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LeadDelta Lifetime Unlimited

Get unlimited lifetime access to LeadDelta. Includes current and future features and functionalities.

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LeadDelta Lifetime Unlimited

Get unlimited lifetime access to LeadDelta. Includes current and future features and functionalities.

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Why NOW?
Why is LeadDelta on 🔥?

Around this time last year, we finally had a sufficient amount of information to conclude a big trend among the LinkedIn user base.

Connection requests, spammy messages, feeds you can’t control. People have had it.

Many CEOs, entrepreneurs, and creators wanted a different experience…

So our team created LeadDelta, your beautifully designed LinkedIn connections manager, that helps you build better relationships – without spam, ads, distractions.

We all know “your network is your net worth.” Right?

LeadDelta allows you to import your LinkedIn connections into the platform (some call it the social CRM) and use tools like tagging, notes, templates, bulk messages, filters, data unlocking, 1-click export, Zapier integration, and more to nurture, grow and utilize your network.

Simply put, everything you need but don’t have on LinkedIn.

The objective is to build meaningful relationships and engage your network rather than just grow it for the sake of growing.

🔒 How is LeadDelta different from other LinkedIn apps, and is it secure?

This is the main and most significant differentiator. We strive to be the most complied app with LinkedIn’s Terms of Service. Here’s how:

• We are a registered Canadian corporation.
• We don’t automate user actions.
• We use network native requests.
• We don’t overlay LinkedIn’s interface (big no-no).
• We only work with your 1st-degree connections.
• If the contact information is hidden, we don’t scrape it.
• LeadDelta resembles your LinkedIn DB.
• The user data is hosted on Google Cloud Platform and is accessible through your personal Google password-protected account. We don’t have access to it.
• Our long-term strategy is to partner up with LinkedIn, not fight it.
• Every feature has to be vetoed by the previous principle.

LeadDelta Lifetime Unlimited

Get unlimited lifetime access to LeadDelta. Includes current and future features and functionalities.

We are committed to shipping NEW features weekly! 🎉 

🎉  Here are some of the features available in version 2.6:

✅  Beautifully designed, list-view (CRM) of your connections.
✅  Create & manage custom tags and assign them to each connection.
✅  Auto-tags for NEW connections and disconnected ones.
✅  Customize columns — Select which columns you prefer to see in your table view!
✅  Apply custom notes with a 1-click. Stay organized.
✅  Filters & sorting: Find groups of people that match your criteria with numerous conditions like tags, company, industry, headline, and more.
✅  Message templates: Save time on recurrent messages with the help of custom and premade templates. Use Templates on other Web Apps, too.
✅  Personalize & send messages with essential placeholders and up to 25 connections at a time.
✅  Global Search: Connection/Company.
✅  Group follow & unfollow: Clean up the list of connections you follow and make your feed relevant.
✅  Group hide/unhide certain connections and save space. More flexibility to hide columns is coming up next.
✅  Group (or individual) disconnect: With time, you will have irrelevant connections or even hit the limit. Use group disconnect to keep it clean.
✅  Sync & update your latest connections (unlimited storage).
✅  Auto or manually unlock the data (email, phone & other contact info): It takes five clicks to get to your connections data inside LinkedIn. Inside Leaddelta, it’s one click away.
✅  1-Click data export of all the selected data into a. CSV file.
✅  Integrations – LinkedIn, Gmail, Zapier BETA, Pabbly.

❇️  Check our roadmap and changelog here:

🎁 Lifetime access

We’re a 100% self-funded business.

And for the time being, we are looking to remain that way. However, we are deploying creative ways to test the market and our business model.

And for a month, we’ve been running a “user-focused fundraising” by offering Lifetime access to Leaddelta.

This is only for our early adopters and we will never run this promotion again. 

LeadDelta Lifetime Unlimited

Get unlimited lifetime access to LeadDelta. Includes current and future features and functionalities.

Lifetime access
  • CRM list-view of your connections
  • Message Templates
  • Send personalized messages at scale
  • Add/manage Tags & Notes
  • Filter, Sort & Search connections
  • Hide or Disconnect connections
  • Follow/Unfollow
  • Sync your latest connections
  • Auto unlock data (email, phone)
  • View & export data (.CSV)
  • Integrations: LinkedIn, Gmail
  • Uses native network requests (secure)
  • Unlimited cloud storage​
  • Pay once use forever
  • Future updates

Loved by hundreds of Creators Entrepreneurs Founders CEOs

Fabian Fischer CTO at jacando AG

Awesome extension to make better use of LinkedIn. It is easy to use and works out of the box.

Shawn Finder Co-founder of Autoklose

Just implemented this tool for our entire team at Autoklose. Great job building such a useful plugin.

Quadri Oshibotu Author, Founder of Product Hall

Amazing product. It helps me to grow and nurture my business network. I was one of the first users on the platform.

Allan Kelly Agile Coach, Founder of

Wow – just what I was looking for, brings sense to my LinkedIn connections. Shame I need to work through 3k to tag them now!

Alex Fajfric Designer at

Much better overview of my connections! Tags/filters are helping me to better organize my clients.

Ben Harbert Growth at Idiomatic

Looks awesome. Really looking forward to digging into the tool and experiencing some order in my LinkedIn life.

    Get unlimited lifetime access.

    LeadDelta Lifetime Unlimited

    Get unlimited lifetime access to LeadDelta. Includes current and future features and functionalities.

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