on relationships spreads to every feature of LeadDelta.

The Smart Inbox helps you prioritize important conversations and connection updates keeping you up-to-date with the latest data.

leaddelta smart inbox

List Exporting

One of the main uses of Sales Navigator is creating lists for cold outreach, but there’s a big problem.

Sales Navigator doesn’t allow exporting of said lists.

On the other hand, LeadDelta treats your network like your data, allowing you to do anything you want with it, including exporting connections.

leaddelta exporting linkedin connections

You can easily export your filtered LinkedIn connections with a few clicks and use them in outreach campaigns.

Even better, through Zapier Integrations, you can automatically include connections in your sales campaigns by Tagging them.

leaddelta zapier integration with hubspot

Team-Centric Approach

Sales Navigator’s features focus on individual work, but relationships are built on networks and introductions.

This is where LeadDelta Workspaces help teams combine their networks into one cross-referenced database.

With the whole business network in one place, the whole team can have an overview of mutual connections and focus on warm introductions.

leaddelta workspaces

Combine this with the LeadDelta Sidebar, and teams can even go outside of their network by importing 2nd or 3rd-degree connections.

leaddelta importing of 2nd and 3rd-degree connections

And the best part is, teams can utilize Tags across the whole Workspace and mention teammates in Notes about important information.

This helps teams create lists, launch campaigns, and strengthen relationships with their connections.

How LeadDelta Complements Sales Navigator

As mentioned, LeadDelta isn’t a replacement for Sales Navigator but complements its features in many situations.

Especially if your sales process includes relationship-building or social selling, LeadDelta, and Sales Navigator are a match made in heaven.

Here’s our top workflow for building and managing leads with these tools:

Starting off with our lead generation tool, Sales Navigator allows for easy list building with its powerful filters.

With them, you can build multiple lead lists based on different parameters.

sales navigator filters

Once you build out your list, you can start importing it into LeadDelta for better management.

  1. Open the “Leads” tab
  2. Select the most recent list
  3. View each user profile
  4. Use the Sidebar to import them into LeadDelta

leaddelta import of 2nd and 3rd-degree connections

Now that everyone is inside LeadDelta, you can start connecting with them using InMail offered by Sales Navigator.

Once they accept your connection invite an automated “New Connection” Tag will be applied for better tracking.

To get everything centralized, you can build a custom sales pipeline inside LeadDelta by using Tags.

leaddelta sales pipeline tags

It allows for better and more precise tracking in combination with Filters and the Smart Inbox.

You might have noticed that the Sales Navigator inbox and LinkedIn inbox are on separate platforms requiring you to switch between them.

LeadDelta merges these two inboxes into one place.

leaddelta sales navigator inbox

With it, you converse and track both your connections and leads you still haven’t connected with.

Finally, once you are ready to take your campaign off of LinkedIn, you can easily export your lists and plug them into your email campaign.

This whole workflow is taken up a notch when you include your whole team in it with LeadDelta Workspaces.

Imagine your whole team building lists, launching outreach campaigns, and nurturing leads.

In no time, you can create massive warm sales pipelines.

Which Tool Should You Choose?

There is no right or wrong choice in choosing either tool, it all depends on your needs and your workflow.

If your goal is to generate leads from cold outreach campaigns then your choice should be Sales Navigator.

But once you start connecting with your prospectus, you’ll need a way of tracking them and the conversations that are happening.

Otherwise, you’ll grow your network without clear insight into why you’re connecting with people.

Especially if you are using other tools like email sequences, you can lose track of your prospects.

After you bridge the gap between cold prospects and the nurturing stage, you’ll need a tool like LeadDelta.

It will help you manage and keep up with your growing network of warm relationships.

Both tools focus on different aspects of the sales process and they aren’t a replacement for one another.

Carefully evaluate the strengths and limitations of each tool, compare their pricing, and consider your current sales need – leads or relationships.

Take the first step towards unlocking your network's full potential. Try LeadDelta for free.