LinkedIn Profile Views – Most Common Doubts & 5 Best Ways To Utilize Them

LinkedIn Profile Views
This guide will cover the most frequent doubts and questions about LinkedIn profile views and show you the best ways to utilize them.

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Whether you’re sharing knowledge on LinkedIn, selling products & services, or searching for a job, you’ve probably been curious about who saw your LinkedIn profile.

There is a feature that allows you to do this in just a few clicks. 

Yeah, but who says it’s accurate and shows the real information?

And what should I do with that information? What do I have from it? How can I use it to my benefit?

There were probably numerous questions like these running through your mind, or even now, but don’t worry, we’ll explain everything.

This guide will cover the most frequent doubts and questions about LinkedIn profile views and show you the best ways to utilize this feature for your benefit.

So, if you’re ready, let’s begin!

What Is LinkedIn’s ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’ Feature?

LinkedIn profile views feature called “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” displays accurate information about your LinkedIn profile views within the last 90 days. 

What’s great about LinkedIn and showcasing your skills and building connections is that approximately 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn.

This platform is a great place for job seekers looking for opportunities and businesses looking for solutions.

If you fit into any of these groups, the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” will give you precise insight into people snooping around your profile. 

Having this information, you can better understand who may be interested in working with you and use it to your benefit.

Are LinkedIn Profile Views Accurate?

Having a free plan of LinkedIn profile won’t inform you about all the people that visited your profile, as you would have if you used a premium LinkedIn plan.

Instead, you’re able to see the five recent viewers in the last 90 days, just as in this example:

Also, if users visit your profile in private mode, you won’t see their names.

However, for all other cases, LinkedIn profile views are pretty accurate, giving you proper information, and if not names, then companies of people who visited your profile.

There are three standard features of LinkedIn’s ‘Views’ feature, and those are: 

  • Who Viewed Your Profile
  • Article Views
  • Search Appearances

1. Profile Views – Information that tells you how many people have viewed your LinkedIn profile. Even though these numbers are very accurate, they don’t always tell you exactly who are the people that have viewed your profile. 

You need to use LinkedIn’s ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile‘ feature to find out this information.

2. Article Views – a feature that tells you the number of times your articles have been opened.

While these numbers are very accurate, do know that they also include users who have opened your article but then immediately closed it.

3. Search Appearances – a feature that displays the number of times you have appeared in other users’ searches on LinkedIn. 

These numbers are pretty accurate, but this feature doesn’t distinguish the number of times you have appeared in direct searches and broad searches. 

For example, your appearance in search results may contain searches of your name directly, along with the searches containing your job title.

How To Check Who Viewed My LinkedIn Profile?

The professional LinkedIn account allows its users to see who viewed their profile so they can find out who is noticing them.

Once you see a notification that someone has viewed your LinkedIn profile, it’s expected that you want to know who that person is.

But how to do that?

First, you need to know that there is a difference in discovering your viewers if your LinkedIn profile is basic or premium.

What’s the difference?

1. LinkedIn Basic – With LinkedIn Basic, you can discover only the five most recent viewers within the last 90 days.

2. LinkedIn Premium – With LinkedIn Premium, you can discover the entire list of LinkedIn viewers from the last 90 days. Also, with the LinkedIn Premium plan, you have full access to weekly viewer insights, including the percentage of increase or decrease in viewers.

Now that you know the difference, let’s see how to see this information:

1. On your LinkedIn timeline, under your profile name on the left, head to “Who viewed your profile.”

The next page will show you visitors of your profile, in the past 90 days, along with some additional metrics.

Those metrics summarize the number of visits and the percentage of visitors that increase or decrease compared to the previous month. 

On this page, you’re able to see information about your visitors, such as:

  • Their first and last name.
  • Their position in the company.
  • How they found you.

If there is someone you would like to connect with or contact, you can use this information for that purpose.

What Are the Benefits and What To Do When Someone Views Your LinkedIn Profile?

Even though many LinkedIn users see LinkedIn profile views as some basic metric like every other, this feature may bring you some important insights and benefits such as:

  • Understanding the type of users who visit your profile.
  • Know if your profile is well set up and is it performing well.
  • Where these profile visitors are from
  • What industry they are in – it’s great when you’re attracting prospects with LinkedIn to know what industry they are coming from so you can personalize your offer and content even more.
  • Know if your posts are generating visits to see if your Inbound marketing is working.

LinkedIn profile views can also be a great KPI to track if you seek a job.  

Based on these metrics, you can see if there are potential recruiters among the profile visitors, so you can realize they can find you easily.

If so, you can send invitations to them, including a note that will persuade them to know more about you, or even meet you.

So, how to use this feature to your benefit?

It is OK to connect with people outside of your LinkedIn network (2nd and 3rd degree) because it’s natural to be curious and to want to communicate with people who viewed your profile.

Also, it is great having connections you share an interest with. 

Over time and many touch-points (conscious and unconscious), you will grow to

have a meaningful connection.

For example, I’ve been connected, and I have done business with many professionals that I’ve never met in person. 

What you can do with LinkedIn profile views is you:

1. Confirm Your LinkedIn Efforts. 

Sharing updates on your LinkedIn profile and keeping it up to date is one of the essential LinkedIn profile tips. The “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” feature will help you understand if you attract the right people.

2. Offer Your Side Job Services.

Perhaps you have a side project. Offer your products or services with an introductory message if you see any scope. In the end, you won’t get it if you don’t ask.

Template for a service offer

{{first name}}, I’d really wanted you to hear how I can help you {{solve specific problem}} in {{your industry}}.

I’d love to connect. – {{your name}} founder of {{website}}

3. Make It a Part of Your Job Seeking. 

Visit these users’ LinkedIn profile and their company pages to see if there are any open positions available. This person could give you some inside info or help you get an interview if you ask politely.

Template for mutual interest 

{first name}}, your comment on {{name of the group/company page}} didn’t go unnoticed. I’m

interested in this topic too. Let’s connect. – {{your name}} {{your title}}

4. Reconnect With Your Network.

Did someone from your 1st-degree network visit your profile? Reconnect with those people with a message or two.

Template for 1st connection viewed your profile

{{first name}}, thx for visiting my profile. It’s been a while since we connected. Is there a

particular reason you dropped by?

Let’s reconnect.


{{your name}}


5. Expand Your Network. 

This is even the most obvious method to use personal insights and grow your LinkedIn network with the right people.

Template for a connection request

{{first name}}, I enjoy your posts. And I’d love to connect. – {{your name}} {{your title}}


Since LinkedIn provides you with concrete numbers and a percentage of the increase/decrease of your LinkedIn viewers, you should use these metrics and challenge yourself to get these numbers up.

This compelling guide will help you understand and decide what to do when someone views your LinkedIn profile.

In the end, connection and communication are the keys to utilizing these methods.

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