How To Increase Your Social Selling Index On LinkedIn [5 Effective Ways]

Learn how to use LinkedIn Social Selling Index properly and the most effective ways to improve your score.

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Like any other form of online marketing, the more likely you are to engage with customers and clients, the better your odds for success in social selling are.

But have you heard about LinkedIn Social Selling Index(SSI)

Chances are, the answer is yes.  

Do you know how it can benefit you and your business? 

For example, did you know that the Social Selling Index on LinkedIn can help you create a strategy to increase your sales leads and gain more customers? 

In today’s marketplace, this is incredibly important — so we’re going to break it down.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to use LinkedIn SSI properly and the most effective ways to improve your score.

So, let’s begin!

What Is the LinkedIn Social Selling Index(Ssi)?

One of the most important social media statistics that you want to know is your Social Selling Index (SSI) Score. 

It is a metric that LinkedIn uses to rank users by their social selling metrics and activity. 

LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index (SSI) is a measure of how well you’re using LinkedIn to find and build relationships with prospects.

The SSI is a score between 0-100 that reflects your performance in four areas:

  • Establishing your professional brand
  • Finding the right people
  • Engaging with insights
  • Building relationships

Each factor is worth 25 points.

While the first two are more important for personal branding, the latter two are crucial to sales professionals. 

A high SSI score can help you boost sales by allowing you to target qualified buyers more effectively.

How Do I Find My LinkedIn Social Selling Index Score

If you’re already logged into your LinkedIn account, finding your SSI score is pretty easy.

Just follow the link to find your social selling index score.

You can also access your SSI by navigating to Admin in the Sales Navigator and clicking User Reporting.

Here’s what you’ll see:

The dashboard provides you with this information:

  • Your current SSI score
  • A particular score for each of the four components
  • how your SSI compares to your industry
  • how your SSI compares to your network

What is a good LinkedIn SSI?

Think of it as your LinkedIn marketing score. The higher your score is, the better you are at social selling on LinkedIn.

Having a LinkedIn SSI score over 70 means you are at the top of all social sellers on LinkedIn, which is considered a great score and makes you a social selling leader.

According to LinkedIn’s statistics, social selling leaders get better results:

On the other hand, having Social Selling Index between 30 and 70 can be considered okay, while SSI under 30 is poor.

Inside your SSI dashboard, you can see a graph showing how you stack up against your network and industry.

And you can also see your score for each of the four metrics that make up your index.

Since it’s free there is no excuse not to be using it! 

How To Increase Your Social Selling Index

Social selling is the process of using social media to find, connect with, understand and nurture sales prospects.

Here’s how to increase your social selling index on LinkedIn:

1. Establishing your professional brand by creating a strong profile

To create a profile that looks good and attracts the attention of potential buyers you need to do this:

  • Set high-quality profile picture
  • Fill out a job title
  • Add a helpful, and keyword-rich summary
  • Add your education and best skills
  • Request recommendations from clients or colleagues
  • Add your work examples in the featured section

Because of how highly visible and influential your LinkedIn profile is, it’s important to ensure it is 100% complete. 

This will help you establish a brand on LinkedIn and connect with new people which will lead you to increase your social selling index score.

2. Connect with people you know and find new connections

Connecting with people involves not just finding people in general but finding people who are right for you to connect with. 

This means looking for people who are likely to be relevant to your business – whether they are potential clients or other influential people in your field or industry who can help boost your image or reputation. 

You should be searching for the right people in your target audience, and then connecting with them. 

Part of this factor looks at whether you’re searching for the right people by company name or job title, for example.

There are multiple ways you can use to grow LinkedIn connections, but it’s up to you to choose who and how you’ll connect with them.

3. Build engagement with your network

Conversations on LinkedIn are becoming more important than ever.

Once you have established yourself as an influencer and connected with the right people, you need to engage with them in meaningful ways.

This includes connecting with them through personal messages on LinkedIn, sharing content that is relevant to their interests, and commenting on their posts.

Make sure when connecting with someone new on LinkedIn — don’t just use the default message!

Try to be creative and grab their attention.

If you need help, we created “50 Proven LinkedIn Messages” that can help you break the ice and increase LinkedIn engagement.

Additionally, you should aim to continuously improve your score by responding to messages from contacts and following people on LinkedIn. 

4. Share relevant updates about your industry.

Just like-wise, social selling is about interacting with the right people on social media platforms for the purpose of reaching prospects. 

You can build trust and credibility with the people whose trust you want. 

It’s not just about getting views or likes. You need interactions. And this is what increases your SSI.

Sharing relevant content regularly will help boost your score in this factor, as well commenting and liking posts from other users.

If your company has a blog and you’re publishing content that educates or entertains your audience, why not share it on LinkedIn?

You can share links from your own website or other sites that are relevant to your target audience or even create LinkedIn polls to engage with them. 

If you want to reach new people on LinkedIn, try sharing content that will resonate with them. 

For example: If you work in a B2B company, don’t just publish content that talks about your company or products. 

Instead, focus on topics like industry news, trends, and events in your area of expertise.

5. Join groups to connect with people on LinkedIn

In business, what you know isn’t as important as who you know. 

A portion of your SSI score is based on the acceptance rate of your connection requests as well as your connections on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn groups allow you to find the best people to connect with.


As a final note, remember that because there are thousands of other people using the social selling index (SSI), success requires dedication and effort.

Your SSI will skyrocket if you devote a little more time to crafting your profile, extending your network, and engaging with peers on the platform. 

With the right LinkedIn tools, engaging with your audience is no longer a problem, so it’s important to choose the one that best fits your needs to increase LinkedIn engagement.

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