10 Best LinkedIn Tools to Improve Your Networking Efforts

10 Best LinkedIn Tools to Improve Your Networking Efforts
Boost your networking efforts with 10 helpful LinkedIn tools and extensions. Make an informed decision for your next purchase.

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LinkedIn has become a very varied platform for salespeople, marketers, creators, job search…

This brings with it a variety of LinkedIn tools and extensions meant to boost your productivity and solve common problems.

We analyzed over 30 LinkedIn tools to compile a list of the top 10 with their outstanding features and pricing to make an informed decision.

There’s something for everyone on our list.

Let’s dive into it.

1. LeadDelta

We all love networking and connecting with new people on LinkedIn, heck, it’s what it’s all about, however, most of you are getting lost in your network. This is where LeadDelta comes to your rescue.

LeadDelta is a LinkedIn Chrome extension that helps you organize your connections in a custom way that suits your needs letting you focus on building relationships.

A simple CRM-like view gives you a better view of your LinkedIn network and the ability to find and categorize your contacts for better management.

LeadDelta is great for personal use, however, if you’re working as a team, then there’s no better LinkedIn tool as it allows you to combine your whole team’s network and collaborate to grow your business.

Key Features


LeadDelta offers an individual plan starting at $34/month or $22/month if paid annually and a Workspaces plan for teams starting at $55/month per user. It also includes a 7-day free trial period with all features unlocked.

“Our mission is to contribute to the world by enabling every individual to grow and reach the right information & support at the right time. No one is self-made. We are increasing the chances of people & society succeeding.” – Vedran Rasic, Founder & CEO

2. AuthoredUp

If you’re a LinkedIn creator then you understand the struggle of creating the perfect post. LinkedIn’s native formatting isn’t great, nor can you understand how well your posts are performing.

Enter AuthoredUp the ultimate LinkedIn tool for content creation and analytics.

With its powerful LinkedIn extension editor and preview, you’ll be able to format your posts perfectly and view them before they are out, and if you don’t like them, leave them as a draft for later.

Get a database of all of your scheduled posts with a simple calendar view when everything is going live. Once your posts are live, track their performance with in-depth analytics.

Key Featues

  • Format your posts with the editor and preview windows.
  • Utilize post templates and hook snippets.
  • Save your post drafts for later editing.
  • Schedule your posts in advance.
  • View when your posts will go live in a calendar view.
  • Filter your posts by custom categories.
  • Analyze post performance with advanced analytics options.
  • Categorize and easily find your saved LinkedIn posts.


AuthoedUp offers its individual plan for $19/month or if you’re paying a yearly subscription, a price of $16 with an option to include your team in its business plan costing $15/month. Before purchasing, you can try its generous free trial plan.

3. Aware

We all know that connecting with people is just the start of the social selling process, engagement is the real key to winning new customers.

Aware is a LinkedIn tool that helps you surface and engage with posts and people that you should be engaging with while ignoring low-priority contacts.

Just imagine if your LinkedIn feed was custom-made just for you with social selling in mind with all the important analytics to support that growth.

Key Features

  • A curated feed filled with relevant creators to your industry.
  • Dynamic feed surfacing people that engage with your content.
  • Custom feeds to monitor specific contacts.
  • Profile and engagement analytics.
  • Team-wide performance reports for social selling teams.
  • Native Salesforce and HubSpot integrations.


Aware presents three pricing plans including the individual plan for $39/month, the team plan for $49/month, and the “Done for you” plan with dedicated managers and ghostwriters for $799/month. You can test Aware with a 7-day trial or use only its analytics features for $9/month.

“Creators and sellers need a better way of organizing their social selling efforts and engagement. We’re building the future of LinkedIn engagement: organized, focused, targeted, and dynamic. All to create a distraction-free social experience focused on revenue.” – Alex Boyd, Founder

4. Careerflow

The struggle to find your dream job is real, however, LinkedIn is still one of the best places to get hired if you optimize your job search.

Careerflow is here to help you land your dream job by minimizing the guesswork and helping you focus on what matters – your profile and target companies.

Think of Careerflow as your personal CRM for job search where you can automate your job tracking with important insights and notes about potential employers.

Among its many tools, it helps you optimize your LinkedIn profile to help you get more job leads.

Key Features

  • A CRM to track job openings, applications, and recruiters.
  • Import job openings from any job search website.
  • Keep notes and documents about every opportunity.
  • LinkedIn profile optimizer.
  • AI resume builder.


Careerflow offers a generous free plan with many of its important features included with an option to upgrade to the $9/week premium plan to speed up your job search.

“We support 65+ career sites and integrate across use cases like job application auto-filling, resume tailoring, etc. Specifically to LinkedIn, as it evolves, we’re looking at various ways we can integrate and add value on top. We plan to continue growing our integrations beyond LinkedIn and become everyone’s Career Copilot!” – Puneet Kohli, Founder

5. Dux-Soup

If LinkedIn is your greatest source of new sales leads, then look no further than Dux-Soup.

Dux-Soup is one of the reining monarchs of LinkedIn automation tools, as well as a LinkedIn extension helping sales reps, get more leads in their sales pipeline.

It’s basically a single tool for your LinkedIn sales including prospecting, managing leads, and automating your outreach for both individuals and teams.

Key Features

  • Sales pipeline management.
  • Automate outreach sequences.
  • Sales navigator and recruiter integration.
  • Lead generation toolset.
  • Automated engagement workflows.
  • Team-centric approach to sales.


Dux-Soup has three plans depending on the feature set you need. The pro plan costing $11/month with basic features, turbo plan costing $41/month, and the cloud plan that automates your whole sales process which costs $74/month.

6. Reggie AI

Most will agree that prospecting is the most daunting part of sales. Just finding the right contacts takes so much out of you.

Enter Reggie AI, utilizing the power of AI to find the right contacts on LinkedIn and engage with them with minimal input from you.

Split into four phases, discovery, prioritization, content generation, and execution, it’s able to take in your ICP input and find them on LinkedIn after which they are engaged with personalized content.

After your leads are validated, Reggie AI is able to perform automated workflows to further engage your leads and turn them into customers.

Key Features

  • Discover new contacts that aren’t in your CRM.
  • Creates AI-generated content in line with your brand.
  • Prioritize which contacts you should engage.
  • Dynamic audience engagement sequences.
  • Integrates into your CRM.


Reggie AI has a free option limited by 100 credits which later needs an upgrade to its pro plan costing $59/month or the $89/month business plan meant for teams.

7. Crystal

Knowing how to approach interaction with different people is key to winning more deals and growing your network.

Crystal is a LinkedIn Chrome extension that acts as your AI assistant, telling you to understand how people you talk with operate and how you should approach them.

It analyzes many different factors about each person and gives you insights into who they are as well as tips on how to talk with them and proceed in networking.

Key Features

  • Insights into the personality traits of each person.
  • Instant communication guidance for each interaction.
  • Adaptable writing assistant.
  • Contact data enrichment.
  • Hiring toolset.
  • Virtual meeting and calendar integrations.


You can test Crystal for free with slight limitations and limited credits while the $49/month option gives you access to all of its features. There are also customizable plans for larger businesses offered by their sales team.

8. Polywork

Positioning yourself digitally is a must nowadays and having a website that represents you is one of the best ways to stand out.

Polywork allows you to turn your LinkedIn profile into a personal website without the need to code anything.

Have a ready-to-go website in just a few seconds and share it across social media and potential clients. Put it in your resume and watch new deals come through.

Key Features

  • AI-generated website in a few seconds.
  • Choose from a variety of website design templates.
  • Customize certain aspects of your website.
  • Drag and drop website building experience.


Polywork has a generous free option to build your first website and test out its features with an option to access more templates and customization options for $10/month.

9. LinkMatch

LinkMatch is a LinkedIn Chrome extension that seamlessly integrates LinkedIn contacts into your existing CRM.

Instead of remembering who is in your CRM, LinkMatch allows you to import any LinkedIn profile into your CRM and get notified if they’re already in it.

This is great for any salespeople who have thousands of contacts in their CRM and want to avoid duplication.

Key Features

  • View which contacts are already in your CRM.
  • Edit your CRM profiles on the spot.
  • Add notes and deals without leaving LinkedIn.
  • One-click import of contacts to your CRM.
  • Sync information between LinkedIn and your CRM.
  • Integration with Xing.


LinkMatch has two plans with the standard plan costing $13/month and the professional plan costing $24/month which includes many more advanced features.

10. Sales Navigator

LinkedIn knows most of its user base utilizes its platform for sales purposes, that’s why it helps you amplify sales with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

It acts as both a CRM and a lead-finding tool for your team allowing you to scour LinkedIn’s extensive database of people to find the right fit for your products and services.

While LinkedIn has many limitations for regular users, Sales Navigator users can bypass them with the use of InMail features, alerts, and advanced searches.

If your main source of sales is LinkedIn, then Sales Navigator is a no-brainer, however, you should also look into pairing it with a tool like LeadDelta.

Key Features

  • Filter LinkedIn to find key decision-makers.
  • Set up alerts to warn you about changes in your network.
  • Let LinkedIn recommend leads you should connect with.
  • Send InMail messages to people you aren’t connected to.
  • View targeted accounts and gain insights into company updates.


Sales Navigator has three separate plans. The core plan costs $99/month, advanced costing $149/month, and the enterprise plan meant for huge businesses costing $1600/year.


There are many more LinkedIn tools and extensions that can make your life easier whether you’re selling or creating.

We carefully selected a variety of different LinkedIn tools that you can freely start using today and upgrade when needed.

Try out different tools and test all of their features to find the ones fit for your business or personal use.

Remember, there’s a tool for everything.

Take the first step towards unlocking your network's full potential. Try LeadDelta for free.