Best Personal CRMs To Use In 2023

Best Personal CRM Apps
Today networking has become harder than ever before, with us having to keep track of all our contacts and information about them.

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In the digital age, it’s never been easier to find new people to connect with, but that’s a double-edged sword.

More people to connect with = More people to keep tabs on.

This presents a problem where you start forgetting who people are and important information about them leading to you not being able to hold on to relationships.

This is where personal CRMs present themselves as solutions to the relationship management problem you may be facing.

What Is A Personal CRM?

A personal CRM app is a piece of software used to store information about your contacts and help you organize them better.

They are used by individuals to better organize all the communication and information from all of their networking channels in one place.

You can think of them as digital contact books.

But unlike old-fashioned contact books they give you more information about your contacts, have powerful tools to improve your communication, and help you develop relationships.

Why Do You Need A Personal CRM?

The main purpose of having a personal CRM is to store your contacts in one place instead of in your head. It’s impossible to remember everything about everyone.

But they don’t just act as a database for your contacts, they enhance the way you work with them with automated task reminders, contact categories, filters…

Here are some of the biggest benefits of using a personal CRM:

  • They organize all of your contacts in one database
  • They ensure you remember important information about your contacts
  • They help you nurture relationships with your contacts
  • They improve your communication with automation
  • They remind you of tasks needed to be done
  • They analyze your contact and network data
  • They save you time and keep you productive

Now that you know how a personal CRM can help you and ease your day-to-day life, let’s take a look at the best CRM to use.

The Best Personal CRM Software


LeadDelta is a LinkedIn chrome extension that lets you organize your connections with tags, notes, and filters in a CRM-like view. You can check all of your connections information including your custom notes. While you are there you can extract all that information by exporting it. With the Tag feature, you can create custom categories to put your connections in, and use advanced filters to find exactly who you need. You can also use the smart inbox with useful features to improve your workflow. And if you are looking for automated messaging, LeadDelta has custom message templates with a mass message feature. There’s no better CRM for LinkedIn users than LeadDelta.

“Cut through the noise of overloaded inboxes, feeds, and screaming notifications. Get proactive. And start building relationships.”


Clay personal CRM is aimed at helping you be more thoughtful with people in your life. It lets you build your contact book by connecting your google suit with your social apps like Twitter and LinkedIn. Clay will get all the information about your contacts from the sources provided and help you in building relationships with them by utilizing reminders, notes, and categories with a detailed history about you and your contacts.

“It’s something we all know intuitively: to achieve more, to be more successful, to be happier, we need to start thinking about others first.”


With Mogul you will always remember the important information about your contacts (birthdays, Interactions you had, goals with the contact). By adding custom notes to your contact you will remember what you talked about and when you should contact them again. It’s a simple app that lets you remember “easy to forget” details about the people you meet and acts like a second brain for all contact information.

“Do you remember the names of all of your co-workers’ children? Probably not. But a personal CRM can!”


Covve is a lightweight CRM that helps you build relationships by reminding you when the best times are to reach out to your contacts. It allows you to manage your contacts and add notes to them that help you know what to say before you make a call with a contact. It scans your contacts updating them with the latest information so you always know what’s going on with your network. 

“Stay in touch Build meaningful relationships and improve your life & career”


Streak is a chrome extension that helps you manage your email contacts with the use of pipelines. You can have multiple pipelines for multiple categories of contacts with the ability to keep notes on each contact. The pipelines are very customizable to your liking and are easy to use. It also gives you the option of creating custom email templates, scheduling emails, and tracking them. If you are using email, you will love streak.

“Manage everything from Gmail”


Dex personal CRM takes data from your contacts’ social media accounts and stores them in a database. You can set up reminders to get in touch with someone, as well as notifications about important events that are happening. Dex will also recommend new people to connect with that might help you with your goals. It has custom notes and categories features to keep better track of your contacts’ information. Dex offers you a lot of automated help letting you focus on nurturing relationships.

“One place for your relationships. Impress with thoughtfulness”


With Folk all of your contacts will be centralized in one place letting you categorize them and keep track of their information. You can organize your contacts into groups and build pipelines around them. It also has a bulk message option with personalized messages that you can send to multiple people. With many integrations, you will be able to sync folk with all other apps you are using like calendars, task trackers… All in a simple design.

“Simple as a spreadsheet, powerful as a CRM.”


A simple premise, Texts allows you to link all of your inboxes into one unified inbox. LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Twitter, Slack…all in one. It also allows you to schedule messages and search through all of your inboxes at the same time. It’s not an all-around personal CRM, but if you are looking to have all of your conversations in one place, Texts is the app for you.

“Supercharge your messaging.”


The best part of Notion is its versatility. With its block function and features, you can create almost everything even a personal CRM. You can create a database with different data fields and use it to store all of your contacts which you can categorize and take notes on. If you are just starting and want a simple CRM notion can do the job but don’t expect automation and advanced features as it’s primarily a productivity tool.

“We’re more than a doc. Or a table. Customize Notion to work the way you do.”


If you are looking for a simple CRM for your mobile contact then Forge might be for you. It syncs all of your mobile contacts and lets you take notes and create catch-up tasks that notify you when you need to text/call the person and what you will contact them about. You can also look at the history with that contact about everything you talked about. 

“Forge reminds you to connect with the people important to you. So that your relationships never fade away”


Nat is a great CRM for you to keep track of who matters to you. It syncs contacts from your contact apps and puts them into categories based on how much time has passed since you last interacted with the person. You will get notified when a lot of time has passed since you last contacted someone prompting you to reach out or stop interacting with them. Nat gives you an easy way to determine who is important to you and who isn’t letting you focus on the former.

“Stay in touch with the customers that matter to your business”


Airtable is used as a database tool that connects all of your apps together, but it can also be used as a personal CRM by integrating your contacts into one database. You can then categorize your contact and add information about them. With integrations, you can create workflows around your contacts and improve the way you work with them. A big plus is the customizability of your board which you can set up the way you want. 

“Airtable is your organization’s single source of truth.”


Monica is one of the best CRMs to help people keep important information about the people they care about during their busy lives. If you are feeling guilty about forgetting important events, names, details… Monica gives you the ability to fill out your contacts’ profiles with all the information that you want to remember about them. And the best thing, you can set up reminders about upcoming events, birthdays, notifications to get in touch, and more.

“Built for people. With people.”


Relatable was built for people to nurture the key relationships that will lead to new opportunities. It syncs your contacts from your email and calendar who you can later categorize how you want. You can fill out the profile of your contacts with their information, socials, your notes… Relatable’s key feature lets you stay in touch with people from a certain group by letting you set up reminders to reach out after a certain time has passed. With many features like split messaging, exporting, and filters Relatable is a great way to manage your contacts.

“Relationship management doesn’t have to suck.”


If you are busy and often forget to reach out to your friends, colleagues, and leads… then KeepMyFriends might be right for you. Simply input your contacts into the app, and select how often you want to keep in touch and the app will send you reminder emails to reach out to your contacts.

“Reminding you to keep in touch with the important people in your life.”


More suited for business use, Cloze helps you build relationships with your customers by helping you gather information about your customers and storing every detail about your calls, emails, and notes… Cloze also determines the importance of your customers based on all the data it gathered so you will always know who is the biggest priority. It will even remind you to reach out to your customers.

“Forget forgetting.”


If you are a heavy social media user, Jovie can help you manage everyone you follow on social media in one place. After importing everyone you follow you will be able to import contact information from any one of your social media and categorize them accordingly. It will create contacts with all of the information from every social media channel and let you add notes and notify you when they upload new content.


The key to relationship management is to take care of the important people in your life and not let distractions keep you from nourishing those relationships.

In the digital age, a personal CRM is a must if you want to keep track of your contacts and nourish relationships with them.

They allow you to have all of your important contacts in one place, help you organize them, and never forget important information about them.

While there is a huge number of software that can help you manage your relationships we hope this list will help you find the right one for you.

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