What is LinkedIn Recruiter Lite and is it right for you?

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite
If you are looking to recruit new employees for your business, learn more about LinkedIn Recruiter Lite which will help you find new talent.

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If you are looking to recruit new employees for your business you might want to know more about LinkedIn Recruiter Lite which will help you find new talent.

In the past, LinkedIn was referred to as the platform to find new jobs and employees as it’s full of professionals looking for jobs and businesses looking for people to hire.

LinkedIn has embraced this aspect of businesses looking for new employees and it has become the best platform for recruiters to find new talent.

If you are a recruit you could be going through thousands of people in hopes of finding an ideal candidate, but that’s not the way to do it. 

This is where LinkedIn Recruiter Lite comes into play, and here’s everything you need to know about it and if it’s right for you.

What is LinkedIn Recruiter Lite?

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite is LinkedIn’s recruitment tool used by smaller businesses to search for and find new talent. It’s a more affordable version of LinkedIn Recruiter that gives you access to most of the features for a much smaller price.

It gives you the ability to access large amounts of potential candidates within LinkedIn’s database, which you can filter to identify the most qualified candidates for your business.

It is one of LinkedIn’s Premium plans which gives you access to all of LinkedIn Business features and the ability to hire people through LinkedIn on a monthly subscription model.

Recruiter Lite is the go-to tool for people working in Human Resources, and Recruiters looking to hire new talent for their business.

The benefits of using LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite has many features that will help you find the right candidates for your business while saving you valuable time and money during the recruitment process.

The biggest benefits of using LinkedIn Recruiter Lite are:

  • Unlimited view of your 3rd-degree network – You will be able to take advantage of LinkedIn’s network database and access candidates that are outside of your own network up to 3rd-degree connections.
  • Advanced search filters – Filter people by their location, industry, experience, keywords, skills… All with the goal of finding the most qualified candidates for your business.
  • Candidate recommendations – Receive daily candidate recommendations from LinkedIn based on your search, filters, and messages.
  • Messaging via InMail Send messages to people that are outside of your network to promote your job opening, invite them to an interview or strike up a conversation with the goal of connecting.

Besides these benefits, you will be able to post free job listings and set up candidate alerts, the algorithm will help you in your search, and as we mentioned you will have access to LinkedIn Business features as well.

How to use LinkedIn Recruiter Lite?

To properly use Recruiter Lite you will need to create a new Project and we recommend that you do this for every role you are searching candidates for.

  1. Go to the Keywords tab and enter the keywords that describe the candidate you are looking for. (This will search up everyone who has those keywords in their title, skills, and tagline…)
  2. Select the right filters to narrow down your search. This is where you will select the desired location, seniority, and past titles…
  3. When the list of candidates is narrowed down you can select one or multiple candidates and save them to your pipeline so you can contact them in the future
  4. From the pipeline click on their profiles and check their information. 
  5. If you are interested in the candidate you can contact them by sending them an InMail (You can save InMail templates for future use)
  6. Track your candidates by changing their status in the Pipelines folder

Note that these are just glimpses into the capabilities of LinkedIn Recruiter Lite and that it has many more features and workflows. We recommend you read the official LinkedIn Recruiter page for more information.

How to track your talent 

While LinkedIn recruiter gives you many ways to connect with your ideal candidate you will need a way to manage your candidates.

Because recruiting is an ongoing process and you can lose track of which one of your connections is a candidate and for what position. Maybe in a few months, you will open a new position and you need good candidates. If you manage your connections well you will always have a source of great talent.

LeadDelta enables you to keep track of your network by tagging your connections and keeping notes on them. You can then use filters to search for candidates you tagged much faster than manually going through your network.

Additionally, our Inbox feature will help you keep better track of your LinkedIn inbox and stay on top of the responses you get from interested candidates.

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