How To Find Current and Former Employees of a Company on LinkedIn

How To Find Employees of a Company on LinkedIn
Learn how to find current and former employees of a company on LinkedIn with two key strategies, through LinkedIn or the advanced way.

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There are many reasons you might want to research another company’s employees.

You could be a sales representative looking for leads from a target company, a recruiter trying to research competitors, or even a marketer exploring competitor data.

Whatever the reason, there’s useful information in finding out who exactly works for a certain company.

In this guide, we are exploring how you can find employees of any company and what you can do with this information.

Let’s get started.

How To Find Company Employees Using LinkedIn

If you’ve found a target company you would want to do more research by going through their employees then you’re in luck.

LinkedIn provides you with an easy way to search through both a company’s current and former employees using their search options.

How To Find Current Employees of a Company

The simplest way to find everyone who currently works for a company is through their company page.

  1. Click on a target company page.
  2. Click on the “# employees” link in the company bio.
linkedin company page number of employees

  1. Utilize filters to find your target profiles.

linkedin search filter bar

This option gives you a list view of every current company employee after which you can connect with them or do more research.

But what if you want to find former employees?

How To Find Former Employees of a Company

Since these profiles don’t register as current employees, you won’t be able to find them on company pages.

But although the process is a bit different, it’s still pretty easy.

  1. Click on LinkedIn’s search bar and hit enter.
  2. Filter the search to show only people.

linkedin search filter bar

  1. Open “All filters” and scroll down until you see “Past company”.
linkedin past company advanced search filter
  1. Click on “+ Add a company” and input the company name.

linkedin past company search

  1. Narrow your search by using more filters and click “Show results”.

This process will give you a list of everyone who has the company you are searching for listed in the experience section on their profile.

Knowing that this list can get pretty big depending on the size and age of the company, it’s best to narrow down your search using LinkedIn filters to hone in on your target.

A Better Way To Find Company Employees on LinkedIn

Knowing how to find employees of a company on LinkedIn is great for your research, but it’s very limiting.

You aren’t getting all the information you need, it’s very slow, and you are provided with static information you can’t do anything useful with.

There’s a much better way to do this with the LeadDelta Sidebar.

The sidebar has three key components to it that make finding company employees much easier.

Firstly, the second you click on a company page the Sidebar will open in the right corner.

Here you will get a glimpse of all current company employees with the ability to “Add Profiles to LeadDelta” by clicking on the + button.

leaddelta sidebar company search

What does adding to LeadDelta mean exactly?

We will get over this game-changing feature very shortly, but first, let’s go to the next component, Integrated Search.

After clicking on the “# employees” button and being taken to the filter options, the Sidebar will follow you.

Any time you filter the employee search, the Sidebar gets instantly updated with the new list and has its own Filter options giving you even more options to find exactly who you need.

leaddelta sidebar LinkedIn search view

Yes, this does mean that filtering LinkedIn’s search for former employees as mentioned above updates Sidebar’s list.

Okay, so the Sidebar gives you a better way of viewing and filtering company employees, so?

Well here’s where its third component comes into play. Remember the “Add to LeadDelta” button?

By simply clicking on the + button of a LinkedIn profile all of their data will be imported into your LeadDelta, and no they don’t have to be 1st-degree connections.

What does this mean?

Managing Imported Connections

By importing LinkedIn users into LeadDelta they will be stored in a CRM-like database view with enhanced information LinkedIn doesn’t provide you with.

leaddelta connection view window

This view gives you many options for managing them:

Instead of just looking at company employees, importing gives you a way to do something with them.

Here’s an example workflow:

Imagine your team is targeting Google’s marketing employees to sell them your new product.

  1. Filter Google employees on LinkedIn
  2. Target only marketers
  3. Import a list of Google’s marketers into LeadDelta
  4. Add a “Google LEAD” Tag to each employee to create a list
  5. Share the list through Workspaces with your top sales representatives

They can later research and contact the employees with a pitch to try your product.

And this is only one simple example of how managing LinkedIn users outside your network is a huge game-changer for your business.


Knowing who works where is very important for any business and industry especially if you are researching your competitors.

Now that you understand how to find employees of a company you will be able to do much better competitive research and get more reliable data.

Not only that, you will be able to utilize company employees by using LeadDelta’s network management features.

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