How to Find People on LinkedIn Search

How to Find People on LinkedIn Search
Learn how to utilize the LinkedIn people search and its many filters to find the exact person you're looking for.

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Whether you’re a job seeker, recruiter, business owner, or looking to expand your network, knowing how to find people on LinkedIn will open doors to endless opportunities.

LinkedIn’s sophisticated search capabilities allow users to navigate through millions of profiles to find individuals who match their professional needs and interests. 

Knowing how to utilize plenty of filters at your disposal is the key.

How To Utilize LinkedIn People Search Filters

LinkedIn’s search engine is a powerful tool designed to sift through the vast number of profiles on the platform. 

linkedin people search

To navigate this efficiently, LinkedIn offers a variety of filters in its people search feature. 

This guide will help you understand every aspect of LinkedIn people search and turn you into a networking master.

Let’s take a look at which options you can use to find people on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn Search by Name

The most straightforward method to find someone on LinkedIn is by typing their name into the LinkedIn search bar and clicking on the “People” button. 

linkedin people search

This is particularly useful if you know the person you are looking for. However, common names may return numerous results, requiring further filtering.

For the best results, utilize “quotation marks” when searching for people by name to include only people with the exact name you input.

By Job Title

If you’re looking for professionals within a specific role, using the job title filter can narrow down your search effectively. 

linkedin search by job title

This is especially useful for recruiters or sales professionals looking to target individuals within certain positions.

By Company

Searching by company allows you to find employees currently or previously associated with a specific company.

linkedin search by company

This filter will give you the option to search for either past or current companies giving you more options for finding people.

Other Essential Filters

Besides the big three LinkedIn search options, there are more filters you can utilize:

  • Location – Narrow down your search to a specific geographic area. This is crucial for localized networking or job searching.
  • Industry – If you’re looking to connect with professionals in a specific sector, using the industry filter can help you find individuals with relevant backgrounds and expertise.
  • School – Searching by educational institutions is a great way to connect with alumni from your alma mater or target schools of interest.
  • Keywords – The keywords filter can be applied to uncover profiles that mention specific skills, certifications, or experiences relevant to your search criteria.

linkedin people search filter options

Tips for Utilizing Filters

While filtering search results with the mentioned options is great, there are secret options you should consider for enhanced searching:

  • Combine Filters – For the most effective search, combine multiple filters. For instance, if you are looking for marketing professionals in the New York area, you can combine the “Location” filter with the “Industry” or “Job Title” filter.
  • Use Boolean Search – LinkedIn supports Boolean search logic, allowing you to combine keywords with operators like AND, OR, and NOT for more refined searches.
  • Save Searches – If you frequently search for similar profiles, LinkedIn allows you to save your searches and even get alerts when new profiles match your criteria.

By mastering these filters, you can tailor your search to find exactly who you’re looking for on LinkedIn, making your networking efforts more efficient and effective. 

Advanced Strategies for Finding People on LinkedIn

Once you’re comfortable with the basic filters LinkedIn provides for searching profiles, you can elevate your search strategy with more advanced techniques.

Here are some advanced tactics to enhance your LinkedIn search: 

Leverage Alumni Search

The Alumni search feature is a less commonly used but powerful tool on LinkedIn. 

linkedin alumni search tool

This feature allows you to search for alumni of specific schools, filtering by graduation year, where they live now, where they work, and what they do. 

Engage with LinkedIn Groups

You can join LinkedIn groups relevant to your interests or search within them to find individuals who might match your search criteria.

Groups often contain active professionals passionate about the group’s focus, providing a rich source of potential connections.

Use the “People Also Viewed” Feature

When you visit a LinkedIn profile, you’ll often see aPeople Also Viewed” section on the right-hand side.

This feature can lead you to other professionals similar to the person whose profile you are viewing. 

It’s an excellent way to discover potential connections that share similar roles, skills, or industries.

What To Do When You Find Your Target

Whether your target is a potential employer, a recruit, a business lead, or simply a valuable networking contact, how you approach them can make all the difference. 

Here are key strategies for engaging with your LinkedIn targets effectively:

Personalize Your Connection Request

When sending a connection request message, always add a personalized note. 

This should briefly introduce yourself, explain why you’re reaching out, and, if possible, mention any common connections or interests. 

Engage with Their Content

Before and after sending a connection request, engage with your target’s LinkedIn activity. 

Like, comment on, or share their posts to get on their radar in a positive way. 

Follow Up Wisely

If your connection request is accepted, send a thank you message to express your gratitude for their acceptance. 

If appropriate, this is also a good time to suggest a brief meeting or call to discuss mutual interests further. 

However, be mindful of their time and interest level. It’s crucial to balance enthusiasm with professionalism.

Utilize LeadDelta

For those who take LinkedIn networking seriously, tools like LeadDelta can offer a more organized approach to managing your connections. 

Instead of immediately connecting with the person, utilize the LeadDelta Sidebar to import them into your database.

leaddelta sidebar

In your connection view, you can see all your contacts along with any imported contacts.

leaddelta connection view tab

This enables you to organize them with LeadDelta Tags and utilize built-in filters for better management of your contacts.

LinkedIn People Search Limitations

While LinkedIn’s people search functionality is a powerful tool for professional networking, it’s important to recognize its limitations.

Here are some of the main constraints you might encounter:

Search Results Limitation

For users with a free LinkedIn account, the number of search results accessible is limited. 

It’s not clearly stated, however, around 100 searches per day is the limit for most people increasing based on your activity.

After reaching a certain threshold of searches or profile views, LinkedIn may restrict your search capabilities for the month. 

This is part of LinkedIn’s commercial use limit, designed to encourage users who frequently use search for recruiting or lead generation to upgrade to a premium account.

Visibility of Profiles

Not all profiles are equally visible on LinkedIn. 

Users can adjust their privacy settings to control what information is visible to whom. 

If someone has set their profile to be more private, you might not be able to find them through a standard search, or their details may be limited unless you’re connected.

Accuracy of Information

The accuracy of information on LinkedIn depends on users keeping their profiles updated. 

Some profiles may need to be updated regarding job positions, companies, or skills. 

This can lead to challenges in finding the most relevant individuals for your needs.


Getting the hang of LinkedIn’s search can really change the game for your career or business. 

But remember, finding people is just the start. The personal touch that turns contacts into opportunities. 

Keep it strategic, stay genuine, and watch your network grow.

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