7 Outstanding Tips on How To Use LinkedIn for Recruitment

7 Outstanding Tips on How To Use LinkedIn for Recruitment
Explore the most effective ways you can use LinkedIn for recruitment and hire top talent while saving time and money.

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LinkedIn has risen in popularity as the top choice for finding suitable candidates for almost any industry in the past few years.

It’s growing steadily with new professionals looking for new career opportunities, but this trend is attracting more and more recruiters.

Everyone is looking to hire top talent and trying to stand out from other recruiters.

If you want to hire your next top performer, this article is for you.

Let’s get straight into our top 7 LinkedIn recruiting tips.

How to Effectively Use LinkedIn for Recruitment?

1. Share Articles and Job Posts on Your Company Page

Almost everything online including LinkedIn is about branding and how you represent your company is how others will see it.

People want to work at companies they recognize and see the lifestyle their employees are living.

But if you aren’t posting anything on your company page, how will people even know you exist?

You need to be active on LinkedIn by posting informative tips positioning your company as the best in the industry.

Respond to comments and engage people in relevant discussions.

Let potential candidates see you on LinkedIn and the moment you reach out to them they will remember seeing you making them more open to your offer.

Pro tip: Get employees to share relevant content to increase the reach of your post.

Create posts like:

  • Recruitment promotional videos
  • Content for inbound recruiting
  • Employee testimonials and insights about your company
  • Press releases and more
  • Newly open position in your company
linkedin posts about hiring for a new position

In the end, candidates will either reach out to you or will know of you when you reach out.

Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

2. Join LinkedIn Groups To Find People With Similar Interests

A great way to find new candidates if you exhausted your options is to network in LinkedIn Groups

In addition to being a great way to find out what’s going on in your industry, LinkedIn Groups are a fantastic way to recruit people who are passionate about a certain topic. 

Find the right group and find the right people—it’s that simple.

On the other hand, you can send messages to any member of a mutual group, which is great for connecting with potential employees.

Just click the “See all” button in the member’s right-corner section, and you’re free to explore. 

searching for members in linkedin groups

There are also groups that allow members to post job openings in companies they work for so that other members of the group can apply. 

If you’re looking for specific talent within your field, you might be able to find someone whose expertise could be valuable to your organization.

Note: Most groups don’t allow spamming their group members with job openings so be careful with how much you post.

3. Use Keywords To Find the Best Talents

LinkedIn’s native search is great at finding suitable candidates for your job position, but you need to utilize it properly.

Firstly you need to create a list of keywords by which you’re going to search.

These keywords include the job title, potential skills, taglines, location, etc…

A great way to create a keyword list is to look at your competitor’s job postings and extrapolate which keywords they are using.

Once you have your list, go into LinkedIn’s search options and start filtering.

linkedin search

It’s recommended that you use LinkedIn boolean search to include your keywords and pinpoint the exact people matching your job posting.

linkedin job search

Note that LinkedIn will show you your 1st-degree connections, then 2nd, then 3rd.

It’s always possible to find a suitable candidate directly in your network and reach out.

4. Use LinkedIn Private Mode To Visit Candidate’s Profiles

While viewing your potential candidate’s profiles you don’t want to alert them as you will probably be analyzing their profile a lot.

Utilize LinkedIn Private mode to secretly view their profiles without notifying them. 

Select ‘Profile viewing options’ under LinkedIn Settings & Privacy, and select Private View in the dropdown menu.

  • Review their recommendations and endorsements.
  • Check out their LinkedIn activity.
  • Understand your candidate’s connections.
  • Determine the candidate’s current position and company.
  • Look at their past jobs.
  • Check out the groups they belong to.

It’s not necessary to inform your candidates that you looked at their profiles.

They might have posted samples of their work or even a resume on their site.

This is a great way to catch everything they are doing before reaching out.

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5. Organize Your Potential Candidates

Let’s face it, when recruiting you are going through dozens of different candidates on LinkedIn and it’s hard to manage them.

You can easily lose a candidate, you forget which position they would fit, or what your thoughts were.

There’s a much simpler way of managing LinkedIn users including potential candidates if you are using LeadDelta.

While on a candidate’s LinkedIn profile, the LeadDelta Sidebar will pop up with an option to add their profile to LeadDelta regardless of connection level.

importing linkedin connections into leaddelta

Once in LeadDelta, you can apply a custom Tag (label) to the candidate for better management.

These Tags can represent the role they could fit, their stage in the recruitment pipeline, or anything that fits your process.

After applying a Tag you can create a custom Note and write your findings about the candidate or why they would fit the role.

When your candidates are inside LeadDelta you get access to more information about them in the connection manager view with the ability to Filter users by various data points or your custom Tags making it very easy to find them.

filtering linkedin connections with leaddelta

6. Use Recruitment Tools

Using Talent acquisition software such as LinkedIn Recruiter or LinkedIn Talent Hub will help you get your talent leads in one place.

A tool like LinkedIn Recruiter lets you post job openings and track your candidates directly through LinkedIn.

linkedin recruiter lite

This is a must if you’re looking into how to recruit on LinkedIn faster and more efficiently. Don’t lose track of messages, profiles, and applications.

7. Find Candidates in Your Team’s Network

Some of the best employees come from your other employees’ referrals, why?

Because your team can vogue for them.

Now why wouldn’t you want to use your whole team’s network to expand your reach and find suitable candidates?

Let’s say you can only reach 3000 people on LinkedIn, when filtered, that doesn’t leave you with many great candidates.

Now include Mark from finance, Marry from Marketing, and John from IT and you have yourself a pool of 10,000+ users and plenty of potential candidates.

LeadDelta Workspaces allows you to merge your whole team’s network into one database and Filter your pooled connections to find the best candidates.

leaddelta workspaces

Once you find the right candidate you can see who from your team is connected with the person and ask for more information about them and an introduction making the contacting process much smoother.

leaddelta workspaces mutual connections

Once combined with other LeadDelta features your whole team can practice collaborative recruiting as the evolution of your recruiting process.


LinkedIn is one of the leading channels used by recruiters and it’s important to use it in the best way possible.

By using LinkedIn as a key part of your recruitment process, you’ll be able to get closer to top talent and find the best possible candidates for your vacancies.

There are many LinkedIn recruiting tips you can use in your recruitment process, and acquire top talent.

The key is to focus on your process and refine it with the best tips you find.

Take the first step towards unlocking your network's full potential. Try LeadDelta for free.